I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 314 - Fairy Chunyu (2)  

Chapter 314: Fairy Chunyu (2)

“Junior Sister was so stubborn back then. She would rather go to the hall of battle than talk to me, her senior brother.” Fu Yunzi sighed softly and looked at Ji Shuanghua.”The geniuses of the point star sword Meridian can only gain a foothold in the sect by relying on the temple. Ji Shuanghua, do you have any complaints?”

“No, I didn ‘t,” Ji Shuanghua said indifferently,”I only regret that I didn’t clarify my heart earlier.”

“You’re lucky,” Fu Yunzi said softly,”your seniors all had complaints in their hearts. They either returned to the land of the hidden bloodline or left the pulao region. In the end, there was no news from them.”

“Senior brother?” Chen jingzhai frowned slightly.

“This is the truth, there’s nothing to hide.” Fu Yunzi shook his head and said,”the disciples of the hidden branch should have enjoyed the treatment of a direct disciple. However, with the rise of the iron sword lineage, many things have changed.”

” 10000 years ago, the disciples of the hidden sects were treated like inner disciples.” “It’s only after the iron sword lineage gained the right to speak that they deliberately suppressed them,” su qingluan said indifferently.

The iron sword lineage only accepted disciples from the three great sword lineages.

The other four main branches did not reject any disciples from the hidden branches.

In this way, if a hidden sect disciple was directly an inner sect disciple in the sect,

The influence would be too high.

In addition, the iron sword lineage wanted to rise to the top, so they used the hidden branch disciples as an example.

At that time, the four main sects had all opposed it. After all, the founder of the allheaven immortal sect had come from the hidden sects.

The immortals and soul formation true venerates of the four main branches also came from the hidden branches.

This was equivalent to cutting off their roots.

However, the problem was that the immortal from the ninth Meridian had yet to return, and iron sword immortal had appeared.

Even if they were to object, they had to give up their interests.

After dragging on for a thousand years, he finally made a concession and lowered the treatment of the hidden sect disciples.

“The land of hidden veins is barren of spiritual opportunity, and the disciples” aptitudes are gradually returning to ordinary. ”

“The pulao region is vast and full of spiritual vigor. It can even give birth to cultivators with special physiques.”

“It’s the only way, both emotionally and logically. ”

“Judging from the situation at that time, there was actually no mistake in this choice.”

“But we are, after all, born in the land of hidden sects.”

Fu Yunzi sighed softly.

He was born in the hidden bloodline, and his position was already determined. Naturally, he had to run for the hidden bloodline.

It was a pity that the effect was not good, and it had become a chronic illness.

The Disciples of the Land of hidden veins were unable to easily enter the inner sect, so naturally, there would be estrangement.

They would no longer have a sense of belonging to the allheaven immortal sect, so naturally, many heartache would occur.

With the passage of time, the number of disciples of the hidden sects in the allheaven immortal gate was not many.

Not only did their influence decrease, but it even affected the development of the mountain range.

“Senior brother, do you want to change this situation?” Chen jingzhai asked with a frown.

“I’ve tried, but I failed. ” Fu Yunzi shook his head,”otherwise, the iron sword lineage wouldn’t be in power. They would be my ninth lineage. Even so, I’m still the advisor of the ninth lineage.”

“In other words, there are many people supporting the ninth bloodline?” Chen jingzhai raised his eyebrows.

“All four main lineages support this.” After Fu Yunzi finished speaking, he looked at Ji Shuanghua.”You’re already at the late-stage golden core realm. Since you’ve joined the ninth branch, have you ever thought of taking a master?”

“I’ll listen to my husband. ” Ji Shuanghua said immediately.

“If it’s suitable, of course.” Chen jingzhai nodded, secretly guessing his senior brother’s meaning.

“There’s a female cultivator in the ninth bloodline who has cultivated the Jade Toad sky-devouring immortal Canon. She has the potential to become an immortal.” Fu Yunzi said,”I’ve already convinced her to accept Ji Shuanghua as her in-name disciple.”

“Just an honorary disciple?” Chen jingzhai was a little unhappy.

“After becoming a true Lord, you’re naturally an official disciple.” Fu Yunzi laughed,”you are my Junior Brother and the number one genius of the ninth bloodline. You can’t avoid interacting with the cultivators of the ninth bloodline.”

“Is it the old ancestor Chunyu?” Su qingluan asked, her voice trembling.

“Junior martial sister is still as sharp as ever,” Fu Yunzi laughed,”it’s indeed fairy Chunyu. She’s the number one female immortal of the ninth bloodline. Even if she’s just an in-name disciple, she’s more than enough.”

Chen jingzhai and Ji Shuanghua were both at a loss. The matter involved the peak bloodline’s forefather, so they were indeed unsure.

Su qingluan took a deep breath and said,”patriarch Chunyu is the reincarnation of the disciple of the immortal patriarch of the ninth bloodline. She refused to re-enter the immortal patriarch’s tutelage, but she still joined the ninth bloodline.”

“I refer to her as senior apprentice-sister, but in truth, she is far more powerful than I am. If we really have to talk about who has the chance to become an immortal, it’s definitely her.” Fu Yunzi said in a soft voice,”with her as a backer, it will be beneficial to the Jing house.”

“Is there really a reincarnation?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“It requires a great price, and the immortals have to run around for it.” Fu Yunzi looked at him and said with a serious expression,”moreover, you must cultivate a primordial spirit before you can guarantee a successful reincarnation.”

“I see.” Chen jingzhai nodded and asked again,”when do you want me to acknowledge you as my master?”

“This is the disciple token of the Chunyu branch.” Fu Yunzi took out a piece of fine jade.”After the deacon Hall changed the information, someone from the Chunyu branch came to visit the Golden Chicken mountain.”

“Don’t you want to see master?” Ji Shuanghua asked excitedly.

“She’s in closed-door cultivation and hasn’t seen anyone for a long time. ” Fu Yunzi shook his head,”when you break through to the true Lord realm, you’ll naturally see your true face. Furthermore, your senior sisters also have their own cultivation halls.”

“Why don’t we pay them a visit?” Chen jingzhai couldn’t sit still.

Those who owned a training hall were at the soul formation true venerate level. What were they doing at Golden Chicken mountain?

“Only they can take the initiative to visit. You can’t even come to visit.” Fu Yunzi shook his head,”let’s just leave this matter as it is! Jingzhai needs to take this opportunity to cultivate and complete the task as soon as possible. ”

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