I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 311 - Returning to the sect (2)  

Chapter 311: Returning to the sect (2)

Golden Chicken mountain.

The full moon Cave.

The formation disappeared, and the cave door opened. The maidservants filed out and lined up in two rows.

Surrounded by Xi Meng, Hong Yu, and the other beautiful maidservants, Chen jingzhai walked into the cave with a smile.

It had been ten years since they last met. The cave abode was still the same, and the Golden Chicken mountain was even more lively.

He had seen the changes in Golden Chicken mountain while he was in the air.

In the cave, exotic flowers and plants bloomed, and all kinds of strange stones decorated the place.

The lake water was clear, and ripples spread out. Spiritual fish appeared and turned around to hide.

Chen jingzhai first introduced Ji Shuanghua, telling everyone that she was his second wife.

This was because Ji Shuanghua was also a member of the ninth Summit after being named in the Deacon’s Hall.

She was the official wife who had been witnessed by the sect and could hold a Dao companion celebration.

Xi Meng, Hong Yu, and the other beautiful maidservants naturally did not dare to neglect and greeted him one after another.

Ji Shuanghua smiled as she enjoyed the praise. From this day forth, she would have a place in this immortal’s cave.

After that, he asked Xi Meng to prepare a new room for Ji Shuanghua.

Hong Yu started to report to Chen jingzhai about the changes in the past ten years.

The first one was Golden Chicken mountain.

In the past ten years, Golden Chicken mountain had been further reclaimed, and the herb garden and spiritual plant garden had doubled in size.

However, he had only harvested the spiritual herbs and plants twice.

Especially the spiritual plants, which were second-grade yellow bud rice, most suitable for foundation building cultivators.

When they were sold in the Moonview restaurant, they were almost cleared out as soon as they were on the shelves.

As for spirit herbs, because they were not old enough, most of them were used for alchemy.

Hong Yu took charge and added three more formations in ten years.

One of the floating clouds covering the moon array was a third-grade one. After it was set up, clouds and mist covered Golden Chicken mountain.

The area below the cave abode was surrounded by clouds and mist, which could isolate the handymen’s prying.

Next was the Moonview restaurant.

In the past ten years, the operation of moon Pavilion had been very stable.

Thanks to the prime location and Chen jingzhai’s reputation, there were many cultivators who came to buy elixirs and Dharma artifacts. However, the most popular item was still the Gu worms, because they could earn spiritual stones.

The Moonview restaurant had re-selected the handyman disciples. All the male disciples were removed, and only the female disciples were left.

This was Xi Meng’s request. She felt that the presence of male disciples would be very inconvenient.

The Moonview restaurant had also become the intelligence Center in the past ten years.

Many people were willing to sell information here and sign an agreement with the Moonview restaurant.

When some cultivators ran out of spirit stones, they could exchange information for them.

This information would be compared with the intelligence system of the ninth bloodline.

If the mistake was too big, the transaction would be banned, and the cultivator would even be expelled from the Moonview restaurant.

The ninth bloodline would also put him on the list of untrustworthy people.

Without a doubt, this was Chen jingzhai’s suggestion, and both the full moon restaurant and the ninth Meridian had accepted it.

Finally, it was the maidservants ‘turn.

In ten years, the cultivation of the eight beautiful maidservants had basically all reached the late stage of the foundation building realm.

Xi Meng and Hong Yu were both at the seventh Foundation state, while the other six were at the eighth.

All the women of the Liu family had entered the foundation establishment stage, while Liu Qingxue was in the eighth tier.

If Chen jingzhai didn’t come back soon, they would have to prepare to condense the elixir.

For this, Hong Yu also prepared a sum of spirit stones and began to purchase the main ingredients of the foundation building elixir.

Illusionary heart grass might be hard to come by in the hidden vein land, but it could be bought directly in the pulao region.

At present, the immortal’s cave had already prepared twenty sets of ingredients for the foundation building elixir.

The maidservants prepared to make it themselves.

As for the foundation building pills that Chen jingzhai left behind, no one was prepared to use them.

Just in case, they would give these foundation building pills to people who could not suppress their cultivation.

“Well done.” After Chen jingzhai understood, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Not bad, he’s a good steward.” Su qingluan said with a smile.

The moment she returned, her short legs came over to greet her.

The spirit beast garden was very peaceful. As the manager, short legs was as happy as ever.

The White Donkey and the giant rhinoceros did not disturb each other while the green Hell Black Crane flew together.

Even the demon fox tu Ruoyan and The Phantom rat demon Ni Hong ‘er went to help out at the Moonview restaurant.

Putting everything else aside, the fact that they were able to get tu Ruoyan to go to the full moon restaurant was a Testament to their methods.

On the first day of his return, Chen jingzhai did not do anything.

It wasn’t the first time he had hugged su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua to sleep that night.

In the ten years they spent in the fifth level of the catacombs, the three of them had become extremely close.

Cultivators cultivated in place of sleep, but Chen jingzhai would still choose to sleep when his heart was tired or when he felt particularly heavy. At this time, the two girls would accompany him.

The next day, Chen jingzhai started his closed-door cultivation.

He was refining the foundation building elixir.

Research on the demon bone armor.

He organized his gains from the catacombs.

Su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua were in charge of managing the cave abode and sorting out the account books of the full moon Pavilion.

Su qingluan still had to give her in-name disciple, Liu Qingxue, some pointers.

Together with Ji Shuanghua, she had selected four female servant disciples from the full moon Pavilion to serve her.

The full moon Cave had a gu path inheritance, these four female disciples with messy spiritual roots could cultivate the gu path.

With the foundation of the Moonview restaurant, it was completely possible for them to continue cultivating.

Su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua each had two people by their side. They were all very pretty, and they were slightly better looking than Xi Meng and Hong Yu. Without a doubt, they were also prepared for Chen jingzhai.

The Yin Yang seal script of the dragon and phoenix Union was a powerful dual cultivation immortal Sutra.

They couldn’t stop Chen jingzhai’s dual cultivation method, so they naturally needed help.

Hong Yu, Xi Meng, and the others were Chen jingzhai’s people, so the two women didn’t interfere.

Instead, it was interesting to cultivate it by himself.

At least, he could do something for a long time.

In order to please Chen jingzhai, the two girls were willing to do so.

Chen jingzhai only stayed in seclusion for three months. After sorting out his gains, he invited everyone to a banquet at the Moonview restaurant. Among them, Hu Yunqing, Nangong Liang, and Yang Qian were in seclusion.

Chen Lei, Zhao Hao, Hu Shouyang, and Pei Dong ‘er came over.

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