I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1434 - Once And For All

Chapter 1434: Once And For All

Jiang Chen noticed Wu Changfeng used “you guys” instead of “you”.

Obviously, he didn’t want to ask about his personal opinion.

“Can you be more specific?” One corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth was curved up as he said in a relaxed tone, “Your question is very general.”

“Then I’ll be direct. If Joseph Kennedy is president-elect, what are you going to do?” Wu Changfeng asked Jiang Chen while he fixated his gaze into Jiang Chen’s eyes.

“We will be very happy,” Jiang Chen laughed, as he slightly raised the cup in his hand and pretended to make a toast. “This is the best scenario for us. The UA takes the initiative to join the Earth Defense Alliance, give up its hegemony and embrace the future. The Iron Curtain of the Pacific Ocean unwinds down before it unfolded, and all mankind will work together towards a beautiful new world…

“Ahem.” Wu Changfeng gentle cough interrupted Jiang Chen’s nonsense, then he asked, “Then what if Trump becomes the president?”

“Trump is an unstable factor,” after he put the teacup on the table, he didn’t go on about his nonsense this time and instead concisely explained, “Based on his choice, we will react accordingly.”

“Including war?” Wu Changfeng asked.

“Are you scared?” Jiang Chen smiled.

Wu Changfeng was taken aback for a moment, then he laughed.

“Not at all! It’s just that we are still a little worried. At the time of the Colombian Civil War, there were signs of escalating tensions. Fortunately, you both stepped on the brake in time. If it ended up escalating…”

“If it is the time when we have to make the worst choice,” Jiang Chen smiled at Wu Changfeng’s probing gaze, and said nonchalantly, “I can guarantee that before the situation becomes uncontrollable, everything will be over.”

They both tacitly agreed to end the topic on this note. In the conversation after, they did not discuss international affairs and just chatted about SS Origin at the Kuiper Belt and the next development plan of the Earth Defense Alliance.

Wu Changfeng declined the invitation to stay for dinner, got up and bid farewell to Jiang Chen, and left the mansion.

Before he got on the car parked at the entrance, he looked back at the mansion with mixed feelings.

“Before the situation becomes uncontrollable, everything will be over? Huh, so confident…” Wu Changfeng smiled, muttered to himself and shook his head, the strong alert in his mind still lingered. At this moment, he was looking at this issue as a major general in the Hua Army.

If Jiang Chen was bluffing, it would be fine.

But if the nonchalant attitude was not deliberately faked, then the strength of Celestial Trade would be terrifying.

After all, it was the UA they were discussing about.

It was neither Country F nor Colombia nor the anti-government armed forces in Syria and Ukraine.

So far, the engagement between Celestial Trade and the UA had been limited to small-scale encounters in local conflicts. Even in the most intense collision on the battlefield in Colombia, the UA only sent only a Marine expeditionary brigade.

The war between great powers was not a simple science and technology competition. Xin’s strategic depth was no more than a hundred square kilometers deep, where did he gain his confidence?

Until he returned to the hotel he was staying at, Wu Changfeng still couldn’t think through the confusion in his mind. In the end, he had to attribute the answer to that Celestial Trade still possessed power hidden to outsiders. After all, no matter what, he couldn’t believe that the man pretended to be nonchalant…

At the window of the office, Jiang Chen watched the car that disappeared at the end of the road, then he suddenly said.


“Mhmm?” Ayesha turned her head and looked to Jiang Chen.

“I have been thinking about a problem these days.”

“What’s the problem?” Ayesha asked curiously.

“I used to think that only when Joseph Kennedy came to power, the UA joined the Earth Defense Alliance, and everything developed in the direction we planned for, could we get to a happy ending,” Jiang Chen said thoughtfully while he stared straight out of the window. “But now I suddenly feel that it seems that the opposite is true.”

“Why?” Ayesha was puzzled.

“If you think about it, even if Joseph Kennedy wins, he will only lead the UA for four years. After four years, there will be another election. Even if he succeeds in re-election, he will only be there for two terms at most. If every change of term, we have to reconsider adjusting our strategy…” At that point, Jiang Chen stopped.

A crazy idea appeared in his mind.

Although this idea had appeared before, it was the first time where he seriously considered the feasibility of this idea.

Rather than let a sensible politician push all the contradictions to four years later, it was better to let a layman lunatic come to power. Maybe Celestial Trade could seize this opportunity and solve all the troubles once and for all.

“Do you need me to let Bernice adjust her strategy?” Ayesha asked.

No matter what choice Jiang Chen ultimately made, she would always be on his side.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Chen finally sighed.

“No need,” Jiang Chen gently stroking Ayesha’s hair, and watched the cheeks gradually get covered with a red hue, and whispered, “It’s only a few days from now, so let them toss this coin.”

Seven o’clock in the evening.

After a busy day, Xia Shiyu finally got home.

After she closed the door, she held the shoe cabinet at the entrance as she lazily hooked off her high heels with her finger. Just now, she suddenly noticed the cups placed on the table in the living room and asked curiously.

“A visitor was here?”

“Left about two hours ago,” Lilith, who was lying on the sofa in her Phantom Helmet, added with her unwavering voice, “By the way, you missed dinner.”

“You came back just at the right time. We just finished eating. Ayesha made beef stew today, and I’ll let her heat it up for you,” Jiang Chen walked out of the dining room and rubbed Lilith’s head, then asked with concern while he looked at Xia Shiyu, “What were you doing today? Why did you come back so late?”

Xia Shiyu poured herself a glass of water, stuck out her tongue, and sat down on the sofa.

“I’ve been working on an acquisition; High-Tech Freshwater acquired a 30% stake in IDE at a price of 3.5 billion Xin New dollars. Future Bank will act as the guarantor for this deal. Now the negotiation is in its final phase… I’m really exhausted. Don’t mind me, I’ll just have some fruits later.”

When Jiang Chen heard what she said, he processed the information for a few seconds before he looked at her again with a look of surprise.

If he recalled correctly, IDE was a company with a strong background.

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