I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 316 - Bahuang immortal market (1)  

Chapter 316: Bahuang immortal market (1)

Chapter 303

Chen jingzhai’s Golden Chicken mountain could be completely opened up.

The eight beautiful maidservants “contributions could not be overlooked,

Other than Hong Yu and Xi Meng,

The six of them had all received the duties of a Deacon.

If the Gu refinement did not require third grade,

Spiritual plants also needed to be third-grade.

Chen jingzhai took a deep breath,

To open up the Gu refinement Hall and the spiritual plants Hall,

Even now, he had enough Foundation to manage it.

The spirit herbs of Golden Chicken mountain were produced and sold by themselves.

The Moonview restaurant was making a lot of money every day.

He could also use the channels of the ninth bloodline to purchase blacksmithing materials.

This was the reason why Chen jingzhai was so confident in establishing the Golden Chicken mountain.

Other cultivators couldn’t imitate it, and it was impossible to succeed without the support of a mountain range.

The production of the Golden Chicken mountain.

Most of them were purchased by the ninth Meridian.

A small portion was put on sale in the Moonview restaurant.

In reality, it was not much different from before. It was just that the private account had become a public account.

Chen jingzhai had spent two years helping the Golden Chicken mountain get on the right track.

In the past two years, he had personally compiled teaching materials and set up apprentice classes.

An Alchemist specialized in the identification of spiritual herbs.

An Alchemist was talking about picking spiritual herbs.

An Alchemist focused on alchemy techniques.

This was not only the case for alchemy, but also for artifact refining.

After breaking it open and crushing it, a grade two Alchemist or weapon refiner would take turns to guide them.

Later on, the number of apprentices gradually increased.

Chen jingzhai divided them according to the time they joined Golden Chicken mountain.

As time passed, he would naturally be able to master both techniques.

Chen jingzhai also made many pill cauldrons and weapon cauldrons of the first grade.

He had also refined over a hundred grade two pill cauldrons and weapon cauldrons.

As for Grade 3 pill cauldrons and weapon cauldrons, he had refined more than ten of them.

Since then, news of his craftsmanship had gradually spread, and many people came to visit him.

Chen jingzhai only said that he had heavy responsibilities on his shoulders and it was not convenient for him to forge talismans, so he rejected all of them.

Chen Lei, Hu Shouyang, and the others came to congratulate him.

Zhao Hao was still cultivating in seclusion, and Zeng wangbei was still in seclusion.

The rest of the people met at Golden Chicken mountain, and it was quite lively for a while.

After the Golden Chicken mountain’s reputation spread, the cultivators of the ninth branch supported it in various ways.

At the very least, if they wanted to refine treasure pills or magic weapons, they would come.

First, it was because of human relationships. Second, it was because Chen jingzhai made it well enough.

Thirdly, it was convenient and casual to have one’s own mountain range, so he didn’t need to be controlled.

Making treasure pills was easy, but Chen jingzhai rarely allowed him to make magic weapons.

They all asked the Deputy Hall Masters of the weapon refining Hall to help.

Both of them were inner sect disciples of the ninth branch, but their cultivation had dropped due to their obsession with refining.

Although he was also at the late stage of the gold attainment level, he was unable to break through.

Hence, he focused on artifact refining and his attainments became higher.

Originally, the two of them had been summoned by the advisor and had no choice but to come.

After talking to Chen jingzhai and discussing the Dao of forging,

The two of them were convinced by Chen jingzhai’s forging skills and willingly stayed behind.

Although Chen jingzhai used connate Qi to upgrade his spirit treasure every time,

But he had truly obtained true venerable ning’s weapon-refining inheritance.

Other than the Polar Star Dao refinement chant, he also obtained the experience of forging.

In terms of weapon refinement, he was not even as good as a true Lord, let alone someone of the same realm.

Not only the two weapon refiners, but even the hall Master of the pill refinery Hall was convinced by him.

It was because Chen jingzhai was able to make them convinced.

Only then would the weapon Refinery Hall and the pill refinery Hall of the Golden Chicken mountain be on the right track.

Now, he only needed to act according to the rules.

Golden Chicken mountain.

Chen jingzhai stepped on the silver screen spirit cloud and descended from the sky.

The pill-refining Hall and the weapon-refining Hall were collectively called the west side courtyard, while the Moongazer cave abode was in the East.

Although they were on the same mountain, they were in opposite directions and would not disturb each other.

Chen jingzhai had just returned from the west side courtyard.

“Why did you come back alone?” Ji Shuanghua walked over and asked.

“Qing Luan will oversee the matters of the Western foothills.”

“Those girls are all very busy. Senior Sister Yueli is studying in the pill refinery Hall.”

“Senior Dong ‘er is studying in the weapon forging hall, I’m the only one with nothing to do.”

Chen jingzhai hugged her and smiled.

Su qingluan was a nascent soul. With her around, it was naturally a deterrent and reassuring thing.

Hong Yu and Xi Meng had to take turns to manage the affairs of the moon Pavilion.

The rest of the beautiful maids became second-grade executors and started to get busy.

Li Yueli wanted to learn alchemy, but it wasn’t convenient for her to learn in the eleventh Meridian, so it was fine for her to do it here.

Pei Dong ‘er wasn’t in a hurry to raise her cultivation level. After returning to the mountain range, she started to study forging.

She didn’t feel embarrassed at all in front of Chen jingzhai. Instead, she kept pestering him to teach her about forging.

All the women were busy, and only Ji Shuanghua was cultivating in the full moon Cave.

“My two senior sisters have sent me some gifts, but they won’t let me break through directly.”

“He said it’s best to collect enough moonlight essence to break through.”

Ji Shuanghua took out her storage bag and said.

“That’s very thoughtful of you. ”

“It’s a common method for cultivators to make a breakthrough with the help of spiritual objects of heaven and earth. ”

“I can collect the moonlight essence myself, but I can also buy it. There’s no rush.”

“Since these are gifts from your senior sisters, you should accept them.”

Chen jingzhai did not look at the storage bag.

Ji Shuanghua was now fairy Chunyu’s in-name disciple.

On the other hand, fairy Chunyu was a veteran true venerate of the deity stage and was very powerful.

Her disciples had all broken through to the soul formation stage, so the things they sent were naturally extraordinary.

However, there was no need to share it. There was no reason for that, and Chen jingzhai did not lack it.

As for the essence of the moonlight, it was just the power of the moonlight.

Golden core cultivators could try to collect it as long as they spent some energy.

And the essence of the moonlight was indeed the best for Ji Shuanghua, who cultivated the Jade Toad heaven-devouring immortal Canon.

With the help of a large amount of moonlight essence, her Foundation would be even more stable.

It could be seen that the advice of the two divine transformation realm senior sisters was extremely critical and accurate.

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