I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 296 - The power of nine petals (1)  

Chapter 296: The power of nine petals (1)

Chapter 294

It wasn’t rare for a sect to be formed by disciples.

In fact, even if they were on the same peak, there would be groups of people who would help each other.

The most obvious example would be the group that Jiang liuyun had formed to rope in the hidden disciples.

As a disciple of one of the three great sword range, perfected Lu Tao said,

He had lost the right to enter the inner sect of the iron sword lineage.

He wanted to ride on Jiang liuyun’s coattail and find another way to join the iron sword sect.

This wasn’t impossible. After all, Jiang liuyun had joined the iron sword sect after forming her gold core.

However, while it was possible, it was extremely difficult. Perfected Lu Tao was destined to lose a lot because of this.

And in the forces established by the disciples,

Those who dared to set their goal as the destruction of the green plum immortal sect …

In the entire allheaven immortal sect, only Chen Lei had established the eye of lightning.

The other disciples would at most help each other.

The eye of the Thunder was no secret in the tenth Meridian. The reason why so many disciples had chosen to join was because of Chen Lei. He was worth everyone’s investment.

Chen Lei, who was born with a lightning body, was fair and fair. He had a lot of opportunities and a bright future. Not only did the peak disciples think highly of him, but the peak elders were also looking forward to it.

As such, he would naturally be able to gather a group of followers.

Chen jingzhai was at a disadvantage because he joined the sect late. If he joined the sect at the same time as senior brother Chen Lei, he would be able to establish his own force. Hu Shouyang, on the other hand, was limited by his family and could not establish his own force at all.

As for Zhao Hao, Li Yueli, and the others, they didn’t have much charm, nor did they have that kind of tolerance.

Senior brother Chen Lei did not invite Chen jingzhai to join the eye of the Thunder, but to destroy the green plum celestial sect together. Chen jingzhai did not dare to agree so easily, and he did not know what kind of confidence he had.

“What should I do next?” Zeng wangbei asked,”do we continue to clear out the demons or go directly to the fourth level?” I heard that the fourth floor is even more spacious, and there’s even a Blood River spring?”

“The area of the fourth level is ten times that of the third level,” Chen Lei said with a smile.”As for the Blood River spring, it’s actually the mouth of the spring where blood flows out. There are many demons around it.”

“Hu Yunqing and Senior Sister li are both in seclusion. We can wait.” Chen jingzhai said,”there are still two demons of the fourth stage on the blood shade Plains. It’s just in time to kill them.”

“I need to go into seclusion,” Yang Qian smiled bitterly.”I’m just a little injured. I still need to recuperate.”

“Good,” Senior brother Chen Lei said,”let’s kill the demons of the fourth stage first. If we have time, we can go to the departed spirit Hills and kill the crying ghost demons. If we can subdue these demons, they will be of great use.”

Su qingluan was a little tempted.

The demonic beast space had chess pieces of the origin made from the blood essence of eight-tentacled giant beasts that were below the fifth-grade, and they were ranked fifth.

This made the monster dimension and the strength of the chess pieces much higher than the demon chess pieces.

The best way was to kill more demons of the fourth stage and forge more origin chess pieces.

When the demon chess piece and the demon beast chess piece were competing with each other, the chessboard would be in its best state.

Chen jingzhai knew that she was moved, so he didn’t say anything and told Qingqing to go at full speed.

The heavenly whale returned to its yacht form and traveled through the blood-colored clouds.

Two hours later, the group hunted down the bloodshadow Rock Demon of the fourth stage.

Senior brother Chen Lei, Zhao Hao, and Hu Shouyang didn’t make a move.

Su qingluan took out two chess pieces, the flying Yaksha and the white bone Yaksha, and engaged them in a battle. The white bone Yaksha closed in on her while the flying Yaksha attacked from a distance. The battle was very organized.

Chen jingzhai, on the other hand, used his special talent to find the bloodshadow Rock demon’s weakness.

The demonic spirit was born after the blood evil stone was stained with the flesh and blood of the demonic spirit. Its body was reconstructed by the power of the altar. It was not only a demonic spirit, but a demonic spirit formed by the blood evil stone.

