I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 293 - Controlling a demon (1)  

Chapter 293: Controlling a demon (1)

Chapter 291

This drop of blood came from the eight-tentacled giant beast.

The heart blood of a lower fifth-grade sea beast was comparable to the blood essence of a demonic beast.

Originally, it was impossible to collect the blood from the heart. However, the eight-clawed giant beast was in the Archean world. With Chen jingzhai’s authority in the Archean world, he could collect it remotely.

The eight-tentacled giant beast was in a deep sleep and did not notice anything.

He had already given this drop of the eight-tentacled beast’s heart blood to su qingluan.

However, the previous chessboard couldn’t withstand the fifth-grade heart blood and couldn’t give birth to an origin chess piece. That was why Su qingyue had kept it and waited for the birth of the first origin chess piece.

Now was the time!

She directly put the heart blood of the sea beast into the blank chess piece in the space of the demonic beast chessboard. The heart blood fell on the surface of the chess piece and quickly disappeared as if it had fallen into a hole.

The blank chess piece seemed to have a mind of its own and began to change rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, it transformed into an eight-clawed giant beast.

In the demonic beast chessboard space, he was showing off.

With a whoosh, the space of the demon beast chessboard expanded rapidly. All the demon beast pieces surrounded the eight-claw original chess piece. At the same time, a strong power began to spread.

The demon beast chess pieces nearby all increased their strength.

There were even some demon beast chess pieces that had broken through their ranks because they were extremely used to the power of the eight-tentacled giant beast.

He had become a chess piece for a fourth-grade monster.

These fourth-grade Fey Beast pieces couldn’t become origin pieces, but su qingyue was still happy. The more fourth-grade Fey Beast pieces she had, the better. It meant that she would have more means and choices to deal with her enemies.

In the core space, the blood mist on old chess master’s body had disappeared.

It was replaced by blue waves.

They transformed into the shape of eight claws and bound old chess tightly before slowly seeping into him.

After all, it was a sea beast of lower fifth-grade and extremely powerful.

Old chess master looked younger again, and even his hair had turned black.

More importantly, his facial features had become extremely gentle.

True spirits had no gender, and the old chess master’s transformation into the old chess lady had been decided by su qingluan with a single thought. It just so happened that her true spirit was undergoing a transformation, so she could make better changes to it.

Therefore, su qingluan commanded,

The chess old man’s facial features became more beautiful and feminine.

His true spirit was more like a female cultivator, gentle and heroic.

He was also wearing an inner armor and an outer robe.

After that, su qingluan finally had the time to explore the new chessboard.

He had two origin chess pieces, the blood shadow Rakshasa and the eight-clawed giant beast.

He had six fourth-grade chess pieces-the flying Yaksha, the white bone Yaksha, the black jade Jackal, the Azure White Crane, the human-faced Ghost Hawk, and the vicious blade Mantis.

To su qingluan’s surprise, the demon chess piece had also advanced under the feedback of the eight-tentacled beast’s origin chess piece. The flying Yaksha had advanced from the third stage to the fourth stage, and so had the white bone Yaksha.

This was impossible in the catacombs.

This was because flying Yakshas would transform into another form after their advancement.

This was the transformation of a fiend demon. Their blood essence and inner core would change.

But in the chess pieces, it was a change in strength.

In other words, it was still a flying Yaksha, but its strength was at the fourth stage.

This was the difference between a chess piece and a demon.

With su qingluan’s spiritual will, he could see everything about the flying Yaksha. He was certain that a fourth-grade flying Yaksha was stronger than a third-grade flying Yaksha. All of their techniques and power had doubled.

The only pity was that there were no new methods, which could be considered a fly in the ointment!

Su qingluan put the chessboard back into her body and came out of seclusion.

When he arrived on the first floor of qingzhai, he only saw li Yueli tending to the spirit herbs.

“Where are they?” Su qingluan asked.

“Ah, sister su has come out of her closed-door cultivation!” Li Yueli ran over and hugged her arm, saying happily,”they’re hunting demons and all of them have gone out, leaving me alone. It’s so boring.”

“You should also go and hunt for demons. You can’t be too relaxed.” Su qingluan said.

“Isn’t there Junior Brother jingzhai?” Li Yueli said with a smile.

After Chen jingzhai revealed his spirit treasure, he went all out and cleared out the demons at an extremely fast speed. Demons of the third stage could be done with a single gourd, so he was very efficient.

Li Yueli’s poison corrosive gourd had gained a lot of benefits, and had now been upgraded from a four-petal gourd to a five-petal gourd. The terrifying poison mist was extremely strong, and the power of the blood Fiend Yin Thunder and blood Fiend demonic light had doubled.

Of course, she was more relaxed now that someone was doing it for her. She was more willing to stay on qingzhai.

When he was really bored, he could communicate with the spiritual plants while watching the others hunt.

Su qingluan shook her head. She didn’t know what to say about li Yueli’s attitude.

She came from the hall of warrior, so she should have reprimanded li Yueli.

But li Yueli was a heaven’s favorite, and she was from the twelfth peak, so she couldn’t blame her.

Su qingluan left qingzhai, ignoring li Yueli’s grumbling.

With a flick of her finger, the flying Yakshas rushed out and began to kill the demons under her command.

After reaching the fourth stage, the flying Yaksha’s speed was extremely fast, and his attacks were even more ferocious.

On the ground, only afterimages could be seen.

This made Hu Shouyang and the others exclaim in admiration. Controlling a demon was an amazing skill. The strength of a demon was much stronger than that of a monstrous beast, especially in the catacombs world. It was practically invincible.

