I Found A Planet

Chapter 24 - Zhao Xin

Chapter 24: Zhao Xin

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A simulated reality headset. Its grand reputation preceded it. With the simulated reality headset, one could experience reality in the virtual matrix and play massive online games in it.

But the truth was that the simulated reality headset was only a trendy concept on Earth; it was never truly realized. It had not stepped out of the conceptual zone to become a tangible object. At most, it had mutated into the so-called “VR,” which enabled one to be immersed in the experiences of some interactive 3D scenarios. However it was still a far stretch from the legendary simulated reality headset.

In order to make the simulated reality headset into a tangible object, the issues surrounding the control of brain waves and connections to the nervous system would have to be resolved first. Players could move about freely in the simulated world while the body would remain motionless in reality. Moreover, based on the strength of responses from the nervous system, the level of reality should reach 10%, 20% or even 60%…. The higher the level of reality, the better. It would be best if it was nearest to 100%.

Da Li told Chen Jin that the simulated reality headset that he had was an 8th generation product manufactured by Green Continental Company. It could achieve an 87% level of reality. It possessed the highest technological standard in the range of simulated reality headsets.

“A simulated world with an 87% level of reality. I wonder what kind of experience would that be?” A look of intense yearning appeared on Chen Jin’s face. But, even with the simulated reality headset, he was still unable to play its games.

It was because all the remote servers had either been destroyed or shutdown. Without a connection to the internet and no cloud data, one could not enter the simulated reality with just the headset.

To Chen Jin, this was undoubtedly a regret. “Hey… Isn’t there a super calculator in the town hall in the City of Tereese? Does it have the data needed to enter the simulated reality?”

Da Li said, “That calculator may be able to fire up the system of the simulated reality headset, but Master, the super calculator uses a very large amount of power. To start that calculator, it needs at least 100 kilowatts of electrical power. We do not have that amount of power.

“100 kilowatts?” Chen Jin was somewhat tongue-tied. It seemed like the power shortage at the camp needed to be resolved urgently! He had to think of a way to get some power supply equipment over here. “You all get that super calculator back to camp, I will think of a way to solve the shortage of electrical power.”

“Yes, Master!” Da Li accepted this task.

Besides this, he had to increase the speed of his exploration of Haierfa! Actually, Chen Jin had always been putting effort into it. After scouring the City of Tereese, he sent out exploration squad number 2 on Blue Angel to survey the surroundings of the huge crater, up to about a distance of a few hundred kilometers. With this, he could create a map of the surrounding areas.

Squad number 2 returned to the campground yesterday, and reported their results. “Master, the survey of the campground’s surroundings have been completed. We found 53 abandoned small towns, 128 abandoned farms and 1 abandoned factory.”

Chen Jin’s eyes gleamed, and he asked, “An abandoned factory? What kind of factory is it?”

“A furniture manufacturing factory, Master.”

“Is there any valuable technological information inside the factory?”

“No, that factory had been abandoned for a very long time, Master.”

“Oh…” Chen Jin’s eyes dulled and he laughed at himself. It was a furniture factory, what kind of high-tech information was I expecting to find in there?

If he could find a heavy industrial factory or an armament factory etc, he could definitely reap great rewards! Therefore, he still had to increase the pace of his exploration of the outer areas. However, only the road leading to the City of Tereese from the eastern highway could be passed without obstacles. Continuing on the highway towards the south, there was a highway bridge that was destroyed by war and thus impassable.

Coming out of the City of Tereese, within several miles to the north was the scene of a major vehicular accident. The highway was jammed full of various models of run-down cars. As the congestion lasted more than 10 kilometers, the road was totally impassable.

Da Li said, “About 120 kilometers from the north of the City of Tereese lies a mid-sized city called Fort Worth. It had a population of over 500,000. The cars jammed on the highway to the North could have came from Fort Worth.”

This was because the huge crater that Chen Jin was standing in now used to be a major emergency shelter. When war arrived, people from the surrounding areas fled in this direction. “Fort Worth City? Population of 500,000?”

The words “cash cow” popped up in Chen Jin’s mind. And a big one, too. He developed the idea and impulse to go Fort Worth City and scour the city. However, the highway was jammed and impassable. He could follow the highway by taking the flat desert ground beside it. But it would be difficult for Blue Angel’s low chassis, it could easily break down halfway or meet with other troubles.

Chen Jin’s gaze came to rest on a large agricultural vehicle similar to a combine harvester. As the City of Tereese was an agriculture-based city, it had plenty of large machinery for its farms. They were big, with a high chassis that was ideal for driving through the wilderness. After a series of modifications, they would be more suitable for the exploration of this planet.

