I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 317 - Bahuang immortal market (2)    

Chapter 317: Bahuang immortal market (2)


The two of them chatted for a while before Chen jingzhai led Ji Shuanghua to the bedroom.

The restriction was activated, and Ji Shuanghua’s face was flushed red.

As long as Chen jingzhai was out of seclusion or free, he would torture people.

The two-day break was too long, and this kind of fun made people feel more happy.

Su qingluan would sometimes cooperate, but she would refuse at other times. Chen jingzhai never forced her.

However, Ji Shuanghua was different. She never rejected him and indulged him as she pleased.

It was just that the time was controlled very well, it was either three days or five days.

It couldn’t be more.

It was okay for cultivators to relax, but they must not be immersed in it.

Otherwise, it would be a sin if his Dao heart was covered in dust and his cultivation was dragged down.

Five days later, the restriction disappeared.

Chen jingzhai left and entered the cultivation room.

He sat cross-legged on the praying mat and sent his spiritual will into the primal world.

“It’s finally spreading!”

Using his heart to sense, Chen jingzhai murmured softly.

The Guiyuan immortal token that he had set up in the catacombs world had finally been discovered and brought out by other cultivators.

The GUI Yuan immortal token was two times bigger than the jade pendant, and it was of the third grade.

It had the aura of the Archean world and Chen jingzhai’s arrangements.

Unless an immortal made a move, no one would be able to find any clues.

He had used the Xiantian Qi to break it into hundreds and thousands of pieces to re-refine it.

The connate energy belonged to the primal world.

Hence, he could rely on his authority to sense the location of the returning origin immortal token in the primal world.

He could sense that a few of the returning origin immortal tokens were no longer in the pulao region.

Most of the remaining ones had left the catacombs world and were circulating in the pulao region in secret.

The divine items hid themselves and he didn’t activate them. The Guiyuan immortal token was just an ordinary third-grade Jade token.

It only had some supplementary effects for cultivation, so it was not eye-catching.

“No rush, no rush. We still need to make some arrangements.”

Chen jingzhai calmed his mind and murmured softly.

He was no longer the same as he was in the past. After all, he was a late-stage Aurous core cultivator.

Looking back now, the heaven realm market was too ostentatious and too simple.

After going through the preparation and construction of the west side courtyard, Chen jingzhai already had some experience.

In order to attract people, good things were not important. The key was mystery and safety.

He had positioned the heaven realm’s market as a platform, not a small shop.

Therefore, there was a need to re-adjust the division.

Chen jingzhai’s divine will took form and he stood high in the sky. Spiritual clouds gathered under his feet.

He used the authority of the primal world to rearrange the entire heaven realm.

The 12 palaces rose up and reached into the clouds.

Cultivators ‘spiritual will couldn’t reach the clouds and couldn’t get close.

These were the 12 zodiac palaces, corresponding to the 12 ancestral bloodlines on the ground.

In addition, the heaven realm’s market was also destroyed by him with a thought.

With the eight trigrams as an array, more and more buildings appeared in the positions of the eight trigrams.

These were all made by Chen jingzhai in the past few years.

They were all spirit weapon embryos.

In the past, the city square was more like an ordinary city.

But now, it was an immortal Palace floating in the clouds.

The silver screen of spiritual clouds turned into wisps of mist and surrounded the immortal Palace.

The tall statue had also disappeared and was floating in the sky.

He stood in the square surrounded by twelve palaces.

However, the connate ancient gold tree didn’t move. It was surrounded by clouds and mist, making it impossible to approach.

He could only look at it from a distance, as he would be pushed away by a gentle force when he got close.

“This is the eight desolations Celestial Palace.”

“A total of six hundred and forty palaces.”

“Each Palace has a huge corridor that is connected to each other.”

“You can set up stalls on the left and right sides of the corridor. There are different services in the hall.”

“The first Palace is the bank that I had previously thought of.”

“When you enter the eight desolates, the copper coin summons ghosts and gods!”

With the eight trigrams as a formation, he would build the eight desolation Celestial Palace in the entire yunduan heaven.

In the future, it would no longer be called the heaven realm market but the eight desolations Immortal Defense.

Chen jingzhai was like a painter, painting in the vast heaven realm.

The celestial Palace buildings spread out, and the space they occupied was larger than the twelve palaces.

The strange thing was that there was only one path of clouds on the ground.

Everyone could enter the first Palace on the cloud path through the origin returning immortal token.

Standing in the first Palace, one could see the innate gold ancient tree.

