I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 313 - Fairy Chunyu (1)  

Chapter 313: Fairy Chunyu (1)

Chapter 302

After the gathering, Zhao Hao chose to go into seclusion.

With the blood soul in his hands, he wished he could cultivate in seclusion for a long time and use up all his blood soul.

This was extremely important to his cultivation.

In addition, it was to prevent others from coming to the door.

After all, blood souls were very useful to nascent souls.

From Yuanying to deity transformation, the essence was actually the growth and yang transformation of Yuanying.

Extreme Yin gives birth to yang, and the primordial spirit manifested.

To a true Lord, blood could speed up this process and was a rare cultivation resource.

This closed-door training of his could save him a lot of trouble.

There was no place to buy blood soul, so the demand was huge.

Hu Shouyang also left.

As a branch disciple of the HU clan, there were many things that he could not act on his own.

To be able to come to the gathering, he was already under a lot of pressure.

In fact, he also wanted the blood soul, even if he chose to trade with Zhao Hao.

However, he also understood that he couldn’t open his mouth. Even if the deal was successful, it would still be wrong.

If news of his intention to please the main branch’s prodigies spread, he would definitely attract trouble.

The HU family was in a branch, and there were many families that were hostile to them. Hu Shouyang didn’t want to make any mistakes.

After the two left, Chen Lei didn’t hurry to leave.

“Junior Brother Chen, what do you think?” He asked,”are you willing to join the eye of the Thunder?”

“Senior brother Chen, in the future, if there are any operations to hunt down the green plum immortal sect, you can let us know,” Chen jingzhai said, shaking his head.”Forget about joining the eye of the Thunder. It’s not only inconvenient, but it’s also unnecessary.”

“What a pity.” Senior brother Chen Lei seemed to have expected this.”Please help me in the future.”

“Alright!” Chen jingzhai smiled and nodded.

“I heard from Junior Brother Hu that you’ve agreed to refine the treasure?” Chen Lei asked.

“That’s right,” Chen jingzhai said.”If I prepare the materials myself, I can make a third-grade magic weapon, which has the same growth potential as the bloody gourd, but I can’t be sure of the exact details.”

“I want one.” Senior brother Chen Lei said,”a third-grade treasure boat, an imitation of the qingzhai. What do you think?”

“That depends on the materials prepared by senior brother Chen.” Chen jingzhai shook his head.”I can’t guarantee that.”

“I’ll make the necessary preparations within 50 years. Junior Brother, just do your best. ” Chen Lei said indifferently.

The sect had treasure boats and spirit boats for sale, but they were simply too expensive.

If the eye of the Thunder wanted to build something in the future, the treasured boat was a must.

The most cost-effective way was to ask Chen jingzhai to make it. The materials were not a problem at all.

He was not the only one in the eye of lightning. There were many inner disciples in the tenth branch.

The reason why he needed 50 years was because he didn’t treat the treasured boat as his.

He was preparing a treasured boat for the eye of lightning.

Naturally, he needed the contribution of everyone in the eye of the lightning. He needed to take this opportunity to unite everyone.

It wasn’t convenient for him to reveal his scheme.

After discussing the matter of refining the treasure, Chen Lei left.

Zeng wangbei was about to leave as well. He was prepared to enter a long period of closed-door cultivation to digest what he had learned.

After completing this mission, he would have at least a few decades of leisure time.

Before he left, he hesitated, but in the end, he didn’t say anything and turned to leave.

“He’s here for the blood evil gourd’s upgrade to a spiritual treasure.” Pei Dong ‘er said to Chen jingzhai.

“I know,” “He can’t afford it,” Chen jingzhai said calmly.

Not only could he not afford the price, Zeng wangbei could not afford a spiritual treasure either.

If Zeng wangbei was a direct disciple of a soul formation true venerate, even if he was an official disciple, it would be fine.

For the sake of Senior Sister Mei, Chen jingzhai was willing to help.

However, Zeng wangbei was only an in-name disciple of a soul formation true venerate, and he couldn’t keep a single spirit treasure.

“I can handle it.” Pei Dong ‘er said as she looked at him.

“Senior Sister, if you have nothing else to do, it’s better for you to go into closed-door cultivation as soon as possible.” Chen jingzhai shook his head and turned to leave.

“If I become your Dao companion, can you upgrade me to a spirit treasure?” Pei Dong ‘er asked.

“Senior Sister, you must be joking.” Chen jingzhai left without looking back.

Pei Dong ‘er pouted, her expression complicated.

That day, Chen jingzhai was in seclusion in the Moonview restaurant, refining pills.

Su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua guided their disciples in their cultivation.

After returning to the right path, his days became extremely peaceful.

There were only a few people who had heard Pei Dong ‘er’s words, but no one mentioned it.

Chen jingzhai’s rejection was understandable. Pei Dong ‘er was not sincere.

Furthermore, Pei Dong ‘er was a problem to begin with.

Even though the Xue clan had let her go and she had entered the 12th Meridian, true venerate drifting snow wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

As a heaven’s favorite, it was impossible for her to become Chen jingzhai’s Dao partner.

Therefore, this matter was very troublesome and Chen jingzhai wanted to avoid it.

Pei Dong ‘er’s words …

In his opinion, it was just a trace of affection from the ten years in the catacombs.

As time passed, it would naturally be obliterated, and it was nothing.

His heart did not waver at all. Instead, he went into seclusion to refine a large number of medicinal pills.

The White Crane returning origin tree immortal furnace was still a third-grade furnace.

Chen jingzhai used the ten thousand origins pill Scripture.

He could use the power of the pill furnace to refine a large number of high-quality Tier 3 treasure pills.

One couldn’t underestimate the effects of treasure pills.

Whether it was to heal the body or to improve cultivation.

The effect of a third-grade treasure pill was much higher than that of a second-grade spirit pill.

In the land of the hidden sects, the elders of all the peaks were plotting for treasure pills, also for the sake of golden core cultivators.

In particular, the third-grade dustfall pill and the Lotus spine treasure pill, which could enhance magic power.

Even in the Moonview restaurant, it was very popular.

Eight months after his return from the catacombs.

Chen jingzhai left the Moonview restaurant and brought su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua to the floating clouds dojo.

Senior brother Fu Yunzi had already come out of seclusion. Chen jingzhai, who had received the news, immediately rushed over.

Fu Yunzi met three people in the pavilion at the back of the cliff.

“Even though it’s not the first time I’ve been here, the scenery of the training hall is still amazing,” Su qinghuang said.

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