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Chapter 576 - Catching the thief!

Chapter 576: Catching the thief!

Ping Xiu could not help but cough.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

After giving ping Xiu a strange look, Gong Ziliang swept his gaze across the side hall and could tell that it was a wealthy family. He said to Lin anruo,””What is this place? Why did you come to her house?”

“This is the Liu family’s ...”

Lin anruo immediately explained the relationship between the Lin family and the Liu family to gongzi Liang.

After hearing Lin anruo’s words, gongzi Liang suddenly remembered that Lin anruo was the daughter of the bi Fang Empire’s Lin family.

However, a guy at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm had taken a fancy to Lin anruo. In order not to bring trouble to the family, Lin anruo had no choice but to leave the bi Fang dynasty and go to the Monet dynasty.

“The peak of the sea of consciousness?”

Gong Ziliang smiled and decided to have a talk with that guy after he returned from the divine Kingdom.

Of course, whether they would talk about literature or martial arts, they would just have to see if that fellow knew how to be tactful.

“Cousin Rui said that the city hasn’t been peaceful recently, so he went with uncle Feng to mobilize people to protect me.”

However, when he heard Lin anruo mention this, he couldn’t help but recall the commotion on the streets.

He was thinking.

In his perception, several auras of the spirit-forging realm, mixed with several auras of the sea of consciousness realm, were approaching the Liu residence.

At the same time

Ping Xiu opened his eyes, which were as sharp as a knife.

“Your cousin and uncle Feng did go to gather people.”

“But whether or not he’s here to protect you, that’s not certain.”

Gong Ziliang shook his head and pulled the confused Lin anruo away from the Liu residence.

However, before he could use his movement technique, a huge mountain formed by a rumbling aura suddenly pressed down on the sky above the Liu residence.

At the same time, Gong Ziliang sensed that the formation beneath his feet that he had sensed earlier had been activated.

The dense Qi of the earth had completely sealed off the area around the Liu residence.

It was impossible to escape even if one had wings!

Although Lin anruo’s cultivation was low, he had only managed to advance to the late-stage of the true martial realm after being taught by gongzi Liang.

However, he could also feel an invisible pressure pressing down from all directions.

“Young master Liang ...”

In her panic, she raised her head and looked at Gong Ziliang.

When he saw the smile on Gong Ziliang’s face, his expression was calm.

The panic in her heart suddenly calmed down.

“I’m fine. ”

“Xio, go out and take a look.”

Gongzi Liang took the opportunity to pull Lin anruo into his arms as he instructed ping Xiu.

With his origin source body, neither the aura above him nor the earth vein formation below him could stop him if he wanted to leave.

However, from Lin anruo’s description and the situation outside ...

It was obvious that the Liu family’s father and son harbored ill intentions toward Lin anruo.

Therefore, gongzi Liang felt that he couldn’t just leave like this.

Ping Xiu glanced at gongzi Liang, but seeing that he was already getting intimate with Lin anruo, he could only walk out of the side hall with a dark expression.

Outside the Liu residence.

The White cloud guards ‘arrival had caused quite a stir.

Although the meddlesome cultivators and the people in the city didn’t dare to approach, they still gathered nearby and watched from a distance.

“What happened? Why did the White cloud guards surround the Liu family?”

“Who knows?”

“Could it be that the Liu family’s tenth son has offended the city Lord’s mansion by snatching a woman from the city Lord’s mansion?”

Young master Liu Rui isn’t even next to young master ye ...”

The cultivators spoke in hushed tones. However, ye Zilong’s hearing was so sharp that he heard their discussion.

Rolling his eyes, ye Zilong realized that it was a good opportunity for him to establish his image as the young city Lord.

He cleared his throat and shouted,”everyone, I’ve brought people here today to catch thieves!”

“Please forgive me if I’ve disturbed you.”

Hearing ye Zilong’s humble attitude, the residents of White Cloud City immediately changed their impression of him.

The cultivators ‘curiosity was piqued. Who was he trying to capture with such a Grand display of power?

Immediately, a bold one stepped forward and shouted,””The thief that young master ye spoke of, who is it?”

Ye Zilong glanced at the man and thought,”good question.” He then answered,””That thief is the masked madman who crippled the great-great-grandson of the old ancestor of dynasty!”

“His cultivation base is at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm!”

“Heavens, who’s so arrogant that he dares to attack the great-great-grandson of the old ancestor?”

“Hiss ... The peak of the sea of consciousness realm, such a great medium ...”

“Everyone, this one suddenly remembered that the female pig at home had just given birth to piglets and needs to hurry back to take care of it. I’ll take my leave first!”

Hearing ye Zilong’s words, the crowd burst into an uproar.

The cultivator who had just stepped forward was afraid that he would be splashed with blood if they fought.

In a moment of desperation, she actually found an excuse to do post-natal care for the sow at home and disappeared in the blink of an eye under ye Zilong’s dumbfounded gaze.

With someone taking the lead, the other cultivators and citizens couldn’t be bothered to watch the show and scattered like birds and beasts.

It involved Grand cultivators at the peak of the sea of consciousness, and it was also related to the great-grandson of the great ancestor of the dynasty.

Who would still dare to watch such a show?

Ye Zilong had intended to use this incident to establish his authority and let the people of White Cloud City and the cultivators in the city see how he had swept through the courtyard and captured the masked man’s accomplices!

In the end, he didn’t expect that each and every one of these people would be so afraid of death.

A warrior at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm had scared them so much that they ran away faster than rabbits.

Looking at the figures of those people leaving the dust behind them, ye Zilong barely suppressed the urge to ask the White cloud guards to stop them.

“Hmph, I won’t lower myself to the same level as these lowly people.”

“When this young city Lord captures that little girl, I’ll interrogate her and find out the masked man’s whereabouts, then I’ll report it to the old ancestor.”

“With this great contribution, this young city Lord will at least be able to soar into the sky, and even if I go to the imperial capital, I will have a place! Who would want to stay in this godforsaken place!”

At the thought of this, the depression in ye Zilong’s chest was swept away.

He was just about to give commander Bai an order.

Behind the Liu Manor’s wide-open door, a figure walked out with a dark expression.

A profound and hellish aura emanated from his body, and it quickly attracted the attention of everyone outside the manor.

Liu Feng’s expression changed the moment he saw the rest day.

Previously, in the side hall, pingxiu did not display his true abilities in front of him.

Based on ping Xiu’s strength, Liu Feng only managed to catch a glimpse of his strength from his casual counterattack against Liu Rui. He speculated that ping Xiu was at least a powerhouse in the late sea of consciousness realm!

However, at this moment, when he faced ping Xiu, who was releasing his aura, he was shocked to find out that he had exaggerated ping Xiu’s cultivation base to attract ye Zilong’s attention, saying that he was at the peak of the sea of consciousness realm.

He had still underestimated pingxiu.

Previously, because of the appearance of a divine realm demon in the city, the dynasty’s patriarch had come all the way from the myriad demon mountain.

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