For this reason, Chen jingzhai did not cover up the aura of the connate gold coin ancient tree.

The vast Xiantian aura and the strange gold coins were all extremely eye-catching.

After re-adjusting the market,

Chen jingzhai didn’t stop.

He continued to set up and arranged for the puppets and spirit bodies to stay in the various palaces.

It was even filled with the relevant rules.

For this, he even used his innate Qi to kill more than a dozen remnant souls.

For example, the four Ma Qing brothers.

They were originally only in the Golden core stage, but now, Chen jingzhai had used the power of the Archean world to enlighten them.

When their golden cores were broken, their nascent souls were born, and they became true Lords.

Even though he had lost his physical body and was forced to become a spirit body.

However, they had embarked on the path of itinerant Immortals, so they enjoyed a long lifespan instead.

After they had a candidate, Chen jingzhai asked them to decorate the palace.

The first Palace was the bank, which was under the charge of the newly enlightened perfected cultivator Qian.

He had three great disciples under him.

One was holding an Abacus, one was holding a writing brush and an account book, and the last was holding copper coins.

The three disciples were all dan stage spirit bodies.

Each of them had three second-grade spirit bodies, servants and manservants.

This Palace was mainly in charge of the registration of Guiyuan immortal tokens and the exchange of blood-traced bronze coins.

At the same time, the palace had many side halls.

The side hall had a variety of functions.

However, they were all mainly copper coins.

For example, the first side hall had one or two copper coins.

The second side hall was the side hall of the origin copper coin.

The third side hall was the origin magnetic copper coin side hall.

Wait a minute.

Each side hall represented a different type of copper coin.

The different copper coins represented different functions.

And so on.

After passing through the first Palace, there was a long and wide corridor.

Both sides of the corridor could be rented, and cultivators could set up stalls here.

After passing through the corridor, they arrived at the second Palace, the elixir Palace.

It was mainly to buy all sorts of pills.

Not only could he buy pills, but he could also sell pills.

The second Palace also had a side hall.

The first side hall was mainly for those below the second grade.

The second side hall mainly contained pills of the second to third grade.

The third side hall was mainly for the sale of spirit herbs.

The fourth side hall was the pill refining room.

And so on.

Banks, elixir Hall, tool Hall, puppets, talismans, formations, Gu worms, and so on.

There were 100 skills in cultivation, while Chen jingzhai’s eight barren immortal market had 640 palaces.

Other than these, Chen jingzhai also used the power of the primal world.

The rule was that no one was allowed to use their dharmic powers to harm others in the eight desolation immortal market.

No matter if it was a curse, a Gu technique, or a magic weapon attack, none of them would work.

This was the authority of the world, a safe trading place set up by Chen jingzhai.

After all this, Chen jingzhai had to make the last crucial decision.

“Did his physical body or spiritual will enter?”

“Will you continue to use the returning origin Jade plate as the key in the future?”

“Perhaps I should use a new method.”

Chen jingzhai stood on the clouds, frowning and thinking.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t enter with his physical body. It wasn’t a problem for him to take in so many demonic beasts.

It was just that before this, he had some concerns, afraid that he would be the host.

Now … He couldn’t be careless.

“Then let’s set up a spending level, just like the VIP system in my previous life.”

“All cultivators, use your spiritual will to enter.”

“The incantation for the three-patterned copper coin that I exchanged for. Once it reaches a certain standard, my physical body will be able to enter.”

“Use the incantation to enter the eight desolate immortal market.”

“Mm …”

“You’ll also need to use a specific copper coin. ”

“Then I’ll take the blood-patterned copper coins. This one has the most coins.”

“As for the incantation, there’s no problem at all.”

The first time a cultivator obtained an incantation, they would automatically form an incantation seed and use their own magic power to refine and control it.

This was the new key to enter and exit the eight desolation immortal market.

Chen jingzhai had set the conditions as usual, and that was that those with cultivation higher than the Golden elixir realm could not enter with their physical bodies.

Even if one broke through from the Golden elixir realm, one could not enter freely with their physical body.

Everything depended on Chen jingzhai.

If Chen jingzhai broke through to the nascent soul realm, he would allow perfected Lords to enter and leave freely.

With the incantation, there was no need for the token.

Not only would Chen jingzhai not take back these tokens, he would continue to give them out.

The more people that came to the eight desolate immortal market, the better.

After the primal world became a small world, it became more and more difficult to continue improving.

It might be better if there were more cultivators.

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