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Chapter 318 - the immortal market opens (1)  

Chapter 318: Chapter 304: the immortal market opens (1)

Chapter 304

Chen jingzhai had been in seclusion for five years, focusing on polishing the eight desolate immortal market.

In order to have more manpower, he had even refined many puppets.

There were more than 100000 first and second stage puppets.

It filled all the palaces.

It made it seem more and more prosperous.

He had also set up the identity and background of the eight desolation celestial ancestor.

The Masters of the palaces told the story of the eight desolation celestial ancestor in unison.

They were all adapted from the myths of Chen jingzhai’s previous life.

Not only that, but Chen jingzhai also made a Golden Bell of the nine Dragons.

The bell floated in the air with Nine Dragons circling it.

The bell rang once for two hours.

The bell rang twice in a row, indicating that twelve hours had passed.

This Bell also had the effect of suppressing evil thoughts, clearing one’s mind, and purifying the mind.

The grade was not high, only lower than third-grade, but it looked great.

After finishing the layout and design of the entire eight desolations immortal market, Zhang tie said,

Chen jingzhai was using his power as a brush and connate Qi as ink to draw.

This made the entire eight desolations immortal market even more mysterious and filled with immortal Qi.

“It’s time!”

“If it can’t be perfect, then I’ll perfect it in the future.”

“Now, let’s open the market!”

With a thought, Chen jingzhai used his authority to activate all the Guiyuan immortal tokens that were sent out.

Lin Haigu said.

Among the demonic beasts, the Jade tokens were emitting a bright light.

When the demonic beast transformed and activated its spiritual will, its body instantly froze on the spot.

In a certain city in the pulao region.

The Jade tokens on sale glowed, and the shop owner immediately took them away.

As soon as his spiritual will touched it, the world changed.

In a certain cave abode.

The lucky rogue cultivator woke up from his closed-door training and took out the Jade card from his storage bag.

The Jade token emitted a light that made people bewildered.

When he touched it with his spiritual will, his mind was instantly attracted to a whole new world.

The allheaven immortal sect.

Ji Shuanghua was slightly stunned. She took out a Jade tablet from her star and moon ring.

With the touch of her divine sense, she instantly appeared in the clouds.

“Where is this place?” She looked around in surprise.

“Eight desolate immortal market?” Chen jingzhai and su qingluan appeared by her side almost at the same time.

“Husband, sister.” Ji Shuanghua instantly felt at ease.

“It seems that the Jade plates we picked up are not ordinary.” Su qingluan said softly.

Chen jingzhai didn’t say a word. As far as his eyes could see, there were all kinds of figures on the cloud road.

Shapeshifted demons, itinerant cultivators, sect disciples, and all sorts of people.

There were a total of 842.

There were people constantly coming in and out, and this needed to be improved.

That would be a waste of the power of the returning origin immortal token.

“Husband?” Ji Shuanghua looked over.

“Let’s go!”

Chen jingzhai held su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua’s hands and flew up.

There was no way to fight on the cloud road, no way to hurt, but one could soar into the sky.

Chen jingzhai wasn’t the first one to fly up.

In fact, more and more cultivators were flying up after realizing that they were spiritual will.

Many cultivators were extremely surprised and alert at their sudden entrance.

They rarely communicated with each other.

They were all looking for familiar people, and if there were none, they would move forward alone.

Soon, they arrived at the first immortal Palace.

The chubby and affable True Monarch Qian instantly appeared at the entrance of the palace.


“I don’t know the seasons. When I wake up, I’ll change my face.”

“Another million years have passed in the blink of an eye. The eight desolate immortal market has finally reopened.”

“Welcome, celestial guests!”

“I’m from the gold coin immortal Palace, and I’m perfected Lord Qian!”

His voice was loud and clear, spreading throughout the entire cloud road.

The cultivators, who had been quiet, became restless.

A million years?

The eight desolate immortal market?

Just these words were enough to let people’s imagination run wild.

Except for a few who were still suspicious, most cultivators believed that the opportunity had arrived.

“Perfected cultivator Qian, may I ask what the eight desolate immortal market is?”

Chen jingzhai changed his voice and was the first to ask.

“Good question, immortal friend. I don’t think anyone knows about the eight desolation immortal market after a million years.”

“I’m here to inform you that the eight desolation immortal market was created by the eight desolation immortal ancestor. ”

“A Market City built with a small world using Supreme immortal techniques.”

“By chance, you’ve obtained the key to enter the eight desolation immortal market.”

“With enough people, we can naturally reach the goal of opening a workshop.”

“More than five hundred immortal guests have entered this place,”

“The first immortal Palace can be opened.”

“Everyone, please!”

Perfected Lord Qian waved his horsetail whisk, and the gate of the gold coin immortal Palace instantly opened.

Immediately, cultivators flew in.

The eight desolations celestial ancestor? Never heard of it.

A small world? It sounded awesome.

However, the cultivators didn’t care. They only cared about benefits and opportunities.

Naturally, he wanted to investigate. In any case, it was only his spiritual sense that entered this place.

Chen jingzhai brought his two Dao companions and followed them into the immortal Palace.


After entering the gold coin immortal Palace, some cultivators secretly gasped.

There were all sorts of copper coins floating in the palace.

These copper coins were of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

If that was the case, it wouldn’t be shocking.

The key was that these copper coins contained all sorts of different powers.

The lowest cultivation level among the cultivators was foundation establishment, and there were many late-stage golden core cultivators.

Naturally, he could sense the profoundness of these copper coins.

“Fellow Immortals, it’s your first time here,”

“I have no clue at all.”


“Everyone, you can summon your own return origin immortal token.”

“Naturally, you can unlock the information of this Palace.”

True Lord Qian appeared behind the counter in the palace and said with a smile.

All the cultivators, including su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua, summoned their immortal tokens.

As expected, the immortal token appeared in front of the cultivators.

The immortal token glowed with a bright light and new information appeared.

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