I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 292 - Origin chess piece (1)  

Chapter 292: Origin chess piece (1)

Chapter 290

Everyone’s expression didn’t change, but their hearts were filled with killing intent.

Cultivators had always been high and mighty, and no cultivator wanted to be trampled on by demons and devils.

The blood shadow Rakshasa’s words had touched their bottom line.

Chen jingzhai made the first move and the Hong Tian mirror shot out a beam of light.

The blood shadow Rakshasa moved, and the sky was filled with blood-red Shadows. The mirror light pierced through the shadows, but the blood shadow Rakshasa had already arrived in front of Chen jingzhai, and the spear in her hand was aimed at his throat.


The green lightning fell and hit the blood shadow Rakshasa’s body. The dense electric current jumped continuously, making the blood shadow Rakshasa’s body stiff. The spear in his hand also stopped.

A dazzling blue and white sword Qi flew out of Pei Dong ‘er’s hand. Just as it was about to hit the Rakshasa, it was deflected by the spear. However, Chen jingzhai was met with a blue and white ball of lightning.


The spear shook, and a blood-red shadow rushed out of the spear, blocking the blue-white Thunder Ball. A pair of arms suddenly grew out of the back of the blood shadow Rakshasa, forming a pair of Spears and throwing them at the two.

Bang! Bang!

The ball of lightning exploded, and the blue-white Lightning was blocked by the spear.

However, su qingluan made her move at the same time. A blood-red disc appeared in her hand.

The round plate was only the size of a watermelon and as thin as a cicada’s wing.

It spun and shot out, directly breaking two blood-red Spears.

After it flew out, it flew back as if it had a mind of its own and landed directly on the head of the blood shadow Rakshasa. At this moment, the blood shadow Rakshasa’s cloak fluttered without any wind and hit the round plate with a Swoosh.

The disc shattered and exploded, but the blood shadow Rakshasa was not in a good state. The sharp Qi carried a unique star power. Not only was its blood-red cloak instantly torn, but its back was also injured.

The endless attacks made the blood shadow Rakshasa extremely uncomfortable.

With this delay, the group had already surrounded her.

Chen jingzhai was in the middle, and su qinghuang cut off its path of retreat.

On the left was Hu Shouyang, with Hu Zhong as backup, and Hu Yunqing at the ready.

On the right was Pei Dong ‘er, and beside her was li Yueli, Zeng wangbei, and Ji Shuanghua.

“I’ll give you a chance to live. Kneel down and pledge your loyalty to me.” Su qingluan said coldly.

“You actually deluded yourself into thinking that I would submit?” The blood shadow Rakshasa sneered and suddenly let out an ear-piercing screech. The sound was extremely sharp, like an owl ‘s, piercing the eardrums.

However, when the sound got close to them, it didn’t have any effect.

There was a thin layer of restriction in front of everyone. The blood shadow Rakshasa saw Chen jingzhai and the Hong Tian mirror in his hand.”It’s you?”

As if asking and confirming, the blood shadow Rakshasa disappeared on the spot.

However, Chen jingzhai had already expected this. He activated the Hong Tian mirror with a smile on his face. The long spear and the blood Rakshasa were fixed to the left of Chen jingzhai. They did not move at all. It was a funny sight.

This was the power of the Grand heavenly mirror’s restriction array. When the restriction was fully activated, it could use the power of the restriction to lock the target in place. It was the same when dealing with the heavenly corpse Blood Curse.

“Reverse!” Chen jingzhai shouted.

The blood shadow Rakshasa turned around with her head facing down and her feet facing up. Before she could react, she was struck by the Thunder and fire of the Hong Tian mirror and her spear was taken away by the magnetic light of the Hong Tian mirror.

Just when everyone thought that victory was in their hands,

The blood shadow Rakshasa’s arm exploded, and layers of blood-red Shadows pounced in all directions.

Everyone subconsciously attacked, but all the attacks strangely disappeared.

On the other hand, Chen jingzhai was the one being attacked by everyone.

Although it was blocked by the restriction, the blood shadow Rakshasa also took the opportunity to break free.

It floated in the air, no longer hoping for a fluke. Its remaining three arms and a pair of legs exploded, and apart from its head, its entire body was a bloody mess.

“Attack with all your might!” Su qingluan’s voice came through the Dragon Ring.

With a thought, Chen jingzhai threw out the Starlight demon subduing Pagoda. Although the pagoda boy had fallen into a deep sleep, its power did not weaken much. It rapidly grew in the air.


Chen jingzhai shouted coldly, and Starlight fell from the pagoda, forming a domain above the Rakshasa’s head. Under this domain, the transforming Rakshasa found it difficult to move.

Not only that, but Chen jingzhai also activated the Grand heavenly mirror with all his might. With the help of the Thunder fire spirit Crow, he began to shrink the restrictive spell. At the same time, su qingyue also took out a blank chess piece and threw it over.

The blood shadow Rakshasa seemed to know that danger was approaching. It let out a shrill scream and kept twisting its bloody body. Even its head exploded at this moment.

A terrifying aura rose, and the blood shadow Rakshasa revealed her true form. Her aura was even continuing to climb. Before long, she would definitely break through rank-4 and unleash her most brilliant attack.

But it was too late!

The power of the Starlight demon subduing Pagoda increased again. Starlight overflowed from every level, and the tremendous suppressive power rendered the blood shadow Rakshasa immobile. The sealing power of the Hong Tian mirror sealed the surroundings, allowing the White chess piece to fly over and land inside the blood shadow Rakshasa’s body.

The power of the three spiritual treasures combined into one. Old chess master even conjured an illusion. After absorbing su qingluan’s power, he tried his best to contain the blood shadow Rakshasa.

