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Chapter 29 - The Opponent Is Too Strong

Chapter 29: The Opponent Is Too Strong

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It was 7:00 at night, on the third story of a mid-range cafe located in the city. According to the agreement, Chen Jin dressed simply. He saw his blind date partner at the number six table by the window—a beauty dressed conservatively with an aloof air about her. Based on his judgment, he would give her a mark of 90/100 in terms of looks. In addition, he could tell from her half-empty cup of coffee that she had been waiting for him for a while.

“You are Su Yun? I’m sorry for making you wait so long.” Chen Jin walked over to her, giving his apologies. For his past three blind dates, he was always the early one. He never thought that today’s partner would be earlier than him, and it made him feel rather embarrassed.

“It’s ok, I just got here.” Su Yun stood up nervously. Silently measuring the man in front of her, she thought, the director’s son is not bad at all. He’s quite well-mannered.

“You don’t have to stand. Sit down, and let’s talk.” Chen Jin shook her hand. He realized that his partner today was quite different from the last three. She seemed very nervous and restrained.

“Um, ok,” she said. Still feeling somewhat constrained, Su Yun sat down. She did not know why she was so nervous about a game of pretend.

Calling over the service staff, Chen Jin ordered two more coffees and some fruit plates.

After a round of introductions and some pleasantries, Chen Jin began the proper topic in a manner familiar to him. “Let’s talk about our hobbies and interests. I prefer gaming and watching anime. Whenever I happen upon a good game, I’ll usually play it until the next morning. And when there’s a good anime that I enjoy, I can watch it day and night too. I really like two-dimensional stuff, what do you like?” He propped his chin on his hand, looking at her.

“I like them too.”

That was not what Chen Jin expected. Her answer was not “Grade 10 piano and Grade 8 dance; preparing for TOEFL and IELTS, so I have no time for playing games and watching anime,”or other such similar answers. She actually said she liked them too.

“Really? Can you give me a few examples?”

“I don’t really game, but I watch more anime than the average person. For example, I’ve watched, Crayon Shin-chan, Doraemon, Tokyo Pig… I’ve also seen a little of GG Bond.” Su Yun had a younger brother and sister who loved to watch those kinds of anime. She had watched a lot with them.

“Oh…” Chen Jin suddenly realized that Su Yun watched anime that was meant for little kids, not adults. He never imagined that this cool and aloof beauty actually had a childish heart.


Looking at Chen Jin, who seemed to stare at her with a half-smile on his face, Su Yun realized that her answer was inappropriate and her face flushed red. With some regret, she thought, ah… I was too dumb. How could I tell him the titles of the anime? He must be laughing at me!

On the other hand, she was somewhat glad that she did not name Pleasant Goat and Boonie Bears.

Looking at the beautiful lady who had a scarlet blush on her cheeks, Chen Jin suddenly thought that she had become more adorable. If this was the past, he would have definitely taken out his phone and asked for her WeChat.

But now…. He had to begin spreading his poison.

Thus, after chatting for a while, he again started to peddle his “Marriage Philosophy and Values.”

“I think that in my married life, my mom should occupy a higher position of priority than my wife. She has been through life, with decades of abundant life experience. She has more patience and wisdom to manage the various minute tasks of everyday life. Therefore, my wife should try her best to allow my mom to decide our family life after we are married, and respect her opinion. We should not act blindly. In addition, after marriage, I hope that my wife will be like me. She should respect and be filial towards my mom, and not stir up conflict with her or talk badly about her behind her back. More importantly, she should not anger my mom. I would be very unhappy about that. My mom gave birth to me and raised me. She lived a hard life. I am unable to accept my mom having to endure being bullied by her daughter-in-law instead of enjoying her old age. Since we are living together as a family, we should not fight over winning or losing. Someone would have to compromise. My mom has a very good temperament; she definitely would not hurt someone intentionally. If there was a conflict between her and my wife, then it must not be my mom’s fault…”

Su Yun was dazed as she listened to Chen Jin’s “Marriage Philosophy and Values.” She neither nodded in agreement nor showed any obvious signs of being repelled. Her expression showed how bizarre and dumbfounded she felt.