It was ten meters tall and was even stronger than the blood shadow Asura. Its defensive power was even more amazing.

The flying Yakshas ‘Spears and the white bone Yakshas’ bone blades were unable to break through the bloodshadow Rock demon’s body defense. However, the bloodshadow Rock Demon was extremely fast, and its only attacks were earth-type abilities.

It could draw rocks from the ground to attack at will.

Whether it was long range or close range, he had a lot of methods.

After making sure that it was slow, su qingluan had the two demon chess pieces fight each other. Thanks to the difference in size, the two chess pieces were in a stalemate.

With enough time, Chen jingzhai could make his move.

The Grand heavenly mirror was summoned, and the restriction array was immediately activated. The magnetic formation, the lightning formation, and the derived spells of the small heaven cloud restriction were continuously bombarding the blood Shadow Rock Demon, causing it to be exhausted.

In the end, Chen jingzhai used a magnetic array to weaken the bloodshadow Rock demon’s earth element power. Su qingluan also made a move and used the meteor disk to cut off the left leg of the bloodshadow Rock Demon.

The Hongtian mirror pressed forward once more, directly suppressing the blood Shadow Rock Demon.

Hearing Chen jingzhai’s call, Pei Dong ‘er ran over happily. She ignored the wailing of the bloodshadow Rock Demon and used the cold frost gourd to take it away, sealing it inside the gourd.

In just a few moments, the frost gourd had broken through to the fifth petal. The huge amount of blood essence caused the gourd to start transforming. Pei Dong ‘er, senior brother Chen Lei, and the others bade their farewells and went into seclusion.

Senior brother Chen Lei, Zhao Hao, and the others were all shocked, especially su qingyue’s demon chess pieces. They felt that they were extremely powerful. Two chess pieces were equivalent to the combat power of two perfected cultivators!

Even if it was just a forced increase in strength, even if the two pawns did not directly kill the blood Shadow Rock Demon, their power could be seen just from the entanglement. They were not only extremely strong in the catacombs world, but also in the outside world.

“Senior Sister su is amazing. Junior Brother Chen is so thoughtful to be able to refine such a numinous treasure.” “That’s great!” Zhao Hao praised loudly and said enviously,”if there’s a strong enough demon, wouldn’t the chessboard be upgraded to a cultivation weapon?”

“How can it be so easy to create a cultivation artifact?” Chen jingzhai shook his head and said,”even if a fifth-grade demon is absorbed into the chessboard, it’s hard enough to keep it from collapsing. If it wants to become a cultivation artifact, it needs to be refined again.”

“Even so,” senior brother Chen Lei sighed,”if we have enough pawns, we can form an Army of demons and beasts. Senior Sister su will be the most powerful person below the soul formation stage.”

Chen jingzhai and su qingluan looked at each other and smiled.

The number one cultivator below the divine transformation realm was not a problem. The Qianyuan realm was vast and there were many geniuses.

However, the chessboard did have great potential. It could hold at least 300 origin chess pieces.

After all, Chen jingzhai had poured a lot of innate Qi into the chessboard. Besides the old chess master, the quality of the chessboard had also improved.

“In my opinion, the demon beast chessboard doesn’t live up to its name,” Hu Shouyang said.”Why don’t we change its name to thousand demon chessboard? what do you think, Senior Sister su?”

“Good!” Su qingluan agreed with a smile.

The name of ten thousand demons included demons and demonic beasts. She also looked forward to the day when the ten thousand demons chessboard could really accommodate ten thousand demons. At that time, the ten thousand demons chess pieces could move unhindered, and how awe-inspiring would that be?

While they were talking, Qing Qing operated qingzhai to look for demons of the fourth stage again.

The blood shade Plains wasn’t small, and there were at least five demons of the fourth stage.

However, they were good at hiding and were more intelligent. Chen jingzhai and the others had killed demons of the fourth stage one after another, which should have been enough to alert them. Qingzhai circled the blood shade Plains for half a day without finding anything.

On the other hand, Hu Yunqing had successfully emerged from seclusion.

After he greeted everyone, he took out the nine-petal gourd.

