I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1432 - Shooting On The Streets Of Capital

Chapter 1432: Shooting On The Streets Of Capital

At ten o’clock in the evening, in a hotel less than one kilometer from K Street, Jacob Wood carried a briefcase, walked out of the elevator hastily, and left the elegantly renovated lobby.

He looked haggard, and he had barely closed his eyes since yesterday. One call after another hit his phone, and each one of them was all from significant individuals. Out of helplessness and panic, he turned off his phone, ran away from his apartment, and hid in this hotel.

He didn’t understand why those people had to find him and not anyone else.

His work, career, family, and personal relationships were all ruined because of that one article. There was no doubt he got caught in a political turmoil. Based on his experience, occupations such as journalists, private investigators, and hackers would not have the besting ending once they get caught in a political turmoil.

He didn’t understand why these people are reacting so negatively just over one article.

Originally, he planned to stay here for a few more days, but after he went outside at lunch, he found that someone had been in his room, and he also found a bug on the bedside table. Obviously, he couldn’t stay here any longer. He decided to go to C State to stay with his brother until the limelight passed.

A Ford slowly stopped on the edge of the road.

The door of the driver’s seat opened, and a man in a suit with a buzz cut stepped down and walked straight to Wood.

“Hello, are you Mr. Jacob Wood?”

When Wood heard the polite question, he subconsciously wanted to answer yes, but he quickly recovered, slightly bowed down his head, and lowered his voice.

“No, you found the wrong person.”

“Really?” The man glanced around, took out a picture from his sleeve, and glanced at Wood with a sly smile.

The way that man looked at him made Wood quite uncomfortable, especially when he took out a photo to compare him. Just as Wood frowned and was about to get angry, two black men in suits stood behind him and blocked his path of escape.

A drop of cold sweat dripped down from his forehead, and at the same time, a lowered voice sounded behind him.

“I advise you to cooperate with us, we still can discuss this.”

When Wood heard the crackling noise from the fist behind him, Wood nervously swallowed the dry lump in his throat.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing, we just want to have a nice chat with you,” the man in the suit smiled as he said, “If you don’t want something unpleasant to happen, then you’d better follow us into the car—”

The man did not finish his sentence when a Hummer suddenly appeared from the corner.

The two fog lights were turned on, and with the deafening sound of friction, the Hummer rammed towards them.

Without any hesitation, the man in the suit dove to the side, while the other two men also ran with their eyes covered. As for Jacob Wood, who they previously surrounded, he was completely disregarded.

For them, it did not matter if Wood was dead or not.

Of course, it was preferred to control him and have him help them in the future, but if he did die, they could also use his death to their advantage.

However, the Hummer that seemed to be out of control didn’t hit Wood as the man in the suit thought, but suddenly turned around and hit one of the bodyguards.

With a loud thud, the two hundred pounds burly man was sent flying like a kite. He was hit by the Hummer and blood splattered all over the wall. The door slammed open, and two men with sunglasses and baseball caps quickly jumped off and dragged the frightened Wood into the car.

When the other bodyguard saw the scene, he immediately took out a submachine gun from under his coat, but before he could pull the trigger, an abrupt gunshot from the distance sent a sniper bullet right into his chest and downed him.

Screams soon flooded the street. When the passers-by who were going to help the car accident saw the submachine gun and heard the gunshot, they immediately screamed and fled. Some people ran and took out their phone to dial 911.

Everyone looked horrified.

This is the Capital!

The political center of the country!

Who is so out of their mind to start a gunfight here?!


The man in suit that was pruned on the ground just took out his pistol. However, when he saw his teammate got shot, he immediately crawled behind the garbage can. Under the suppression of a sniper rifle, he could not get to the hijacked at this moment and pressed the Bluetooth earphone in his ear.

“The target was hijacked! The hijacker drove a Hummer with the license plate number XXXX. The car was fleeing towards L Street! Be careful! They have sniper support!”

Bernice took the sniper rifle apart without any hassle, then put the parts into the backpack she carried with her. Instead of walking down the stairs, she locked the hook on the water pipe on the roof and dropped the rope down the building a dozen stories high, then slid down the rope.

After she landed in an alley, Bernice pulled out a motorcycle from the back of the trash can, put the helmet on her head, and hopped on the motorcycle with her slender legs. After a trail of exhaust gas, the roar of the engine soon drifted away from the intersection of the alley.

“The target has been controlled, he should be in the hands of the B City Consortium.” Galloping on the streets of the Capital, Bernice reported to Jiang Chen.

“Very well, it makes no difference whose hands he is in. They know what to do.” Jiang Chen nodded, “What’s the situation on your side? I just watched the news, and you made a lot of noise?”

“When the people from B City Consortium arrived, Morgan and Rockefeller’s people had already surrounded the target, and they carried weapons. Just in case, I fired a shot in the distance to help them out. The police have not noticed me yet. They’re trying to hunt down the Hummer that escaped.”

“Mhmm, report the specific situation to me later. Get out first.” Jiang Chen nodded.


After Jiang Chen hung up the phone, he looked at Ayesha who was next to him.

“The situation may be more serious than we thought, but fortunately, we got him.”

Fortunately, Jacob Wood was controlled by the B City Consortium. Otherwise, if the “truth-teller” died, then even if Joseph Kennedy was not involved in this mess, his image would be smeared.

With a little guidance on public opinion, people could easily associate Wood’s death with the article he signed before his death.

“The editor-in-chief of the Washington Post is already under our control, what’s next?” Ayesha asked.

“The next step is to figure out who instigated him to publish that article, and then follow the trail to find the people behind this incident.” After a pause, Jiang Chen continued, “This is the final moment, any possible source of accidents must be completely eliminated.”

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