I Found A Planet

Chapter 28 - Mom’s Suspicion

Chapter 28: Mom’s Suspicion

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After renting the factory and converting it into a charging facility, Chen Jin made three trips with his car to bring 200-plus large high efficiency batteries and another 200-plus smaller ones into the charging facility. Da Qiang was put in charge of charging them. With the charging capability of the facility, it would take a maximum of two days to fully charge all of these high efficiency batteries.

The home cable from the toilet that was pulled into the campground would not be retracted. But Chen Jin would control his use of electricity through that cable such that it would not reach ridiculous levels of tens of thousands of kilowatts per hour. Thus, the power shortage was temporarily resolved.

He let out a long breath of relief. Lying on his soft big bed, he slept for 12 hours straight. During this month, Chen Jin was learning car repairs, remodeling an expedition vehicle, starting up a shell company, renting a factory…. He was so busy it felt like he was in constant motion. He never had one good rest. He even had to take time out to participate in two blind dates that Mom had arranged for him. As he bounced between various matters, Chen Jin lost two or three kilograms. Muscles appeared on his arms and chest, turning him into a lean muscle man. The homebody image of his past seemed to have been gone for good.

Today, he finally finished all the tasks that he had to attend to and could get a good rest for two days. After catching up on his sleep, National Day was approaching. Chen Jin planned to ask for some leave from his parents for the purpose of going on an overseas “vacation” with friends. He would be gone for around seven days, and during that time he would not have much contact with his family. In reality, he planned to go into the portal and stay in Haierfa for seven days!

Riding on Rover No.1, he would take with him 50 robots and travel more than 200 kilometers to the north towards Fort Worth City in a mighty manner! He planned to pick clean this mid-sized city that once had a population of more than 500,000! He would also check if there were any power generating facilities and solve the power shortage once and for all.

In short, there were things in Haierfa that required his attention.

Yet, He Li did not stop her efforts. On the contrary, she became even more puzzled and bewildered. For more than a month, she had arranged three blind dates for her son. The partners were all beauties with good looks, family backgrounds, characters, and personalities. They were excellent matches in terms of similar social statuses. Why did all three blind dates end without any conclusions? All the replies from the partner’s parents were “not suitable.”

He Li persisted in questioning them, wanting to understand what the reasons were for failure. “Why are they not suitable? What’s the issue?” But all she got were ambiguous answers. With her position in the tax bureau, nobody wanted to offend her by leaving a bad impression. The reason for the collective failure remained a mystery.

At the dining table, He Li impatiently asked, “Son, your looks aren’t too bad and your personality is passable. You can do household chores, are well-mannered and hygienic, why don’t the ladies fancy you?” She looked at Chen Jin, who was wolfing down his food. His soul seemed to be absent.

Raising his head and with a vacant expression on his face, Chen Jin shook his head. “I don’t know. Perhaps I’m not good enough for them,”

“Oh…So you know yourself too!” Chen Gang interjected with a taunting tone, “Even if there was a lady who was blind enough to marry you; after realizing that you are a homebody who devours the elderly, she’ll probably ask for a divorce too. It’s better that you don’t cause harm to their future….. Ouch!” He snarled in pain as He Li reached out and cruelly twisted the tender flesh on his waist, glaring at him with a burning gaze. It hurt so much that he shouted, “Let go, let go! I was wrong, wife, I was wrong!”

“I’ll kill you if you talk anymore nonsense!” He Li’s transformation into a female tiger frightened Chen Gang into breaking out in shivers.

Chen Jin could not help but say, “Mom, Dad is right. I have not one good point, it’s better not to trap and harm the ladies.”

“Nonsense!” He Li refuted, “Lately, you’ve been going to Zhao Xin’s auto center for more than 10 days to learn how to repair cars. And then you started up your own small company. Mom knows that you did all that. You weren’t staying home much because you have your own ideas and business now. Which lady would not like such an ambitious man?” A mother knew her son best. Except for her work in the department, He Li gave all her attention to her only son. She knew every move of her son like the back of her hand and had made her own conclusions.

