I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 294 - Consecutive hunts_ 1  

Chapter 294: Consecutive hunts_ 1

Chapter 292

In less than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, everyone’s divine will locked onto the blood shadow Asura.

It was three meters tall, had four arms, and a hideous face.

It stood in front of the blood-colored altar, holding a sword without moving like a statue.

If he didn’t know the inside story, he would have thought that it was a stone statue beside the altar.

“Junior Brother Chen and Senior Sister su, please help us hold the line.” Hu Shouyang said solemnly.

“Don’t worry!” Chen jingzhai nodded and flew out with su qingluan.

As soon as the three of them left qingzhai, the blood shadow Asura was alarmed.

The sharp sword with a blood-red pattern flew out of the blood shadow Asura’s hand and turned into a blood-red light in the air. It shot out quickly and arrived in front of the three people in an instant.

Hu Shouyang took a step forward and flipped his palm. A thick seal appeared in his hand.

The moment the blood-red sword light approached, the seal shone with an earthy yellow light. The light condensed into a simple earthy yellow shield, which easily blocked the blood-red sword light.

At the same time, a long Dragon of cold air flew out from the seal and automatically wrapped around the blood-red sword. A layer of blood-red flame appeared on the blood-red sword to resist the Dragon.

“That’s the seal of ten thousand Arts. ” Su qingluan sent a message through the ring.”The HU clan once asked a craftsman of the 12th branch to forge a seal of the cultivation state. They didn’t expect to only get an embryo.”

“It must have been refined by Hu Shouyang, so it was naturally formed.” Chen jingzhai replied.

A true Qi level embryo was of a higher quality than a spirit weapon, but even a golden core cultivator would find it difficult to use it. Hu Shouyang could only take out the seal and let its power spread out naturally.

In order to truly unleash the power of the seal of ten thousand techniques, Hu Shouyang would probably need to break through to the nascent soul realm. Even so, the power of the seal was still very strong.

Just like the Starlight demon subduing Pagoda, the moment the seal appeared, the surrounding void felt heavy, as if it was carrying a mountain on its back. The pressure was Grand and made one’s heart heavy.

The blood shadow Asura near the blood-colored altar raised its ugly head and looked at the three people in the air. A cold and dark Divine sense swept over,”leave, and I’ll spare your lives.”

Hu Shouyang sneered and threw out a lightning bolt.

The blood shadow Asura’s other arms clenched into fists and sent out two blood-red light spots to hit the lightning. Although the lightning was blocked, the remaining electric currents still spread and affected the blood shadow Asura.

This made the blood shadow Asura let out a beast-like roar. He threw out two long swords made of blood-red demonic power, aiming at Hu Shouyang.

However, with the ten thousand laws seal protecting his body, Hu Shouyang was already in an undefeatable position. The light emitted by the seal directly enveloped him, and any attacks that came close were blocked.

“It seems like it can’t leave the altar?” Chen jingzhai raised his eyebrows.

“Looks like we’re lucky,” su qingluan said calmly.”It’s communicating with the stronger beings on the fourth or fifth floor. It’s trying to please the strong.”

“This is really good news!” Hu Shouyang laughed. He held the Jade seal in his left hand and pointed at the blood shadow Asura with his right hand. Balls of lightning fell like thunder Dragons spitting pearls.

Cracking sounds could be heard as the green-blue lightning bolts covered a large area, including the blood-red altar and the blood shadow Asura. The destructive aura spread out.


The green-blue lightning had not completely dissipated, and the blood-red light on the blood-red altar cracked because of the contact of the lightning. The blood shadow Asura’s body stiffened when it saw this, and then its body burst into blood flames.

The blood-red flame on the blood-red sword, which was confronting the cold Dragon in the air, burst out. It turned into a flaming poisonous Python and fell from the sky. The blood shadow Asura grabbed it and slashed it at Hu Shouyang.


Chen jingzhai and su qingluan disappeared from the left and right. The blood-red sword light split the thick blood clouds, but it couldn’t break through the seal of ten thousand Arts ‘shield, which allowed Hu Shouyang to cast his spell with ease.

Balls of lightning, sea of fire, wind blades, and water waves-the four elemental spells kept falling, making the blood shadow Asura exhausted. He could only use the blood flame and the blood-colored protective light shield to block them.

It was at this moment that su qingluan made her move.

With a flick of his slender fingers, a chess piece flew towards the blood shadow Asura. As it neared the blood shadow Asura, the white bone Yaksha appeared completely. It raised its white bone saber and cut off one of the blood shadow Asura’s arms.

This attack was very sudden. Perhaps the blood shadow Asura was shocked by the appearance of the white bone Yaksha, or even looked down on it. After all, in its impression, the white bone Yaksha was only of the third stage, and it did not dare to approach it.

A demon of the fourth stage could absolutely suppress a demon of the third stage. It was impossible for a demon of the third stage to attack a demon of the fourth stage. This was an instinct that had been carved into their bones.

The blood shadow Asura did not expect the white bone Yaksha to succeed in its sneak attack. This made the blood shadow Asura extremely angry. This anger came not only from the fact that his arm had been cut off, but also from the white bone Yaksha’s offense.

A ball of fire seemed to have ignited in its eyes as it used its remaining third arm to attack the white bone Yaksha. A blood-colored fireball flew out and hit the white bone Yaksha.

If it had been a third-grade white bone Yaksha, not even its bones would have been left after being burned by the blood-colored flames. However, to a fourth-grade white bone Yaksha, this bit of power was not enough.

