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Chapter 579 - For example, don’t you think about the consequences of a great disaster?

Chapter 579: For example, don’t you think about the consequences of a great disaster?

Countless citizens who were kneeling on the ground raised their heads and saw Ye City flying past them. They immediately burst into cheers.

The cultivators who had been in despair a second ago were now overjoyed.

Although they knew that Ye city’s cultivation was not much stronger than the sea of consciousness realm cultivators who guarded the four city gates, they were not afraid of Ye City.

However, Ye City had the city Lord seal in his hands!

It was the bi Fang Empire’s fortune, and it was a nation-level divine weapon that was tailor-made for the hundred cities of the Empire.

Each city Lord seal could not only mobilize the earth vein formation under the city, but also draw in the dynasty’s fate energy to suppress all disobedient officials.

Of course, the Fortune of a dynasty was the foundation of a dynasty and could not be touched lightly.

If he used it rashly unless he was in a life and death situation, he would end up in a very miserable state.

At this moment, Ye Cheng was holding the city Lord seal in his hand.

With the help of the city Lord seal, his mind connected to the earth vein formation. When he “saw” the entire city, no less than ten million figures were kneeling on the ground.

Among them were even sea of consciousness realm cultivators whom he had spent a lot of money to hire from various major forces to guard the White Cloud City.

Immediately, Ye Cheng was about to direct the dynasty’s fate over and kill the figure who was about to enter the Liu residence.

According to the feedback from the city Lord seal, that figure was the source of the strange situation of tens of millions of people kneeling in the city.


However, the next moment, Ye Cheng saw that the figure was carrying another person.

It was his youngest and most beloved son, ye Zilong.

He had no time to think about why ye Zilong, who was under house arrest, would appear here with the White cloud guards.

Ye Cheng hurriedly stopped the spiritual Qi that was about to enter the city Lord seal in his palm.

“Put down my son!”

Ye Cheng roared and used the city Lord seal to activate the earth vein formation, adding all the power accumulated in the city to himself.

“Boom boom boom!”

The thick and heavy earth vein power burrowed into his flesh and blood, madly raising his Qi several grades, all the way to the peak of the sea of consciousness realm, before finally stopping.

“Borrowing the power of heaven and earth for your own use. That big seal in your hand should be the city Lord seal, right?”

Ping Xiu didn’t take Ye city’s roar to heart. Instead, he started to evaluate the city Lord seal in Ye city’s hands.

It wasn’t that ping Xiu was being arrogant, but Ye Cheng, who had barely reached the peak of the sea of consciousness with the help of external forces, was not qualified to be in his eyes.

Seeing ping Xiu’s nonchalant attitude towards him, Ye Cheng became even more furious.

However, ye Zilong’s life was still in ping Xiu’s hands.

As such, be it the dynasty’s fate that the city Lord seal could attract or his other trump card, he could not use them casually.

Ye Cheng forced himself to calm down and took a deep breath.”You colluded with the masked man and destroyed the dantian of the great ancestor’s great-great-grandson, Ma Yuan. Now, you are causing trouble in the city.”

“Have you ever thought of the consequences of committing such a great disaster?”

Hearing Ye Cheng’s words, ping Xiu’s face turned black.

It was gongzi Liang who had crippled Ma Yuan’s dantian.

He was only causing trouble here because of Gong Ziliang’s orders.

But now, the instigator was being intimate with Lin anruo, and he had to step out and take the blame!

At the thought of this, pingxiu’s breathing became a little irregular.

The air was cold!

When would he, the monarch of the dynasty, be able to stand up?

When Ye Cheng saw ping Xiu’s reaction, he couldn’t help but feel happy.

“It seems that this person and that masked man are not of the same mind!”

“As long as we can convince him, we might be able to make him betray the masked man. We might even be able to make him fight with the masked man!”

“I’m seven feet tall!” Ye Cheng said hurriedly.”I’m a man who lives in the world. How can I be under someone for so long?”

“Furthermore, you have many good tricks up your sleeve. If you join our dynasty, you will definitely be treated well by His Majesty.”

“At that time, the city’s spirit stones will be at your fingertips. Isn’t that better than offending an Empire and being hunted down by our ancestors?”

Hearing Ye Cheng’s words, ping Xiu’s anger grew.

In particular, the words “depressed being under someone for a long time” hit the bottom of his heart.

Before he met Gong Ziliang, ping Xiu’s identity was that of a ruler of a dynasty.

Above millions of people, he ruled over 30 state cities and ruled over billions of people!

They had millions of soldiers, a Tiger Army ready to fight, the peak of the Army was enough to sweep the countries!

It was because of this that he once had peace and looked down on everyone.

He said,”the war in the southeast has not ended, and there is no hero in the world who can match him!”

In order to lead the Pingjiang dynasty to rule the Empire, he dared to collude with the demonic sect and even plot against a reverent-God.

However, after meeting Gong Ziliang ...

Not only did the Pingjiang dynasty, which had been ruled by the ping family for 1300 years, become a vassal state of the Monet dynasty.

The dynasty’s sea of consciousness realm patriarch and ping Xiu, the monarch, also became laborers.

For the sake of the Monet dynasty’s Empire, he ran around and wiped out all the sea of consciousness patriarchs of the other dynasties.

The plot to plot against the Hierarch even went to Gong Ziliang’s benefit. The God-beating whip and the Hierarch were both in the hands of Gong Ziliang.

What ping Xiu couldn’t accept the most was that not only was gongzi Liangzhu not punished by the gods for killing the reverent-God, but he had also gained control of the origin Energy of a God!

On the other hand, he, the monarch, had been secretly cultivating the divine path and taking the risk to cooperate with the demonic sect, painstakingly planning the war.

In the end, not only did he get nothing, but he also ended up as a prisoner.

Was this fair?

Was it reasonable?

However, ping Xiu and Gong Ziliang naturally couldn’t mention a single word about this.

The people who could speak were thousands of miles away.

And even if he did, those people wouldn’t be able to change anything.

The only thing he could do was to continue to submit to Gong Ziliang’s might.

Therefore, pingxiu had always buried all his emotions in his heart.

He would first pretend to be a snake around Gong Ziliang, and when he found a way to deal with Gong Ziliang, he would rise up and take back everything he had lost!

But at this moment, Ye Cheng’s words had slightly broken his defense.

You think I want to be under someone?

What kind of person is this young master? you haven’t seen him before, so you can talk big to me here?

You want to be above everyone else, right? fine, you go!

Ping Xiu suppressed the rolling emotions in his chest and looked at Ye Cheng with a playful gaze, which made Ye Cheng’s hair stand on end.

Just as he was about to activate the seal of lands to gather even more earth vein formation power to protect his body ...

“I’ve thought about it and feel that city Lord ye’s words are not without reason,”ping Xiu said slowly.

“If this body can live in peace, who would be willing to wander around?”

Ping Xiu combined this sentence with his own experience, and it was full of emotion.

The image of him leaving his hometown and wandering alone in a foreign land appeared in front of Ye Cheng’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel stunned.

Ping Xiu continued.”I won’t hide it from you, city Lord ye. I came here because I was threatened by that masked man. I’ve been patient with him for a long time!”

“That masked madman is currently in the residence. He has something on me, so it’s not convenient for me to make a move. ”

“If city Lord ye is confident in capturing that masked madman, you can make your move. I will definitely not interfere!”

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