I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 295 - Meeting on Thunder (1)  

Chapter 295: Meeting on Thunder (1)

Chapter 293

The dense blood power mixed with demonic power exploded the tornado. The blood shadow ghostly Trident swung its injured leg, sending its spear flying toward the flying Yaksha.

The flying Yaksha dodged to the side and grabbed the end of the spear. The tip of the spear turned and the flying Yaksha charged towards blood shadow ghostfork, aiming for its head.

The blood shadow ghosttrident felt provoked and let out a furious roar. The blood-red Steel Trident smashed down, as if it wanted to finish off the flying Yaksha.

However, the flying Yaksha was not afraid at all. After his strength had reached the fourth stage, he could clearly withstand more pressure from those in a higher position. The blood shadow ghostly Trident’s roar was more like a means of intimidation in front of him.

The blood-colored blood shadow ghostly Trident was intimidated by the power of the flying Yaksha’s spear. It quickly realized that it was unable to take down the flying Yaksha immediately, and began to fight.

Meanwhile, the qingzhai had already turned around. The bow of the ship was facing one side of the battle. Pei Dong ‘er, Ji Shuanghua, and the others were all standing in the mouth of the heavenly whale, watching the battle between the demons and monsters.

“The flying Yaksha is still lacking.” Chen jingzhai said after watching for a while.

“It’s just an increase in strength,” su qingluan said, unconcerned.”It’s already good enough that we’re evenly matched. We can’t expect it to take down a demon of the fourth stage.”

“That’s right.” Hu Shouyang flew over and smiled.”Let’s take it down first!”

“Alright!” Chen jingzhai nodded, then sent a voice transmission to li Yueli, telling her to get ready,

After that, Chen jingzhai took out the Hong Tian mirror and it floated above his head.

The mirror faced the blood shadow ghostfork, and the light flashed.

The steel fork in the blood shadow harpoon’s hand disappeared, and it was also frozen for a moment.

The flying Yaksha seized this opportunity and pierced the head of the blood Shadow Ghost fork with his spear. At the same time, li Yueli threw the gourd in her hand and the blood Fiend Yin thunder struck the blood Shadow Ghost fork.

The blood shadow ghostly Trident was caught off guard and suffered heavy injuries one after another. Before it could even wail, it was taken away by li Yueli’s corrosive poison gourd. After entering the gourd, it was immediately sealed.

Li Yueli put away the gourd, said goodbye to the others, and went directly to the ship to cultivate in seclusion.

Chen jingzhai and the rest were not in a hurry to leave. Instead, they started to clear out the demons. Even Pei Dong ‘er, Ji Shuanghua, Zeng wangbei, and the rest started hunting.

Hu Shouyang and uncle Zhong stayed on the ship. They didn’t have any gourds, so there was no benefit in killing demons. Hu Shouyang wanted to exchange for a gourd, but he didn’t have anything to offer.

Although the blood evil gourd that Chen jingzhai made was a standard magic weapon, it was extremely extraordinary after it was mixed with blood evil and a different evil Qi. Even Hu Shouyang could not take advantage of it.

There had to be a clear accounting between the heaven’s favorites. There couldn’t be any ambiguity, especially when the heaven’s favorites from the main and branch interacted with each other. This should be even more clear, or else trouble would occur.

Chen jingzhai didn’t realize this, but Hu Shouyang was very clear.

Two hours later, all the demons in the blood shadow ghostfork’s territory had been cleaned up. Even the blood Altar had been destroyed. The pure and dense evil blood Qi had been divided equally among them.

After returning to qingzhai, su qingluan continued to pilot the ship in search of the next demon of the fourth stage. Now that she could easily hunt down a demon of the fourth stage, she naturally couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“If senior brother Chen and Junior Brother Zhao knew that we could kill fourth stage demons so easily and quickly, I’m afraid they would be very envious!” Hu Shouyang said with a smile.