A white bone shield appeared out of thin air in front of him and blocked the blood-red fireball. The white bone saber slashed toward the blood shadow Asura, and the pale saber Qi broke the blood-red fireball and cut his arm.

The blood shadow Asura let out an angry roar. Its third arm was severely injured, but more spells fell on it. The lightning and fire made it unable to fight back. At this time, Hu Shouyang had already controlled the Dragon of cold air to fall. The Dragon of cold air, which was even colder than the cold Frost Sword, directly hit the blood-red Shield.

“Wait a moment, senior brother Hu!”

“I’m here to collect the blood flames!”

Chen jingzhai let out a long laugh and landed on the ground.

Seeing this, Hu Shouyang smiled and controlled the Dragon of cold Qi to not spread. Although he couldn’t activate the power of the seal of ten thousand laws, he could still use it to cast spells.

If it wasn’t for the ten thousand spell seal, this Dragon of cold Qi wouldn’t have such great power. After all, the blood shadow Asura’s blood-red barrier was also a fourth-grade power!

Chen jingzhai stood on the white bone Yaksha’s shield and pointed his finger at the blood shadow Asura. The divine light of the beginning quietly swept past and a blood flame was taken away. He only stopped after seven sweeps.

The blood shadow Asura, on the other hand, was in a miserable state. The cold air had frozen his bones, and the blood-colored barrier could not completely block it. Seven of his blood flames had been wiped out by Chen jingzhai, completely drained.

Not only did this mean that it could no longer generate blood flames, but it also meant that the blood shadow Shura’s source had been damaged, and its strength had been greatly reduced. This made it feel a great sense of danger.

Unfortunately, it had no time to resist.

After Chen jingzhai left, the white bone ghost fork was recalled almost at the same time.

Then, the Dragon of cold air spread out and froze the blood-red altar and the blood shadow Asura. Hu Shouyang even condensed the cold air into a chain and bound the blood shadow Asura.

“Let’s go!” Hu Yunqing called out. He opened the gourd and sucked the blood shadow Asura into it. The blood-red altar crumbled as soon as the blood shadow Asura disappeared.

A strong blood Qi spread out. Chen jingzhai didn’t miss this opportunity. He immediately took out li Yueli’s gourd and split it with su qingyue. The five petals of the gourd were completed.

“Easy, too easy!” Hu Shouyang put away the seal of ten thousand laws and laughed.

It would be very difficult for him to face a demon of the fourth stage alone.

Even with the help of uncle Zhong and Hu Yunqing, it would not have been so easy to deal with the blood shadow Asura.

Only heaven’s favorites like him, such as Chen jingzhai and su qingluan, could work together to kill a fourth stage demon so easily.

“It’s even easier than the blood shadow Rakshasa. ” Pei Dong ‘er sighed.”Sister SU’s numinous treasure is too powerful. This is only a fourth-grade chess piece. If there were more chess pieces …”

“How can it be that simple?” Su qingluan interrupted her with a smile.”Using the chess pieces consumes a lot of magical power. Even I can only use two chess pieces at the same time, and I can’t last long.”

“That’s enough!” “Let’s continue!” Chen jingzhai said happily.

“Alright!” Hu Shouyang nodded in agreement.

After returning to qingzhai, Hu Yunqing went into seclusion to help the gourd refine the blood shadow Shura, while su qingluan continued to lead the team in their search for demons of the fourth stage. The next one would be given to li Yueli.

Since they had easily killed demons of the fourth stage, Chen jingzhai had decided to add a demon of the fourth stage to each of their gourds. This way, they would have the confidence to enter the fourth floor.

After all, it was everyone’s first time entering the fourth level, and no one knew if they would be separated by teleportation. At that time, if they fell into a dangerous place, having the gourd to protect themselves was also extremely good!

These gourds of killing intent were too compatible in the catacombs world.

Qingzhai changed its direction. After the time it takes for three incense sticks to burn, it arrived at the territory of the blood shadow ghostfork. The blood shadow Asura was beside the blood Altar, but the blood shadow ghostfork was nowhere to be seen.

This caused everyone to have no choice but to waste time and split up to search.

While they were searching, everyone was secretly on guard. They did not fly low, because to The Cunning Blood shadow harpoon, low altitude meant an attack range.

As it turned out, it was the right choice to not make qingzhai invisible.

The blood shadow ghostfork had already spotted the qingzhai ship, but it was not interested in the Golden core cultivators who had come out to search for it. It wanted to destroy the qingzhai ship and su qingluan inside it.

There was no doubt that su qingluan, who was in the early nascent Soul Stage, was its true opponent.

However, this illusion brought about a terrible consequence.

When a blood-red Steel fork rushed toward qingzhai, Qing Qing instantly activated the power of the forbidden array on the ship. The heavenly whale flicked its tail, and a tornado was formed.

The tornado quickly crushed the blood-red Steel fork and rushed towards the blood Shadow Ghost fork.

The blood Shadow Ghost fork disappeared, but the next moment, a long spear came out of nowhere, directly piercing through the blood Shadow Ghost fork’s thigh from the back, and letting it fall into the tornado without losing momentum, the sharp wind blade cutting the blood Shadow Ghost fork in the tornado.

This made the blood shadow ghostfork look tattered. Although it wasn’t severely injured, it angered the blood shadow ghostfork. Its entire body exploded, and the blood-colored energy destroyed the entire tornado.

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