One could clearly see the blood-red color permeating the chess piece, slowly being absorbed into it. When 30% of the blank chess piece had been dyed red, everything was settled.

The blood shadow Rakshasa was successfully taken in by the chess piece. In the end, it turned into a demonic chess piece in a blood-red robe, holding a spear in its four arms. It stood up silently and flew toward the demon beast chessboard.

The old chess master smiled and bowed to Chen jingzhai. He then turned around and entered the demon beast chessboard. The birth of the first origin chess piece meant that the chessboard would undergo another transformation. The old chess master needed to sleep.

Chen jingzhai kept the Starlight demon subduing Pagoda and the great heavenly mirror. He smiled and thanked Hu Shou yang and the others. Hu Shou yang and the others quickly waved their hands. They didn’t help this time.

Chen jingzhai and su qingluan alone were enough to take down the blood shadow Rakshasa. Hu Shouyang and Pei Dong ‘er had only attacked once, and they hadn’t even used their full strength. The rest of the people were just spectators.

Back on qingzhai, su qingluan immediately went into seclusion.

“The blood shadow Rakshasa underestimated us. She didn’t use her demonic body.” “Junior Brother Chen,” Hu Shouyang said with a sigh,”you’re able to use two Spirit treasures to suppress a fourth stage demon with ease. Impressive.”

“I’ve consumed a lot of energy, but it’s all thanks to everyone’s help. ” Chen jingzhai smiled and asked again,”demon body, is it similar to the true body of a demon beast?”

“That’s right.” Hu Shouyang nodded.”The blood shadow Rakshasa is in human form, so she didn’t use some demonic tricks. In addition to underestimating us, Junior Brother Chen’s speed is also the key.”

“To kill a yaomo, we need to end the battle quickly, we can’t hold back.” Chen jingzhai nodded.”Next, we’ll have to look for the second fourth stage demon. Let’s see what senior brother Hu can do!”

“Alright!” Hu Shouyang nodded with a smile.

“If I’m not mistaken, Senior Sister su used the flying Star technique?” Hu Yunqing asked.

“Oh?” Chen jingzhai smiled.”Junior Brother Hu, you’ve also studied the star Dao?”

“I only have some understanding of it.” Hu Yunqing smiled shyly.”I read a few more Jade slips.”

“I see.” Chen jingzhai nodded.”The blue Luan can use the STAR technique with the help of the spiritual treasure. This can be considered a trump card. Please don’t reveal it to anyone.”

“You can save on that!” Everyone quickly agreed.

After all, su qingluan was a perfected Lord, so it was normal for her to have such means. However, she had another spirit treasure!

There were too many numinous treasures. Could it only be said that he was worthy of being a weapon refinement master?

Even Hu Shouyang’s gaze at Chen jingzhai was off.

The demonic beast chessboard, the Starlight demon-suppressing tower, and the Hong Tian mirror were all top-tier spirit treasures. Su qingluan had another spirit treasure with her. Together with the qingzhai, she was the envy of many.

“Would junior-martial brother Chen be willing to take on the order to refine spirit treasures?” Hu Shouyang couldn’t help but ask.

Li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er both looked over.

Even Zeng wangbei and Ji Shuanghua’s eyes were filled with desire.

“I’m only refining Dharma Treasures,” Chen jingzhai shook his head and said sincerely,”I have a secret technique that can upgrade Dharma Treasures. However, due to the limitation of cultivation level, the price is extremely high. The success rate of directly refining a numinous treasure is too low.”

“It’s a pity,” Hu Shouyang said,”what if I ask you to refine a magical treasure?”

“Let’s follow the rules,” Chen jingzhai said thoughtfully.”I have a hundred years of vacation. After I return to the sect, I will only accept orders for five pieces of magical equipment. The rest of my time will be spent on cultivation or refining pills.”

“How about you give one of them to me, your senior brother?” Hu Shouyang said.

“Of course.” Chen jingzhai smiled and nodded.

He actually had a lot of magic weapons, most of which were refined by true venerate ning. He was going to use some of them to attract popularity in the full moon restaurant, and the rest were going to be sold in the market.

What was certain was that he would open the market within a hundred years. At that time, he would not lack resources even if he stayed in the sect. He would be able to live a carefree life.

It was a good choice to take the time to refine a few talismans to maintain the friendship between the heaven’s favorites.

Immortal cultivation was not fighting and killing. It was still necessary to maintain the ways of the world, especially when one had just arrived. Even if one had a strong background, one could not be too arrogant, unless one could reach the sky in one step.

While everyone was talking, su qingluan was cultivating in seclusion on the top floor of qingzhai.

A layer of blood mist enveloped the demonic beast chessboard. In the core space, old chess was also enveloped by the blood mist. When the blood mist became thinner, old chess actually slowly became younger.

A blood-red dot appeared on the forehead of chess master. Su qingyue’s divine will and magic power kept washing the demon beast chessboard, silently feeling the changes in chess master and the chessboard.

After the blood shadow Rakshasa was successfully taken in, the blank chess piece directly became an origin chess piece. The power of the blood shadow Rakshasa was directly fed back to chess elder, allowing him to benefit greatly and transform his spirituality.

As for the chessboard, its quality would also increase under the feedback of the essence pieces. The chessboard would also undergo a natural transformation, creating pieces that belonged to the demons. Even the third-grade demon pieces would benefit.

Now, the entire demonic beast chessboard was divided into two spaces.

On the left was the space of the demon chess board, where demon chess pieces were permanently stationed. All the demon chess pieces surrounded the origin chess pieces, while on the right were demon beast chess pieces. There were no demon beast origin chess pieces here.

Su qingluan was prepared. She took out a drop of blood the size of a fist.

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