“Senior brother Chen has many trump cards. I’m not worried.” Chen jingzhai said,”it’s just that senior brother Zhao’s side lacks offensive methods. I’m afraid that something unexpected might happen, and it’ll make people feel uneasy!”

“He has a spiritual treasure level Pagoda to protect him, so I think he’ll be fine,” Hu Shouyang said.”Besides, he also has the bloody evil gourd in his hands, and Yang Qian is by his side. He’ll be fine.”

“No matter what, let’s go find them first!” Chen jingzhai said,”qingzhai is eye-catching enough. I think if we don’t see them at the entrance of the fourth floor, we should go somewhere else.”

“Sure,” Hu Shouyang muttered.”I have no objections. You can hunt demons and monsters, and uncle Zhong and I will search for some resources to make up for our losses. What do you think?”

“Good!” Chen jingzhai agreed with a smile.

Half a day later, qingzhai arrived at the entrance to the fourth floor.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see Zhao Hao or Chen Lei.

Qingzhai immediately turned around and left the blood shade Plains, preparing to head to another area.

Unexpectedly, in less than the time for three incense sticks to burn, there was a Thunderbolt flying over from the distant horizon.

Chen jingzhai used his [divine will] to scan the area and was overjoyed to find that it was Chen Lei Shixiong.

Chen Lei stepped on his Thunder spear and led Zhao Hao, Nangong Liang, and Yang Qian,

The four of them flew over on lightning.

“Senior brother Chen, you’re stepping on Thunder. You’re really dazzling!” Chen jingzhai laughed.

“Junior brothers, you’re the one who’s so carefree. I’m so envious of you.” As soon as Chen Lei’s voice fell, they had already arrived at Qing Zhai. The four of them boarded the ship one after another, their faces full of joy.

They were not in a hurry to enter the fourth level of the catacombs. After exchanging pleasantries, Chen jingzhai took out spirit wine to entertain everyone. As they drank the spirit wine, they talked about what had happened in the past two days.

Hu Shouyang first explained how he met Chen jingzhai and how he killed a fourth-grade demon. Then, he asked Chen Lei about his trip these few days, saying that he didn’t find anyone in the blood shade Plains.

“Junior Brother Chen has good means. Senior Sister su has good Dharma Treasures!” Chen Lei looked at su qingluan in surprise.”We’re not so lucky,” he said with a wry smile.”We were teleported to the departed spirit Hills.”

“I’m not far from senior Chen Lei. ” Zhao Hao said with lingering fear,”when I landed, I was surrounded by a group of extremely vicious beasts. I barely managed to escape, but then I was chased by the ghost weeping demonic man.”

The extremely vicious beasts were native beasts of the third layer. They were similar to hyenas, but they had fine blood-colored scales. They had no hair, not even a beard, and their bodies looked like they were cast in copper.

Its defense was extremely strong. If it was an extreme evil feral King, ordinary magical treasures would not be able to break through its scales. It could even spit out a mouthful of blood and fiendish flames. It was also extremely fast, making it particularly difficult to deal with.

If Zhao Hao didn’t have the numinous treasure level Pagoda in his hands, he wouldn’t have been able to escape.

The ghost crying demonic man was even more terrifying. This ghostly thing was also a demon, but it was different from the blood Shadow Demons that killed cultivators and tore their bones and flesh apart. The ghost crying demonic man liked to eat cultivators alive. It was a true devouring.

Not only that, a white bone chain grew out of the ghostcry Devilman’s spine and tailbone. At the end of the chain was a white bone hook with traces of blood. When the dog grabbed it, the cultivator could not break free at all.

“Thanks to senior brother Chen Lei’s Thunderbolts, I was able to quickly find it and get close to it. With senior brother Chen’s protection, we were much more relaxed.” Zhao Hao said emotionally.

“The ghost crying devil men are most afraid of lightning,” Hu Shouyang said,”Junior Brother Zhao, have you tried the blood Fiend Yin Thunder?”

“Why not?” Zhao Hao said,”the blood Fiend Yin lightning is indeed intimidating to the ghost weeping demon man, but the wailing of ghosts and howls of gods shook our minds. Moreover, the blood Fiend Yin lightning is not strong.”