Under the table was a cellphone that she held. Via voice chat, it transmitted every single word that he said to another phone.


He Li slammed her palm on the dresser beside her bed. With wide, glaring eyes, she gritted her teeth. “What a disgraceful boy! How dare you play mind games with your mother; see how I’ll punish you!”

She understood. She finally found the reason for the failures of her son’s past blind dates. In reality, this disgraceful and scheming fellow was acting as a Mommy’s Boy. By making up stories about the mother and daughter-in-law relationship, he had frightened all of his partners away.

Immediately, she switched off her voice chat and called Su Yun.

“Ring ~ Ring ~”

When Su Yun received the call, she stood up and prepared to go in the direction of the restroom. “Sorry, I need to take this.”

Chen Jin nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

After 5 minutes, Su Yun returned. With a faint blush on her cheeks, she sat down across from Chen Jin again. Continuing from the previous topic of conversation, Chen Jin asked, “So what do you think, Su Yun? Do you think that my words are reasonable?”

Su Yun nodded, “Yes, it sounds reasonable. What you said is very true.”

“Pffft!!” Chen Jin spewed out his coffee. With a shocked expression, he looked at Su Yun and thought, aren’t you supposed to leave? Why aren’t you acting according to the script?

“Then do you think that the two of us are suitable?”

Su Yun stammered softly, “Yes, we’re sui–suitable.” Her pretty face seemed to have been painted red.

“Pffft!” Chen Jin spewed out yet another mouthful of coffee. With wide eyes and a face full of disbelief, he shouted loudly in his head, damn, even this works? I can get a victory even like this? Looking at Su Yun with her infinite shyness, beauty, and sweet nature, she seemed to have been superimposed onto the image of the perfect lover in his mind.

He shook his head fiercely, thinking, no, I insist no! I definitely cannot bid farewell to my wonderful days as a bachelor and enter into the graveyard of marriage.

No matter how pretty his partner was, it was a no. Freedom was priceless!

“Su Yun, actually I feel that we are not too suitable….” Chen Jin said frankly, “It’s your first time meeting me so you wouldn’t know how I’m really like. I’m very chauvinistic and don’t know anything about romance. I’m incapable of remembering any of the special dates, such as Valentine’s Day, Qixi, and my girlfriend’s birthday. It’s no use even if you remind me. I won’t buy presents or give flowers. I’m too lazy to even give a $5.20 red packet. You’ll never find happiness with a man like me.”

Chen Jin did not make up those words. He never failed to find special days like Valentine’s, Qixi, and his girlfriend’s birthday annoying. He just did not feel there was anything meaningful about those days. Women used those days as excuses to one-up each other. What did that have to do with him? What right did they have to affect his gamer lifestyle? His ex had tirelessly demanded a gift from him on Valentine’s Day. In a fit of rage, he decisively announced that he wanted to break up.

“That’s ok, I think that it’s very normal. Those special days that you mentioned hold no significance for me either. On the contrary, I quite like celebrating Single’s Day.”

Su Yun’s reply actually satisfied the three values of his life as a straight man. First he was stunned, and then he gave a forced smile. Feeling at the end of his rope, he spread his hands and said, “Lady, I’m begging you to let me go. I’m still young and I don’t plan to get married so early.”

As he picked up his phone and opened his WeChat, he was getting ready to say, If you really think favourably of me and you’re willing to wait, we can be friends on WeChat and get to know each other better first.

“Ring ~ Ring ~” Su Yun’s phone rang and she again stood up, preparing to go to the restroom. She had hardly taken two steps before she turned back. Presenting her phone to Chen Jin, she said, “It’s your mother, she has something to say to you.”

Chen Jin froze as if he were struck by lightning.

“Little b*****d, get home right now!” The enraged shouting from the mobile phone made him feel as if he fell through a black hole.

With her eyes smiling deeply in the shape of two crescent moons, Su Yun laughed lightly behind her hand.

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