I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1431 - Weather Forecast"

Chapter 1431: “Weather Forecast”

The news suddenly got out.

There was no sign at all.

Although it was a decided matter, it still caught the B City Consortium by surprise. Based on the research from Kennedy’s campaign team, there was no need to deliberately add a halo around him at this time, nor was it necessary to count the credit for taking these astronauts home to him.

As long as a signal was sent to the people that the relationship between Xin and the UA was shifting from a state of tension to relaxation, voters would definitely consider the differences in Pacific policies between the two candidates and make the right choice.

However, the media reports caught Loki and Joseph Kennedy by surprise.

It was a small newspaper that reported that the astronauts stranded in the Mars colony were about to embark on their return journey.

Immediately afterward, another local newspaper in the Capital published a photo of the candidate Joseph Kennedy’s first visit to the Xin’s Embassy. It used word games to create an illusion that President Kennedy was interacting frequently with Xin diplomats.

On the surface, this seemed to be left-leaning media creating momentum for their candidate, and to count the credit of the astronauts’ return to Joseph Kennedy.

However, with an editorial published in the current affairs page of the “Washington Post” and the quotation of part of the content of these two “unknown” newspapers, the whole “assistance” meaning had completely changed for the worse——

[Friendly signal or election interference? Those astronauts are used as bargaining chips.]

Obviously, some people were trying to distort the public’s perception.

The political inclination of the media in the country was generally left-leaning. It would be impossible for the Washington Post to speak for Trump spontaneously. Then there was only one possibility left, and it was Morgan or Rockefeller making moves behind their back.

Just as Loki and Kennedy were busy trying to settle the negative impact of this report, Jiang Chen, was on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Accompanied by Zhang Yaping, he was inspecting a special project on Ange Island,

A four-person wide cave was located at the corner of the extinct volcano.

The entrance of the cave was fenced by barbed wire, and a military post was also built at the entrance. A few years ago, it was used as an arsenal for Celestial Trade, which was used to transfer BM-21 rockets and other large munitions purchased by Jiang Chen from Russia. Later, NAC relied on the resources of the modern world to independently develop the more powerful and versatile “Fireball-1”. After that, the warehouse was left unused.

And today, the warehouse was reopened again.

The barbed wire of the military post was temporarily dismantled, and construction vehicles parked at the entrance of the cave were widening and expanding the entire cave.

“What is this?” As the construction site was bustling, Zhang Yaping asked Jiang Chen.

“It is something that’ll scare you.” Jiang Chen grinned.

“You pulled me here from the Presidential Palace just to play a guessing game with me?” Zhang Yaping said helplessly, “To be honest, no matter what you bring out now, I’m afraid I will not be surprised. ”

“Really?” Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously and pointed his hand to the sky, “what if I said, I can manipulate the weather?”

Zhang Yaping was stunned.

He opened his mouth, then asked again in a tone of uncertainly.


“Manipulate the weather.” Jiang Chen repeated. After a pause, he added, “In short, you can interpret the construction happening here as we are building a weather weapon. By the way, I plan to call it Weather Forecast.”

Until the end of the visit, Jiang Chen noticed that the mouth of the president seemed to have not been closed since the moment his chin dropped.

He said he wouldn’t be surprised…

Researchers at Camp 27 had been conducting reverse engineering on the West Coast Meteorological Monitoring Center’s equipment. Some of the equipment was already copied by an industrial-grade 3D printer and brought to the modern world by Jiang Chen.

The role of this kind of strategic weapon in the apocalypse was far inferior to that in the modern world. The moment Jiang Chen saw this weapon, Jiang Chen decided that he must build one in this world. Even if the reverse engineering process was less than twenty percent complete, it did not stop him from starting phase one of the construction.

The structure of the weather weapon was mainly divided into two parts. The first part were the transmitter terminals, which were used for climate interference, and the distribution of the terminals was often scattered. The second part was the control terminal. The central computer completed the calculation of weather information and controlled the transmitters to perform climate interference.

The West Coast Meteorological Monitoring Center that Jiang Chen saw in North America in the apocalypse was the control terminal. The core supercomputer controlled the transmitter towers distributed along the West Coast and influenced the climate to the desired outcome.

Although the land area of Xin was small, the distance between the sub-islands was surprisingly large. Jiang Chen randomly picked six uninhabited islands under his own name as the deployment location for the towers.

As for the remaining towers, artificial islands could be used.

After they finished the inspection of the construction site, Jiang Chen and Zhang Yaping returned to the Presidential Palace together. Before they could sit down and have a cup of tea, a phone call arrived on his watch.

And it was a long-distance call from B City…

“Suspend the return flight in the name that the flight route needs to be adjusted…Forget it, you can give the astronauts an excuse.” After Jiang Chen left Xin Presidential Palace, he sat in the car. As he talked with Kelvin on Celestial City, he gestured Ayesha to drive home.

“Something happened in North America, and I just received the news from Bernice.”

“Mhmm, me too, the old fellow Loki told me.” Jiang Chen leaned back against his seat and the corner of his lips turned up helplessly. “Who would have thought? The always left-leaning Washington Post would unexpectedly help the Republicans in this sensitive time period.”

“Could they be threatened?” Ayesha asked.

“They should be, they must be threatened,” Jiang Chen said with a smile, “I’m only curious about how they got the news and learned that we are planning to send the astronauts home soon?”

It was likely someone leaked the information. Now the informal communication between the Mars colony and Earth was subjected to strict manual censorship. Information that constituted a leak or suspected to be a leak was all intercepted.

“What should we do now?” Ayesha tilted her head, then looked to Jiang Chen.

“We? We can’t do anything right now. Acting rashly will only cause trouble for our allies,” With a smile, Jiang Chen shook his head. “But there is one small thing we can do, although they should have already started on it.”

After all, the opponents were Morgan and Rockefeller. The strength of the B City Consortium was still relatively weak.

For safety reasons, Jiang Chen planned to add a layer of insurance.

“Give Bernice the mission to find the editor-in-chief of the article published in the Washington Post immediately,” after a pause, Jiang Chen continued, “try to hurry up before he evaporates.”

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