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Chapter 30 - A Deal

Chapter 30: A Deal

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Standing in front of his mother, Chen Jin endured her monstrous rage as she reprimanded him. Her words were like a storm raining down upon him. He hung his head like a defeated rooster. Chen Gang was hiding at the side and secretly watching with glee. There were some moments where it was so hard to hold back his laughter.

Like the proverb said, “As you got stronger, so did your enemy, and more so than you.” Chen Jin’s amateur schemes and tricks were no match for mom’s cleverness. In the end, he was finished off in a single blow.

He Li could not help but burn with rage. With much effort, she had meticulously selected three partners who were the cream of the crop. He did not appreciate it and actually treated her goodwill as ill intentions. If she had believed in physical discipline for her son, she would have beaten him to a pulp!

In her terrifying rampage, He Li saw how defeated and listless her son looked. She could not help but soften her heart. “Ah…! Son, I only meant well. Look, it’s already been three years since you graduated from university. Have you done anything meaningful besides staying at home and leeching off of your parents? Life is short; a few decades can pass in the blink of an eye. Can you continue living like this?” He Li said with gravity and earnestness, “I’m pushing for you to get married earlier because I want you to learn the meaning of responsibility and to mature quickly. Why can’t you understand my painstaking thoughts? Do you really want to give me a stroke?”

She also hated how her son had no ambitions to fulfill his potential or expectations. She had no expectations for her son to be forged into good steel from his current state as a useless lump of iron. It was fine to just be as he was and try his best, or even to simply be obedient to her. The problem was that this fellow just could not be obedient to her wishes. Don’t tell me I have to pull that stunt again?

“Mom, I know you mean well. But I truly don’t want to get married at such an early age. I’m only 24. The average age in the city when people get married is 34. It’s too early to get married now…. I want to wait a few more years.” Chen Jin was about to say that he knew she meant well, but he had his own ideas. He was no longer a child. She could not be arranging everything for him.

“What will you do if you don’t get married? Will you go to work? Besides getting married early and giving me grandchildren, what else can you do?” He Li knew that her words would hurt Chen Jin’s dignity. However, there were some truths that he would not recognize in himself unless it was clearly spoken.

“Mom, I do have something to do now. Moreover, I want to achieve big goals and earn lots of money!” Suddenly, Chen Jin shook his fist with an expression of utmost seriousness. His gaze filled with certainty and he said, “From today onwards, I’ve decided that I won’t leech off of my parents anymore. I will live by my own efforts!”

“Oh…” He Li looked at him in amazement. Then, she smiled. “My silly son, are you saying this just to show that you are getting angry with me?”

Chen Gang could not help but laugh. Shaking his head he thought, you think you can fight on your own?

“Mom, I’m not saying this just to show that I’m angry with you. I’m serious. From today onwards, I want to live on my own efforts and not be a leech anymore!” With a stern expression, he even added, “From today onwards, I’m a dog if I ever ask a single cent from you ever again!”

With this, He Li was finally stunned. Scanning his face many times, she saw that the seriousness on his face was unwavering. Finally, she felt his determination. “Live by your own efforts? How are going to do that? Can you let Mom in on your plans for your financial affairs?”

Chen Jin said longingly, “I plan to start a business by making my own company. Then I will strengthen and expand it. I will make lots and lots of money.”

He Li did not immediately smack down his ideas, but queried about his general plans. “Which kind of occupation are you generally planning to do? And which sector are you expanding into?”

“I’ve not decided yet, but it should be in the fields of robots and artificial intelligence and the like.”

At this time, Chen Gang could not help but interject, “Do you know how high the barrier of entry is for the robotic and artificial intelligence industries? You could invest tens of millions and not get anything in return. Moreover, do you possess any relevant technical skills? Do you have any talents working for you? Where did your guts come from to want to enter such industries?”

Chen Jin replied weakly, “Um… No, I only have an empty factory. I don’t have anything else. But I want to try.” He could hear the scorn and ridicule in his Dad’s words.