His gourd didn’t refine any evil Qi. It was just a pure blood evil gourd. Although it had the blood lotus, it didn’t have a third offensive spell, so the power of the blood evil Yin Thunder was naturally not strong.

Of course, it was also because the ghost crying demon was a fourth-grade demon. Otherwise, he would not be so afraid. A fourth-grade ghost crying demon was certainly not something that the fiendish blood Yin Thunder could shake.

“Junior martial brother Chen, you’ve dealt with Prince Qing Mei. The deacon Palace will be very happy, and the people of the hall of battle will also be curious about you. The iron sword Pavilion will definitely reward you.” Senior brother Chen Lei continued,”however, I’m afraid that the cultivators of the green plum immortal sect will remember me when I go out in the future.”

“I’m about to go into seclusion for a hundred years and focus on refining pills in the sect. ” Chen jingzhai smiled.”Besides, if I join hands with Green Phoenix, even a soul formation true venerate can survive.”

“There will naturally be Dao protectors to deal with soul formation true venerates.” Senior brother Chen Lei said,”since the karma has been formed, has Junior Brother Chen ever thought of attacking the green plum immortal sect and exterminating their disciples?”

“Oh?” Chen jingzhai’s heart skipped a beat.”What do you mean, senior brother Chen?”

“To be honest with you and Junior Brother Chen, I’ve long wanted to destroy the green plum immortal sect,” Chen Lei said seriously.”I was born in the Northwest of the pulao region. All the villagers were killed by the cultivators of the green plum immortal sect. I was only eight years old then, and I was saved by the cultivators of the allheaven immortal sect who were passing by.”

No one had expected Chen Lei to have such a blood feud.

“Ever since I started cultivating to the Foundation Stage, I’ve been thinking of taking revenge.” Senior brother Chen Lei said,”it’s a pity that I’m alone, and the sect won’t help me. Once I reach the soul formation stage, I’m afraid I can’t attack as I please. I can only keep this hatred in my heart. I wanted to find an opportunity to attack, but I didn’t expect Junior Brother Chen to kill the Qing Mei Crown Prince. In this case, we can work together to attack.”

“A soul formation true venerate can’t easily make a move?” Chen jingzhai raised his eyebrows and asked.

“This isn’t a secret,” Hu Shouyang said.”It’s an order from beyond the heavens. If soul formation true venerates want to spar, they can go to beyond the heavens and not fight on the ground. If the damage is too serious, they will be severely punished, and the major immortal sects will be blamed. So, it’s not that they can’t fight, but they must be controlled.”

“If they’re seeking revenge, a soul formation true venerate attacking an immortal sect will definitely attract the immortals.” Senior brother Chen Lei said,”I’m recruiting talents from the same generation as me in the 10th Division to set up the eye of lightning. My goal is to strengthen my own power and make preparations for killing the disciples of the green plum immortal sect.”

“Liang is someone from the eye of lightning.” Nangong Liang said with a smile.

“Before this, I wanted to win over all of you, junior brothers. However, when I thought about my personal grudges and that you are all peak geniuses, I gave up on that idea.” Senior brother Chen Lei looked at Chen jingzhai,”now, Junior Brother jingzhai has the same goal as us. Why don’t you join us?”

“Let me consider this matter.” Chen jingzhai shook his head.”There’s no rush. If I really make a decision after the 100-year holiday, I’ll definitely let you know.”

“Alright!” Senior brother Chen Lei laughed.”There’s no hurry. Even if you don’t join, it’s fine. Even if Junior Brother jingzhai doesn’t have the karma of Crown Prince Qing Mei, he’ll definitely detest the people of the green plum immortal sect and kill them if he sees them.”

He wasn’t in a hurry at all. In his opinion, Chen jingzhai had no other choice.

In the vast allheaven immortal sect, they were the only ones who had the disciples to destroy the green plum immortal sect and form a force.

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