I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 315 - Fairy Chunyu (3)  

Chapter 315: Fairy Chunyu (3)

“It’s just the pill refinery Hall. ” Chen jingzhai expressed that he understood.

His maidservants had already met the requirements, so he could directly choose to complete the mission.

Moreover, he had a hundred years ‘time. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to do it.

After drinking a few cups of spiritual tea in floating clouds dojo, he said,

After asking for some tea seeds from Fu Yunzi, he said,

Chen jingzhai, su qingluan, and Ji Shuanghua left on the silver screen spirit cloud.

For the next three years, Chen jingzhai cultivated in the full moon Cave.

After Ji Shuanghua’s identity was changed, the news spread throughout the sect.

The other mountain ranges watched coldly from the side, but the female cultivators of the ninth mountain range all came to visit the Moongazer cave.

During the three years that Chen jingzhai had been cultivating in seclusion, su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua had come out to receive him.

Su qingluan was a nascent soul perfected Lord. Coupled with Chen jingzhai’s reputation, it was worth it for a soul formation true venerate to send a split spirit over.

They were mainly introducing themselves and giving pointers on cultivation.

Su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua benefited a lot from this, and it also attracted many inner sect disciples to the full moon Cave. The inner sect disciples of the ninth branch, li Yueli, and Pei Dong ‘er often came over.

The 12th bloodline did not stop the two prodigies, and their Masters acquiesced.

Hence, li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er would stay in the full moon Cave every few days.

Li Yueli had even become good friends with the Mirage rat demon ni honger.

Pei Dong ‘er liked little short legs very much and would give him spiritual pearls to eat every time she came over.

Three years later, Chen jingzhai came out of seclusion.

On one side of the Golden Chicken mountain, the ninth branch’s pill refinery Hall and Weapon Refinery Hall had been established.

He had spent a sum of spirit stones to gain the approval of the sect’s elixir and weapon refining halls.

After that, he asked the cultivators of the chores Hall to build a community of buildings on Golden Chicken mountain.

According to Chen jingzhai’s instructions, they built a u-shaped building layout.

On the left was the pill refinery Hall, and on the right was the equipment refinery Hall.

Chen jingzhai would be staying here in the future, and he would also train alchemists and artifact refiners.

He had also established the ninth Meridian, the Golden Chicken mountain.

It had attracted many outer sect disciples, and among them, the hidden disciples were fighting to register.

With the help of the ninth bloodline, Chen jingzhai chose a few people after careful consideration.

The pill refinery Hall was mainly composed of cultivators from the pulao region and two cultivators from the hidden sects as support.

The weapon Refinery Hall was the opposite. The cultivators of the pulao region were secondary, while the hidden disciples were the main force.

There was a Hall Master and two vice Hall Masters.

They were in charge of personnel, materials, storage, inheritances, and spiritual stones.

Chen jingzhai was the manor head, he could dismiss and support everyone at will.

After all, they were the pill refinery Hall and Weapon Refinery Hall of the Golden Chicken mountain. He could make the decision with one word.

The hall Master and vice Hall master’s cultivation level was at least third-grade, so they had to be able to refine third-grade pills.

Below them were the deacons. Their cultivation was at least grade two, and they must be able to refine pills below grade two.

Finally, there were no requirements for apprentices who wanted to join Golden Chicken mountain.

Whether it was the inner or outer disciples of the sect,

They could all become apprentices in name.

They could learn the techniques of refining pills or weapons here.

After obtaining the approval of the three deacons, one could head to the sect’s alchemy Hall or weapon refining Hall to be graded.

The sect’s elixir refinement Hall and weapon refinement Hall had the lowest evaluation grade of second class.

In other words, cultivators who refined first-grade pills would not be recognized by the sect at all.

The allheaven immortal sect didn’t have any first-grade Alchemist. The lowest was a second-grade Alchemist.

It was the same for blacksmiths.

Spirit stones had to be paid for the grading, so the sect’s elixir refinement Hall and weapon refinement Hall were happy to see this happen.

They even encouraged the other mountain ranges to do the same, but unfortunately, no one was able to do so.

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