I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 312 - Returning to the sect (3)  

Chapter 312: Returning to the sect (3)

Chen jingzhai served them wine and spirit fruits, and everyone talked about their later experiences.

“We entered the fifth floor and happened to be in the midst of the Horde of demons.”

“During the fight, we alerted a demon of the fifth stage.”

“In the end, I can only choose to leave.”

“I only managed to obtain a few pieces of Bloodsoul Jade.”

Hu Shouyang sighed.

Hu Zhong’s broken arm was a small matter. After he returned, he would have medicinal pills to recover.

Naturally, the trip to the fifth floor did not have a good result because everyone was scattered. It was disappointing.

Not only him, but Zhao Hao was the same.

Therefore, he said,”I wonder if senior brother Chen and Junior Brother jingzhai have sent out blood soul? I’m willing to use spirit stones or heavenly treasures to exchange for it. ”

“We didn’t get much, so we can share three pieces.” Chen Lei said.

He didn’t go into detail about what happened on the fifth level because he and his two senior brothers had secretly killed cultivators and obtained some blood. He had already given them three pieces out of consideration for their friendship with the mountain range.

“Shuanghua and I will each take one!” Chen jingzhai shook his head.”In fact, we’ve been on the fifth floor for less than a month. Everything was hunted by qingluan. I can’t ask if she’s useful.”

“That’s enough.” Zhao Hao stood up and saluted the two.”Thank you!”

“We’re all fellow disciples, no need to be so polite. ” Senior brother Chen Lei raised his glass and said with a smile,”I didn’t expect Junior Brother jingzhai to be such a sentimental person. This glass of wine is to congratulate the two of you.”

Chen jingzhai smiled and drank with Ji Shuanghua, accepting everyone’s well wishes.

Who could reject a beauty?

Not only was Senior Sister Shuanghua very gentle, but she was also very understanding and had a tacit understanding with The Green Phoenix.

The path of Dao was rugged, but if there was someone to accompany him, he could relieve his loneliness.

This glass of wine also officially represented that Ji Shuanghua had entered this circle.

However, Ji Shuanghua no longer cared about these things.

She was content with it, and Chen jingzhai was her Dao.

After that, everyone drank and chatted, summarizing their experiences from this trip to the catacombs.

Chen jingzhai and the others had just come out, but they had actually been back for more than three years.

The main reason for this gathering was to avoid misunderstandings. After all, they didn’t come back together.

Now that things had been made clear, not only would there be no misunderstandings, but they would also be closer.

Li Yueli was still in closed-door cultivation. During this trip to the catacombs, she might have had the deepest feelings.

Coupled with the push of the demonic Origin Energy, she was probably about to break through.

Pei Dong ‘er was still as cold as ever, but she had a human aura around her now. She did not reject getting along with everyone.

When they were drinking, Chen jingzhai talked about the immortal Hunting Hall.

“The original intention of the immortal hunt temple was to hunt undead Immortals.”

“When I built the eye of the Thunder, I specially checked the immortal Hunter Hall of the Dark Age.”

“The current immortal Hunting Hall can’t be compared to the one before.”

“It’s just a tool of some true venerated. ”

Chen Lei seemed to know something and said with disdain.

“As far as I know, the immortal Hunting Hall bullies the weak and fears the strong.”

“Some sect disciples will also be hunted down, especially outer sect disciples.”

“If we meet in the future, it’s best to kill him directly.”

Hu Shouyang said.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

There was no doubt that there was an irreconcilable conflict between sect disciples and rogue cultivators.

No matter whose tool the immortal hunt temple was, since it was a power of itinerant cultivators, it must be suppressed.

Since everyone had reached a consensus, it meant that in the future, the disciples of the four main branches and the HU clan would definitely show a tough attitude when they encountered the immortal Hunter Palace when they traveled outside.

They were all heaven’s favorites and represented the mountain range’s future. They weren’t just speaking.

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