Chen Jin planned to restore one of the agricultural machines and assign it as the expedition vehicle for the exploration of this world. But to remodel it into an expedition vehicle was something that required a high level of technical skills. Chen Jin normally had no interest or experience in cars. He only had a superficial knowledge in repairing cars. If he was to remodel a farm machine into an expedition vehicle, would he not just be working blind?

Naturally, he could get the medical robot, Da Bao, to assist him. But Da Bao’s specialty was in servicing and repairing the robots, it was not too good at remodeling a vehicle. At most, it could only keep itself occupied with busywork. Chen Jin still had to do the primary work himself. The problem was that Chen Jin did not have the knowledge either. What to do?

Of course, he had to learn how to repair cars. It would not be necessary to master the skill; some basic skills for a beginner would suffice. As luck would have it, Chen Jin had a friend who was simply a demon at remodeling cars. There was no car that he could not remodel, no faults that he could not repair. Chen Jin planned to seek his help by apprenticing himself for a few days and learning some technical skills on repairing a car.

On the second day, at an automobile market in the west of the city, there was an auto sales service center named “Belief of the Light.”

“Zhao Xin, this is the $5,000 that I borrowed from you last month. I’m returning it.” Retrieving half a stack of red colored bills, Chen Jin presented them to a young man who had a cigarette dangling from his mouth and hands covered with engine oil, yet his hairstyle remained on point. The initial impression he gave was care-free, uninhibited, handsome, and easily stylish.

The bad boy vibe that he exuded, together with a slightly nefarious smirk held a fatal charm for some women. It was said that women over 30 years old accounted for a third of the car sales in this service center. Some bought more than one car…. Why did those women like to buy cars so much from this auto center? The reasons remained totally unknown.

The boss of this auto sales service center was Zhao Xin, who was Chen Jin’s classmate for 3 years of high school. In addition, they went to the same university and had a solid friendship. In other words, his good bro Zhao Xin was the only close friend that he could rely on and trust with total confidence.

Zhao Xin’s family background was way better than Chen Jin’s. His parents owned a big corporation and he himself was worth trillions. Under his skillful management, this auto sales service center that he started had annual profits in the tens of millions, essentially making him a nouveau riche. Due to his expert skills in both remodeling and racing cars, his nickname “Big Brother Xin” was famous in the underground racing world.

Looking at the bills in front of him and shaking his head, Zhao Xin said, “Why are you returning this? It’s just $5,000. Don’t return it, I don’t need this spare change.”

“I still have to return it even if it’s 50 cents. Hurry and take it.”

Calling over Xiao Li at the front desk, Zhao Xin ordered her to take the money away. “Xiao Li, take the money and book a high class hotel. I will treat everyone to dinner today.”

“Hurray, Boss!”

“Hurray, Big Brother Xin!”

The staff in the auto center instantly rejoiced, their morale greatly boosted.

Chen Jin shook his head in impatience. He had known Zhao Xin for seven to eight years and his nature was still the same. He was unwilling to come into contact with money and regarded it as dirt. As he had no concept of money, the tens of millions in annual profits were frequently squandered.

But he could not have treated the staff in his auto center any better. Some of the master repair technicians stayed working in the center for a few years. Other auto sales service centers could not lure them away even with an annual salary in the millions. Sometimes they were lured away but they always returned after a short time. It was the strangest thing.

After returning his money, Chen Jin stated his purpose in coming over. He wanted to be his apprentice for a few days to learn some skills in car repair and service.

“You want me to teach you how to repair cars?” Zhao Xin looked at him in shock. Taking away the cigarette tip at the corner of his lips, he asked rather sternly, “Are you sure you’re not joking with me? Since when were you this interested in repairing cars?”

Nodding his head, Chen Jin replied, “I’m not joking. I really do want to learn something about repairing cars.”

“This work is not easy. It’s dirty and tiring, are you sure you want to learn?”

“Yeah, I plan to be around and really learn something for a few days. I can pay a fee to learn.”

Zhao Xin waved his hand and said, “You don’t have to pay a school fee. Since you’re interested, just come over and learn for a few days. We’ll teach you hand-ons. If you can’t take the hardship, you can give up anytime and just treat it as a life experience.”

“Ok, thanks Zhao Xin.”

Smiling blandly, Zhao Xin looked at Chen Jin with his pale skin and skinny physique. He knew that Chen Jin had “homebody syndrome.” Thinking silently in his mind, he wondered how long he would last. Two days? Three days? Or even just one day?

In any case, there was no way this fellow could persevere for more than 5 days.

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