“Senior Sister su, does the blood shadow Rakshasa know the location of the other fourth stage demons?” Hu Shouyang hurried over and asked after he had cleared out the demons.

Now that Chen Lei and Zhao Hao were missing, no one was in a hurry to find them.

The third level of the catacombs was really too big. It was easy to miss it if they ran around randomly.

It would be best if he could take advantage of the opportunity while heading to the entrance of the fourth level to kill a demon of the fourth stage.

If Hu Yunqing’s gourd could reach nine petals, it might be able to become a spirit treasure.

Even if it couldn’t be upgraded to a spirit treasure, a high-tier treasure was more than enough to protect Hu Yunqing.

Even if he went down to the fifth floor, his safety would be greatly enhanced.

“I do,” su qingluan said indifferently.”Fourth-grade demons have their own territories, and they don’t cross each other’s boundary. This is the territory of the blood shadow Rakshasa, and there are no fourth-grade demons here.”

“Junior Brother Chen, what do you say?” Hu Shouyang sent a message to Chen jingzhai.

“Since I’ve promised senior brother Hu, I’ll keep my promise.” Chen jingzhai laughed.”Everyone, let’s return to qingzhai. We’ll leave this place immediately and hunt down fourth stage demons.”

“Alright!” Hu Shouyang was overjoyed and returned with the two of them.

Chen jingzhai also sped up the clearing of the demons. After that, he called Pei Dong ‘er and the rest back.

Everyone listened to su qingluan talk about the demons of the fourth stage while they recovered their magic power.

The main purpose of the demons of the fourth stage was to build the altar. The second purpose was to train the demons of the third and second stage, so that they could find some materials for the sacrifice. Su qingluan wasn’t sure about the details.

The origin chess piece didn’t have much memory, and the reconstructed blood shadow Rakshasa wasn’t the original demon, but a demonic chess piece that retained its intelligence and part of its memory.

He knew the location of the demons of the fourth stage. There were also blood shadow Asuras and blood shadow ghostforks nearby. The place where the demons of the fourth stage were located was called the blood shadow Plains.

“Other than the blood shade Plains, there’s also the silver fiend Plains and the red training Plains,” su qinghuang said.”Other than the plains, there are also Hills, Highlands, mountain streams, and thorns. It’s extremely vast.”

“It seems like senior Chen Lei and senior Zhao Hao were randomly teleported out of the plain.” “Is there only one entrance to the fourth level?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“Not just one, but every terrain has one.” “There’s only one entrance to the first and second levels,” su qingluan said.”But the altar on the third level is built by a fourth stage fiend. As long as the altar can contain the power of a fourth stage, it can open up a passage to the fourth level.”

“It’s actually like this?” Hu Shouyang sighed.”If it wasn’t for the demons, we wouldn’t have known about it. We were so eager to gather together!”

There was more than one entrance to the vast third level of the catacombs. It was a little surprising, but also a little reasonable. It was likely that some cultivators had discovered other entrances, but they had not announced them.

“The entrance to the plain is relatively stable and safe,” su qingluan said.”There won’t be any ambushes here, and no cultivators or demons are near. I think the sect must have set up some sort of trap.”

“It must be so.” Zeng wangbei said,”actually, we rarely met any rogue cultivators along the way. This might be the arrangement of the sect. I would rather enter from this entrance than the other entrances.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Sect disciples were a little special. They had the secret care of their Masters. Even when they entered the catacombs world, they would avoid the relatively dangerous places when they were transported to the next level.

As for other uncontrollable things, they could not be predicted.

“Senior brother Hu, choose between the blood shadow Asura and the blood shadow ghostly fork!” Chen jingzhai said,”I’ll make qingzhai reveal its appearance. If senior brother Chen and senior brother Zhao are nearby, they’ll definitely notice it.”

“Then let’s go to the nearest one!” Hu Shouyang said.

“That’s the blood shadow Shura,” su qingluan said calmly.”The blood shadow Shura are all male. They’re three meters tall, and they’re good at using the Shura sword. Their Shura blood flames are also very overbearing.”

“Demonic flames?” Chen jingzhai’s eyes lit up.”Can I collect them?”

“You can try.” Su qingluan nodded.”The Shura blood flame can pollute the soul. You must be careful when you fight. You can’t use your divine sense to get close, or you’ll be severely injured.”

“When the time comes, we’ll have to see senior Hu’s methods.” Chen jingzhai laughed.

“Good!” Hu Shouyang nodded.

Although Chen jingzhai had agreed to help, the main force would definitely be Hu Shouyang. Chen jingzhai also wanted to take this opportunity to see the power of Hu Shouyang’s spirit treasure. As for the Asura blood flame, Chen jingzhai was indeed curious.

Chen jingzhai had his own life flame and had cultivated the Polar Star refinement Dao formula. He could absorb other flames to enhance his life flame, and this was how he absorbed the earth lung poison flame.

Although the Asura blood flame was a demonic fire, it was not as powerful as the spiritual fire of heaven and earth. If he could pick the fire seed, he might be able to refine it into his life true fire, which might have some benefits.

After the discussion, su qingluan took over qingzhai. She communicated with Qingqing and began to change directions, heading toward the blood shadow Shura’s territory. Qingzhai had already left the blood cloud.

The heavenly whale appeared in the sky again. Its huge body swam freely in the air, and its speed was 30% faster than before. In fact, the speed of qingzhai was second to none among all the spiritual treasures.

However, if they moved too fast, it would not be good for them to find the demons. Now that they had a clear direction, they naturally would not move forward shakily like before.

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