I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1433 - A Disruptive Finding

Chapter 1433: A Disruptive Finding

The shooting on the streets of Capital resulted in two deaths and one minor injury. Due to the seriousness of the incident, the FBA had started an investigation. However, the result was not far from what Jiang Chen expected, the incident was classified as a gang fight.

It was almost predictable that after this incident faded out from the public’s attention, it would be swept under the rug. But since the editor was controlled by B City Consortium, there was still room to turn the situation around.

The next day, Celestial Trade’s Los Santos office held a press conference. The UA business director (mainly responsible for Celestial Trade’s investment and promotion) stood in front of the cameras and gave a speech on the recent controversies.

“The flights between Celestial and the Mars colony will commence at the end of the year. From the perspective of peace, friendship, and common development, we will also bring home the astronauts stranded on Mars. In the fastest scenario, these astronauts will have to wait until mid-January next year to return to the country, when the election is over. Therefore, the use of astronauts by Celestial Trade to interfere in the election is pure speculation.”

“We have noticed the previous report of the Washington Post. We found the argument used by the Washington Post to be very strange. When did a serious news source start to interpret two articles with no basis by distorting facts?”

“Of course, I understand the current circumstance in the country.”

“Using accusations and speculations as means of collecting votes are perhaps part of the election process?”

At the same time, under the coercion of the B City Consortium, Jacob Wood also appeared in front of the media to apologize.

“I have a great responsibility for that report. First of all, I would like to apologize to Celestial Trade. I shouldn’t quote those two reports without basis. As a media professional, I…”

This speech clearly sounded scripted and it was obviously the work of B City Consortium. Given how smooth the speech went, he definitely was very well “prepped”.

In any case, the public controversy triggered by the three reports had finally come to an end. As for how it would affect the election in a few days’ time, it would only be evident after the election result was made available.

After all, the time left now was not even enough to do a pre-election poll.

As for the other person, Amy Qasim, her whereabouts were currently unknown. It was unclear whether she fled to the central states and hid after she realized the severity of the situation, or she was already controlled by Morgan and Rockefeller and locked into a dark room.

Now to shift the perspective from the Earth to the Kuiper Belt 30 astronomical units away.

After half a month of exploration work, the researchers on SS Origin had conducted a rough mineral identification of the types of asteroids around the spaceship.

The result was beyond everyone’s expectations. These asteroids, which were originally thought to have the same minerality, had large differences in elements. After the news was revealed, it not only created a shockwave among the astronomy researchers, but even the physics researchers were also shocked by the finding.

If this phenomenon was universal in the Kuiper Belt, then it would undoubtedly be a major discovery in the study of the origin of the Solar System that could change the existing understanding. Many scholars and scientific researchers in astronomy and physics submitted applications to Celestial Trade to fund a research ship to send them and their equipment to the Kuiper Belt, and establish a scientific research base for more in-depth research on those asteroids.

Celestial Trade stated that it would seriously consider the applications but did not give an immediate answer.

After all, for Jiang Chen and other members of the Earth Defense Alliance who represented the interests of the member states, they were not interested in scientific topics such as the origin of the Solar System or even the universe, but what kind of benefits could be brought to them by the major discoveries of the Kuiper Belt as well as breakthroughs in interstellar travel technology.

In the next six months, SS Origin would attempt to mine the nearby asteroids and build mining space stations. In particular, the collection of tritium and deuterium within the ice blocks with sizes comparable to asteroids to achieve energy self-sufficiency. It was the top priority of all scientific research tasks of SS Origin.

After all, Celestial Trade and the Kuiper Belt were separated by 30 astronomical units. It was not easy to make a return trip.

At about three o’clock in the afternoon, Jiang Chen had just returned home from work at Future Building, but Wu Changfeng, the representative of Hua in the Earth Defense Alliance, visited him.

After Ayesha made a pot of tea for the two, she went upstairs as usual and left the living room for the two. As for Natasha and Xia Shiyu, they were still at work.

“We are very interested in the Kuiper Belt, whether it is the resources there or the scientific value.” They had already exchanged greetings at the door, Wu Changfeng went straight to the topic after they sat down, “We’ll pay, if you provide the technology. We can even cooperate to establish a permanent research station in the Kuiper Belt. It’s very helpful for the cultural exchange between the two countries and the friendship between the people! I’m very optimistic about this cooperation. What do you think? ”

There was another reason Wu Changfeng wanted to build a research station but he didn’t mention it. He believed Jiang Chen would understand.

This proposal was definitely not just the opinion of the Hua Academy of Sciences. Putting the national flag on the edge of the Solar System would not only help boost national confidence but more critically, it was an achievement that could go down in history for a particular individual.

“I don’t have any problems here,” Jiang Chen smiled, “but I have to give you some information in advance. The cost of building a research station in the Kuiper Belt is not low. And we plan to establish a permanent space outpost in the name of the alliance, covering all aspects of military and scientific research projects. I recommend this proposal more than building a separate scientific research station.”

Wu Changfeng lowered his head and thought for a moment, then spoke.

“I will communicate your proposal, and we will seriously consider it.”

If the Earth Defense Alliance intended to build a permanent space outpost in the Kuiper Belt, then it would be unnecessary to build a separate research station. Moreover, the budgetary issue Jiang Chen said was also the point he was most worried about.

“General Wu came to see me today, just for this matter?” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “You could have called me. It would have saved you the hassle.”

“Not exactly,” Wu Changfeng took his cup, took a sip, then leaned back on the sofa and smiled, “Actually, there is one more thing. The person above asked me to inquire you on this matter. But, because I’m a straightforward person, I’ll just be honest. Of course, if it’s inconvenient, just pretend I didn’t ask anything.”

“Since you’re being direct with me, I’ll say what I know.” Jiang Chen laughed, “Of course, I also have a premise here, that is when confidentiality issues are not involved.”

“Then I’ll be straightforward,” After he put down the cup in his hand, Wu Changfeng looked at Jiang Chen, “What do you guys think of the UA election?”

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