I Found A Planet

Chapter 23 - Laser TVs

Chapter 23: Laser TVs

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Chen Jin truly could not defend against Mom’s techniques. Her acting was too professional and too real. Chen Jin, who was initially armed with a stubborn and tough attitude, was instantly cowed. Tears are a woman’s greatest weapon. Moreover it was his own mother; how could he not back down when faced with her tears?

“Well, a blind date it is. I shall fight fire with fire. Shedding my bachelor status; Hmph! It’s impossible, nobody can take me down!” Having prepared his countermeasures, Chen Jin’s heart was filled with confidence.

On the planet of Haierfa, at the camping ground in the huge crater, some significant changes had taken place. The robots, including Da Li, had brought back some items from the City of Tereese. They were not precious metals and jewelry, but some high tech products, amongst which were some laser TV boxes about the size of a Rubik’s Cube. The laser TV box was kind of similar to film projection in traditional cinema, where it projected an HD quality video via a beam of light. However, the videos projected were mostly of 8K UHD quality; the images were ultra clear.

In addition, after putting on the specialized glasses to view the 3D videos under a specific format, it would feel as if a movie was being played out right in front of your eyes. One would feel an even higher level of immersion.

“I think a similar kind of laser TV has already been launched on Earth. Doesn’t Da Mi company sell a type of laser TV for only $9,999? It’s just that it has larger make and the video quality is only 1080P. Moreover, it can’t play 3D videos, so the viewing experience is not too different from watching normal TV. The laser TV that I have right now is roughly about one-fifth of the size of the Da Mi laser TV, and can be enlarged to half its size. As for its other features, there was no need to do significant modifications on them. It could be manufactured on Earth straight away and sell like hot cakes for sure!”

Without a doubt, it would be wildly popular. The laser TV had a small make and was light and portable. The projected video could be freely expanded or shrunk on a 30 to 150 inch surface. With a relatively high video quality of 8K and the capacity to play videos in 3D format, it was very clear that the laser TV was the trend of future development. If Chen Jin entered this industry, his future wealth prospect would certainly be rosy. Furthermore, he would not have to worry that it would lead to too great of a problem.

This was because the laser TV was a product that was already available on Earth. The model that he would bring back was not based on wholly new technology from a futuristic era. It was only a product made with a slightly more advanced technology, so its impact on Earth would not be too revolutionary.

One must be aware: to be half a step ahead of the crowd makes you a genius but to be a full step ahead makes you a lunatic. Moreover, you would be targeted as a cash cow. The laser TV that Chen Jin held was a product that was half a step ahead and could definitely be introduced into Earth. Similar to the robot vacuum sweeper, the laser TV could be included in Chen Jin’s business development plan.

However, he did not yet possess the technology needed to manufacture these laser TVs. Thus, he could only let the idea ferment in his mind. “I must increase the strength and magnitude of my exploration on Haierfa in order to find a way to get my hands on this technology.

Besides this, Chen Jin also set his vision on other high tech products, such as the home computer. The home computers on Haierfa were not too different than the ones on Earth. It had a squarish CPU, an ultra thin curved screen and even its mouse and keyboard were very similar to those on Earth. “One can infer that even after a 100 years, there would not be too big a change to home computers. The outer appearance would not be greatly modified.”

However, the home computers on Haierfa could not be brought back to Earth. It was because the CPU inside the all solid motherboard was made of graphene, which is an entirely new nanomaterial. With a well crafted technological process of 3 nanometers, the output of work could reach 100 GHZ while significantly reducing power consumption. Its overall capability was more than 20 times greater than that of the most advanced CPU on Earth. It was technology that was definitely ahead by more than a step.

He could not imagine the uproar that it could cause if he brought it back to Earth now. As someone who liked to keep a low profile, Chen Jin was obviously unequipped to deal with such a complex scenario. He had an even greater desire to not attract any attention. The home computer category had to be put on hold temporarily.

However, there was also a collapsible mobile phone that could project images and videos. The phone had a 4.8 inch collapsible screen that could be expanded from its surface. It also had touch screen functions. Its screen projection function, however, needed to be used with specialized smart glasses in order to see the content of the projection. Hence, it was excellent for protecting one’s privacy.

The phone worked primarily via motion sensing. With only the size of a wrist watch, it could project a virtual screen of 5 to 15 inches. Chances of a fault happening in its operations were extremely low as it was installed with a high-precision microwave radar. Furthermore, it came equipped with a smart language assistant that could accurately recognize and distinguish more than 99.9% of sentences’ meanings. Its intelligence was equivalent to that of an 18 year old human.

Hence, the screen projector mobile phone was yet again another high tech product that was ahead of Earth by more than a step. “I’ll have to wait at least 10 years before there’ll be similar screen projector phones available on Earth. It’s not yet time for it to face the world.”

There were also handheld game units and learning devices. Both of these had an appearance that seemed to be composed by flat boxes. The game unit came with 2 stand-alone bluetooth joysticks while the learning device came with a touch pen. Both had screen projector functions. They could project within a range of 10 to 30 inches.

However, there was a particular handheld game unit with high end configurations that used a laser projection technology similar to the laser TV. Its projected screen had a maximum size of 120 inches. It felt so awesome playing games on this screen size!

Grasping the high-end handheld game unit under Da Li’s guidance and interpretation, he played a game called “Drive Angry.” The beautiful scenery in the game was reminiscent of those in movies, combined with advanced ray tracing techniques and a large projected screen. Playing an intense and explosive yet smooth chase scene made Chen Jin shout with joy. “This is definitely how games should be like in the future!”

Letting go of the joysticks, Chen Jin sighed emotionally. “Under normal rates of progression, how long must I wait before there will be games like this available on Earth?”

Standing at his side, Da Li heard his muttering and interrupted his thoughts. “My Master, this handheld game unit that you are playing now is actually a technological product on Haierfa that has been culled as being too outdated. The technology behind this game had stopped progressing about eight or nine years ago and it had not been updated or renewed for more than 10 years. The games loaded into it are antiquated and not popular amongst the humans, only teenagers and children play it occasionally to pass time. The grown-ups don’t play these games.”


Da Li’s words caused Chen Jin to go red with embarrassment. He gave an awkward cough.

An outdated product. Technology that had been stuck for more than 10 years. The games that were loaded into it were antiquated. The grown-ups didn’t play them….

These words made Chen Jin felt like he wanted to kick the game unit and order Da Li to tear them apart, reducing them to scraps of junk. Damn it, it was too embarrassing. He was praising it to high heavens not one moment ago, and Da Li had immediately degraded it to the level of trash.

“Da Li, then why don’t you tell me? What is considered a ‘good game’? A ‘game for the grown-ups’?” Gritting his teeth, Chen Jin bit out each word slowly.

If Da Li was unable to give a satisfactory answer, Chen Jin, in his current unhappy and resentful mood, would have to punish it harshly to put it back in its place.

“It’s this, my Master.” Da Li walked to the pile of high-tech items. Bending at his waist and searching through the assortment of haphazardly stacked electronics, it fished out a worn-out, mottled headgear that had several delicate wires attached to its surface. It placed the headgear in front of Chen Jin.

“This is a simulated reality headset, Master. It was once bought by over 70% of the humans on this planet. They lived, worked, gamed, and enjoyed their artificial lives in the world of simulated reality. A great amount of their time was spent here daily. Compared to this headset, those outdated handheld game units can only be considered as children’s puzzle games.”

A simulated reality headset?

Fixing his gaze on it, Chen Jin felt a tremor in his heart.

Haierfa actually has such an awesome item as a simulated reality headset?

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