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Chapter 578 - Even if the sky falls, I, gongzi Liang, will have the final say!

Chapter 578: Even if the sky falls, I, gongzi Liang, will have the final say!

At the same time, outside the Liu residence.

The sea of consciousness realm cultivators guarding the four city gates, as well as the hidden experts in the city, surfaced and made their moves.

The divine power spiritual light that came over almost drowned the region where ping Xiu’s avatar was.

This scene fell into the eyes of countless people, and they all thought that ping Xiu would be defeated soon.

“You dare to not bow when you see me!”

However, in the next moment, a strange shout, wrapped in an undefiable will, suddenly came from the mouth of ping Xiu’s avatar.

In an extremely short time, it had resounded through every corner of the White Cloud City.

Everyone who heard the shout, regardless of whether they were cultivators or ordinary people, could not help but bow to ping Xiu’s Dharmakaya.

Outside the four city gates, those sea of consciousness realm Warriors knelt on the ground. The shock that surged from the depths of their souls almost swallowed them.

They couldn’t accept that ping Xiu’s avatar had made them unable to resist and kneel on the ground with just one sentence.

Such a strange method was completely beyond their knowledge.

What made them even more terrified was that if ping Xiu had not asked them to bow, but to die, then wouldn’t that mean ...

On the other side.

Outside the Liu residence, the first row of the 1200 white cloud guards was less than ten meters away from the break.

However, they could only kneel on the ground.

And this ten meters distance became a natural chasm that they would never be able to cross.

Commander Bai kneeled two meters in front of ping Xiu. At this distance, he could Pierce a hole in ping Xiu’s body with his heavenly spiritual device spear.

However, the overbearing force that was pressing down on his body made him unable to do anything but rage. He roared,””Demon, what kind of demonic art is this?!”

Ping Xiu didn’t answer. He waved his hand and pulled ye Zilong over.

“Little Xiu’s Divine Art of” absolute command “is getting more and more skillful.”

In the side hall, the young master was sitting on a chair, and even Lin anruo wasn’t affected.

Lin anruo asked curiously,””Young master Liang, is the divine Art really that magical?”

During the time he had been in the bi Fang Empire, apart from teaching Lin anruo “battle Qi horse”, gongzi Liang had also taken some time to guide ping Xiu’s cultivation.

Although gongzi Liang had never cultivated any divine Dao techniques, his understanding of the divine Dao had already surpassed ping Xiu’s from the level of power at the root after grasping two nomological laws.

Along the way, Lin anruo also heard many incredible divine spells.

For example, the “absolute command” that ping Xiu was currently using was the divine Art that the two of them discussed the most.

Once he said it, he could make others obey the orders of the divine Art.

With Lin anruo’s limited cultivation, this divine technique was naturally extremely magical.

However ...

In Gong Ziliang’s eyes, there was nothing special about the divine skill.

This was a method that was similar to a divine power in the cultivation of the divine Dao.

He could use his powerful cultivation to change the laws of heaven and earth within a certain range.

What divine arts could do could also be perfectly replicated in the divine Art world.

Moreover, there were many strict restrictions when using divine arts.

For example, it could not be used on a person of a higher level than the caster. Even if it was used on a person of a higher level than the caster, there would be a certain probability of failure.

In comparison, divine arts were much more stable.

Gongzi Liang knew what Lin anruo was thinking as he looked at her eyes, which were filled with curiosity and passion.

Lin anruo had a natural charm and a complete primordial Yin, which could help her raise her cultivation level.

However, all this while, she had never shown any extraordinary aspects in her cultivation.

Her aptitude could even be described as “poor.”

It was precisely because of this that gongzi Liang had once suspected that Lin anruo was really a ‘Reaper’ sent by the upper realm, just as the divine Lord had said.

After all ...

The “Reaper” Bai niansheng that he suspected was from the North Region was a monster with Supreme Destiny!

On Lin anruo’s side, even if she couldn’t compare to Bai niansheng, the gap shouldn’t be this huge.

However, after some in-depth understanding, Gong Ziliang finally discovered the real reason.

Through his body of origin source and his affinity with nomological power, gongzi Liang could indeed sense a dormant will from Lin anruo.

However, that will wasn’t in a deep sleep. It was in a state where it could wake up at any moment.

Unlike the reverent-God, who had been completely isolated from the outside world during the thousands of years in the void divine lightning, he had always maintained a subtle connection.

As a result, Lin anruo ‘s’ Reaper ‘talent was taken over by that will.

Even when Lin anruo cultivated, a portion of her spirit Qi would be taken away by that will, causing her to show extremely poor talent.

It was precisely because he discovered this situation that he was afraid of doing something that would awaken the ‘Reaper’ in Lin anruo’s body.

On the way, gongzi Liang had to look for Meng hanrui to solve some of his physiological problems.

As for pushing Lin anruo down, he could only think about it in his mind before he found a way to deal with the ‘Reaper’.

Lin anruo did not know about the existence of another ‘Reaper’ in her body, as Gong Ziliang did not tell her.

Lin anruo only knew that her aptitude was very poor.

Even if he cultivated for hundreds or thousands of years, or even his entire life, he might not be able to reach the heavenly God Realm.


After learning about the divine Dao technique that young master liangxiu cultivated, she began to have thoughts about it.

However, how could Gong Ziliang dare to let her cultivate such a thing?

If the ‘Reapers’ were to wake up, not only the Lin family, the entire Wu Zhou would be in trouble.

Stroking the back of Lin anruo’s head, Gong Ziliang said,””Don’t worry, I’m here for the Lin family. ”

“Even if he is a heavenly God, I’ll beat the sh * t out of him if he dares to mess with my woman, let alone a mere peak sea of consciousness warrior!”

Hearing the words “my woman” from Gong Ziliang’s mouth ...

Lin anruo’s body trembled, and her eyes were filled with tears.

Lin anruo casually wiped her face and looked at gongzi Liang.””Young master Liang, you must keep your word!”

Gongzi Liang helped Lin anruo wipe away the tears on her cheeks and smiled.””Of course! Even if the sky falls, whatever I, Gong Ziliang, say will count!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin anruo buried her head into her arms, and the temperature in the room rose.

While the two of them were being lovey-dovey, pingxiu, who was outside the mansion, used the divine Art of ‘absolute command’ to deal with the White cloud guards without any effort.

At this moment, he had already retracted his Dharmakaya. He carried ye Zilong, whose mind had been taken away and had become mentally retarded, in his hand. He was ready to go back and explain to gongzi Liang.

All of a sudden, a figure streaked across the sky like a shooting star, hurrying toward the Liu residence.

“It’s the city Lord! The city Lord has returned!”

“That’s great! With the city Lord’s help, we’ll definitely be able to deal with that demon!”

Countless citizens who were kneeling on the ground raised their heads and saw Ye City flying past them. They immediately burst into cheers.

The cultivators who had been in despair a second ago were now overjoyed.

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