Hearing his Mom, besides feeling a little touched, Chen Jin also felt goosebumps rising on his back. As it turned out, while he was doing all those activities recently, Mom’s eyes were focused on him. She had always been silently watching him.


Chen Jin did not know what to say. With a Mom like this, he felt both lucky and vexed. As of this moment, he was feeling much more vexed. He thought, Mom please don’t watch over me so closely! Loosen your grip and let me fly. I can be independent now.

However, he heard a voice with an underlying tenacious tone. “Son, since you said that you’ll be busy during the National Day holidays, I’ll arrange another blind date for you tomorrow night and introduce a really pretty lady to you. Son, I can guarantee that you’ll be pleased with her!” He Li gritted her teeth as she said that. She had decided to play her trump card this time round.

“Mom, I don’t want to go.”

Using gentle words, He Li beseeched, “It’s the last time. Can’t you just try one last time? Son, take it that I’m begging you. If it doesn’t work out again, Mom won’t force you anymore. You can find someone on your own.” However, a crafty gleam flitted across her eyes.

Chen Jin’s eyes brightened and he asked, “For real? It’ll be the last blind date, and if it’s not successful, you won’t arrange anymore for me?”

“For real. Mom would never lie to you.” He Li thought, I should have said, you had better not lie to me.

Chen Jin readily replied, “Ok, decide on a place and I’ll go over tomorrow night.” It was only for an hour or so. He could get it done and over with as soon as possible!

It was afternoon of the next day, in the tax bureau, in the office of the Accounting Director.

“Come in!”

With a single knock, a voice could be heard coming from inside of the office.

Su Yun fixed her appearance and displayed a polite smile before entering the office. He Li nodded her head in satisfaction. The assistant in front of her had a tall and slim figure, a decorous comportment and a low-key personality that was gentle and quiet. In addition, she was meticulous and patient while being ambitious at the same time. She pleased her in every aspect. But because of her flat face and sharp chin, she looked extremely aloof and cold. However, He Li knew that her assistant had a kind and warm heart under that cold exterior. If not because of her ordinary family background, He Li would have long ago introduced her to her son.

Sun Yun asked with some apprehension, “Director, what did you call me for?”

“Xiao Su, sit! Don’t be nervous. It’s not because of work that I asked for you this time around. I have a private matter….. I need your help on something. Go on a blind date with my son….. Rest assured, it’s not a real blind date, it’s a fake one. I want to confirm if that fellow is lying to me. Xiao Su, can you help me with this matter?” He Li briefly explained the situation and looked at her assistant with a pleading gaze.

“Blind…. Blind date?” Su Yun’s face suddenly turned red. Pinching her finger, she twisted her body. She could never have imagined that the Director would make such a request. To allow her to go on a blind date with her son. This…. She felt very awkward.

He Li explained, “It’s a fake blind date; it’s just playing a game of pretend. Xiao Su, my son is turning 25 soon yet he’s not married. It’s making me anxious…. I have no other choice at this time. I want to check if that little b*****d is playing games with me….Xiao Su, help me with this. I’ll definitely thank you properly!”

“Ok…. ok, I agree.” Su Yun nodded her head in agreement. She got her position as a civil servant by her own hard work and luck. To get to her position, she had to compete with thousands and even tens of thousands of others. Her family was very proud of her. She was determined to make a name for herself in this organization. But the most important requirement for her to stand above others was not outstanding professional skills, it was having good relationships with her superiors. Therefore, she dare not refuse the request that her superior made.

“Thank you, thank you, Xiao Su!” As she watched Su Yun leave her office and the door shut behind her, He Li’s gaze became stern and forceful.

She thought, little b*****d, don’t even think about playing tricks with me. He’s my son, no matter how terrible he is, it’s impossible to be so terrible that a lady with proper working eyesight doesn’t fancy him. It’s three in row that you said were not suitable for you. Either they really are blind or you’re playing games!

Of the two, He Li was leaning more towards the latter!

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