“A fourth-grade demon was able to complete the five-petal Calabash,” Hu Yunqing said.”It gave birth to a fourth offensive Dharma spell, and the calabash’s grade has increased. It’s now a top-tier Dharma Treasure.”

“Alright!” Hu Shouyang burst into laughter.

A top-grade magic treasure was enough to be used until the true Lord realm.

With this magic treasure in hand, Hu Yunqing would no longer be lacking in magic treasures when he reached the early-stage nascent soul.

“Brother, don’t be in such a hurry.” Hu Yunqing laughed.”This gourd is extremely powerful. The remaining blood essence and essence of the fourth-grade demon were not completely digested by the gourd. Instead, they turned into a river of blood. This river of blood is not considered a spell, but it can be used to corrupt the true spirit of a numinous treasure and corrode the soul.”


The crowd gasped in shock at the Blood River in the gourd.

Everyone here had good eyesight and understood the meaning of corrupting the true spirit of a spiritual treasure and corroding one’s soul. To put it bluntly, this Blood River could deal with spiritual treasures and even harm one’s nascent soul and nascent soul.

There was no need to talk about the primordial spirit. This was the domain of a soul formation cultivator, so it had its own means of resisting the Blood River.

However, if nascent souls were to be tainted by the Blood River, they would most likely be in grave danger.

In other words, although the gourd in Hu Yunqing’s hands was an upper-grade Dharma Treasure, it could damage numinous treasures. Even nascent souls were wary of it. That was a little terrifying.

“Will the Blood River continue to grow?” Zhao Hao quickly asked.

“Of course,” Chen jingzhai was the first to speak. He smiled and said,”after the completion of the nine petals, the Dharma Treasure is completed, and the demons absorbed are directly digested by the river of blood. Under the effect of the purification array, they turn into a pure river of blood, which contains a full amount of evil blood power.”

“That’s right.” Hu Yunqing nodded with a smile.”The gourd can continue to absorb demons. The more demons it can absorb, the more powerful and destructive the Blood River will be.”

“That’s not all.” Chen jingzhai smiled.”If we take in another fourth-grade demon, the river of blood will definitely condense and slowly turn into the blood Fiend pill. This pill can be like a marble. With one hit, it will explode and blood and fiend will fly everywhere. One pill is at least the attack of an early nascent soul realm cultivator.”



“He actually has such potential!”

“I’ve profited!”


No one could calm down. They didn’t think that the gourd that Chen jingzhai gave them would have such potential and power. Even Chen Lei Shixiong felt that the gourd was hot.

“This gourd is of great significance to me. Now, it has such great potential, Junior Brother Chen!” Zhao Hao said seriously,”senior brother, I won’t be pretentious. I owe you a favor. How about it?”

“There’s no need for that.” Chen jingzhai waved his hand and smiled like an old Versailles.”It’s just something I casually made. It’s meant to be used by senior brothers to contain the blood essence and inner cores of demons.”

“Junior Brother Chen, don’t try to coax us.” Senior brother Chen Lei sighed and said,”I owe you a favor as well. This gourd is comparable to a spirit treasure, and its power is even greater than an ordinary spirit treasure. A favor is worth it, but I hope Junior Brother Chen won’t place this favor on the matter of the green plum immortal sect.”

Chen jingzhai smiled and cupped his hands. He understood what he meant and didn’t refute.

“I regret it now.” Hu Shouyang looked at Hu Yunqing with a gloomy expression.”If I had known that this gourd was so powerful, I would not have given it to Yunqing. Sigh!” Madam Hu owes Junior Brother Chen a favor. ”

“Elder brother?” Hu Yunqing called out drily.

“Keep it!” Hu Shouyang’s heart ached.”If you’re showing off, you’ll have to take it back. It’s a good treasure that can pollute the primordial spirit and soul. You must cherish it.”

“Yes!” Hu Yunqing grinned hideously as he put away the gourd.

He was indeed afraid that Hu Shouyang would take the gourd away. He didn’t want to say much, but li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er were both in closed-door cultivation. If he didn’t say anything, the two girls would eventually say it. He might as well be more generous.

The result proved that he had made a good choice. At least, his brother was too ashamed to take the gourd away.

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