Chen Gang continued, “Don’t try. You don’t even have one in a millionth chance of succeeding! How about this? My company is getting ready to recruit, I can rub elbows with some people and get you into my company. You can learn from my side as my apprentice. I will train you personally. You’re still young; it’s not too late to start learning. After 10 years, you might even be a top-grade engineer with the same rank as me…” Chen Gang rambled on as he liked the idea more and more with each word he spoke. He still had a sliver of hope that he could fight for his son to follow in the footsteps of his glorious career. It was not too late and he wanted to try one last time. He never expected Chen Jin to vigorously roll his eyes. “After this National Day, you’ll go the company with me. I will definitely find a way to get you recruited!”

“Chen Gang, can you shut your mouth? My son is not as pathetic as you described. What right do you have to say that his business will definitely fail? What if he really succeeds?” He Li was getting impatient listening to his rambling and so she gave him a verbal smackdown.

Stiffening his neck, Chen Gang said to her, “I shall say it directly. His chances of success are lower than striking the lottery! I don’t believe that he can succeed!”

“He’s still my son even if he fails! I can support him if that happens!” He Li, who had just been scolding Chen Jin harshly, had now gone into protective mode. She reprimanded her husband so vindictively that he shrank back and kept silent. Getting tired from scolding Chen Gang, He Li turned to face Chen Jin. With an amiable tone, she said, “Son, I will definitely support you if you want to be an entrepreneur and have your own career. No matter what you do, I will always support you! However, I can’t provide you any other support besides $5,000,000 as your startup fund so you can try making it work.”

“$5,000,000?” Both Chen Jin and Chen Gang shouted at once.

His mother would actually take out such a huge sum to support him. At that moment, Chen Jin’s eyes started getting hot and teary. He could really feel the love his mom had for him.

But, He Li said in a very different tone, “However, this is all I can give out. If your business fails and you lose all $5,000,000, I will not be able to give you any more monetary support. I can only give you this one chance. If it fails, then you’ll have to check your desires and be obedient to my bidding in every aspect. You’ll have to live your days honestly and in a stable manner. Son, I’ll make this deal with you, ok?”

At this point, Chen Gang also understood that his wife was trying to use a fee of $5,000,000 in exchange for taming him. In the future, no matter how her son goes about his life, he would have to listen to her bidding. Chen Gang mumbled to himself, “So you know this too; our son is not made for entrepreneurship. The chances of his success is very low.” But…. A whole $5,000,000. Was this not too dear a price to pay? He would never agree to such a method of education. How is this helping their son? It would obviously be detrimental to him!

“Mom, it’s good to show your support. But I don’t want a single cent of that $5,000,000. I have enough money on me to start my business. You don’t have to worry about funding!” Putting up three of his fingers, Chen Jin said, “Three years. Give me a maximum of three years. I will definitely make my own company, and it’ll earn at least a billion in annual profits, no, 10 billion! With Mom’s support, it’s impossible for me to fail. It’s a guaranteed success!”


Chen Jin also made his request. “Mom, if my business becomes successful and profitable, I’ll make my own decisions with regards to finding a partner. Both of you can’t interfere. Can we make this deal?”

He Li’s eyes grew wide. She looked at him for a long time, and she found his expression rather interesting and complicated. Was it funny or was it absurd? In any case, He Li could not believe that in a situation with little funds, her son could start his own successful business and realize an annual profit of ten billion. And within three years to boot!

Chen Gang sputtered, “Three years and ten billion too? If you can earn $10,000,000. I’ll write my name back to front!”

He Li moved her lips silently. She agreed with her husband’s thoughts. But, upon further consideration, she only said, “Ok, son. We’ll do as you say. I’ll give you some time. If your business is successful, I’ll wash my hands off your marriage. But if it fails, you’ll have to do as I say, and quickly get married and give me grandchildren.”

“Ok, We’ll agree to this! No going back on your words!”

“That’s a deal!”

Looking at her son, who was filled with misplaced confidence, He Li felt very suspicious. Where did your confidence come from? I hope that the agony from your failure can make you mature quickly, and make you more obedient to my bidding too.

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