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Chapter 577 - One man fighting a city!

Chapter 577: One man fighting a city!

That day, Liu Feng was lucky enough to see the two heavenly gods from afar.

At this moment.

Ping Xiu, who was walking toward him, gave Liu Feng a feeling that he was infinitely close to the two heavenly gods.

“This person is probably not far from the sky celestial realm!”

A thought emerged in Liu Feng’s mind, causing him to step back.

The fear in his heart instantly drowned him.

Not far away, commander Bai, who was riding on his war beast, smelled an extremely dangerous aura.

He had never felt such an aura before, not even from the great demons of the myriad demon mountain.

Obviously, the person in front of him was more terrifying than those big demons!

For a moment, commander Bai’s hand, which was holding the heaven-grade spiritual device spear, started to tremble.

Just as Liu Feng and commander Bai were feeling terrified under the pressure of the peaceful rest day ...

Ping Xiu’s gaze didn’t even look at them.

The Golden Power of the Supreme Dao was integrated into his gaze. With a light that captured one’s heart, he locked onto ye Zilong.

When he came over earlier, he had heard it clearly and knew that the crowd outside the residence was directed at young master Liang.

The leader was ye Zilong.

To shoot a man, shoot the horse first. To capture a Bandit, capture the king first.

How could ping Xiu, the monarch of a dynasty, not understand this simple logic?

The moment ping Xiu’s gaze locked onto him, ye Zilong felt like he was facing death.

It was as if the figure standing in front of the Liu residence’s Gate could take his life with a single thought!

Ye Zilong knew that even his father, who was the Lord of a city, could not do such a terrifying thing.

“Is this the peak of the sea of consciousness realm?”

“No wonder father told me not to have any improper thoughts about that little lady. She actually has such a strong person by her side!”

“It’s a good thing that I’ve made ample preparations and brought the White cloud guards ...”

Ye Zilong was terrified. He was about to send an order to commander Bai.

However, he suddenly realized that he couldn’t even open his mouth.

“What’s going on? Why did I lose control of my body ...”

Ye Zilong panicked. However, his mind and body seemed to be separated by an invisible barrier.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make his body move.

Instead, the more he struggled, the faster his mind was sinking into a bottomless dark abyss.

Although the peaceful rest soul capturing technique was performed without a sound, commander Bai soon realized that something was wrong with ye Zilong.

When he saw ye Zilong’s eyes, his pupils gradually dilated and his expression became dull.

It was as if an invisible force was pulling his soul out of his body.

“How audacious! What Yao art did you use on the young city Master? Quickly stop!”

Ye Zilong shouted and raised his spear in front of ye Zilong, trying to protect him.

However, after absorbing the power of faith from Gong Ziliang, ping Xiu’s divine Dao technique had reached an unprecedented level.

All kinds of profound and inconceivable means, even if a celestial deity realm was careless and fell for it, it was also extremely difficult to escape.

Not to mention ye Zilong, a low-level cultivator.

Seeing that ping Xiu had no intention of stopping, ye Zilong, who was standing behind him, was already drooling. He looked as if he would turn into an idiot at any moment.

“White cloud guards, get into formation!” Commander Bai thrust his spear forward.

The spear was like a dragon, piercing through the air with a shrill cry as it pierced towards ping Xiu.

Commander Bai ordered.

All 1200 white cloud guards took a step forward.


A muffled sound that sounded like the beating of a God’s drum spread.

The spirit energy of the spirit refining realm was poured into the ground under their feet, calling out the power of the formation.

“Boom boom boom!”

The next moment.

The White Cloud City was like an Earth Dragon turning over. The vast and heavy power of the earth drilled through the earth and entered the bodies of the 1200 white cloud guards, directly raising their cultivation from the spirit refining realm to the Tribulation passing realm.

“Dong Dong Dong!”

Then, the 200 of them formed a formation and pushed the invisible mountain of aura toward ping Xiu.

The White cloud guards, who had advanced a whole realm with the help of the earth vein formation.

The power of the imposing mountain above his head had also been completely raised to the peak, reaching the point where it could suppress those at the peak of the sea of consciousness.

Unfortunately, they were not facing ordinary great mediums at the peak of the sea of knowledge realm.

Instead, it was peace rest, which cultivated a divine Dao technique!

With a thought, an external Dharmakaya that could bear the weight of heaven and earth appeared behind ping Xiu.

If one looked closely, one would be able to see that there was a layer of faint white light surrounding ping Xiu’s dharma body, exuding a holy aura.

The white light was the power of faith that ping Xiu had absorbed and refined.

After being integrated with the avatar, it could greatly enhance the defensive ability of the avatar.

“An avatar? What was going on? Who is fighting in the city?”

“What a terrifying aura! This is a powerful being at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm!”

“It’s over, it’s over. They’re really fighting. Hurry up and run!”

Ping Xiu’s dharma body, which was more than 10000 feet tall, could not be hidden even if he wanted to.

Soon, the White Cloud City fell into chaos.

The sea of consciousness realm cultivators guarding the four city gates, as well as the cultivators planted in the city by Ye City, came into play at this time.

Each of them displayed their external Dharmakaya and swept the entire city with their spiritual will.

He had suppressed the chaos that was about to erupt at the beginning stage.

Immediately after, the strong cultivators cooperated with the White cloud guards and attacked. They released a strong aura from a distance, putting pressure on ping Xiu’s Dharmakaya.

However, facing the White cloud guards and the powerhouses, ping Xiu’s avatar did not back down.

“F * ck! That Big Shot wants to fight against an entire city alone!”

The cultivators in the city were extremely excited. They looked at ping Xiu’s avatar with admiration on their faces.

However, when he saw no less than five dharmakayas standing at the four city gates of the White Cloud City, Xiu tu knew that it was only a matter of time before he would be defeated.

As long as the heavenly gods didn’t show up, the White cloud guards and the sea of consciousness realm experts could only form two words:

He was invincible!

“Young master Liang, do you want to go and help Mr. Ping?”

In the side hall of the Liu residence, Lin anruo could feel the rising auras of the outside world.

Her flushed face was filled with worry.

Gong Ziliang pulled his restless hand out of Lin anruo’s clothes, shook his head, and smiled.””Don’t worry, those stinky fish and rotten shrimp outside are no match for little Xiu. ”

“Unless there’s a heavenly God, it’s impossible to take down little Xiu.”

Gongzi Liang wasn’t saying this to comfort Lin anruo.

Instead, he was very clear about ping Xiu’s strength.

By relying on divine Dao dharmic formulations and without using laws or origin source bodies, he and ping Xiu would have a ninety percent chance of winning.

Nine for him, one for ping Xiu.

Even though it was only 9:1, if it was an ordinary person at the peak of the sea of consciousness, it would be 9:9 and 0.1.

Lin anruo naturally didn’t doubt Gong Ziliang’s words at all, so she was relieved.

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