I Found A Planet

Chapter 25 - Zhang Nan

Chapter 25: Zhang Nan

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In the auto repair garage, Chen Jin began learning from Zhao Xin the skills needed to repair a car.

“Actually many faults in a car don’t require the major hassle of changing parts. A few simple fixes would do the trick. For example, stones are lodged in the tire tread, causing an overly loud friction noise. But, the stones are hard to extract. The next best method to reduce the noise is not to change the tires, but to simply install a sound deadening foam inside the tires. It would solve the problem just as well. When a car engine vibrates vigorously when it is started, it’s probably due to a lack of power from misfiring engine cylinders. This is caused by either carbon build-up or an aging ignition system. It only requires a run at high speed or a change of spark plugs. It could be difficult to start your car in the winter. This is usually caused by a low battery voltage. Prepare a basin of hot water and pour it over the battery to increase its temperature. Once the car starts, immediately drive to a repair shop to get the battery checked.”

Throughout his learning, Zhao Xin left nothing out. He imparted much valuable experience and many clever techniques. Chen Jin listen with utmost seriousness. He nodded his head repeatedly, feeling that he had learned a lot.

In the meantime, he also raised his own questions. “Zhao Xin, do you think that electric cars could ever replace petrol cars?”

“Um… No. At least not in the present. There are still some flaws with the electric car that puts it in an inferior position as compared to the petrol car. Petrol cars will still be around for at least another 50 years.”

“Didn’t you say that the composition of the electric car is simple? It can do without the complicated oil circuit and traditional system; also making the gearbox unnecessary. It’s also easier to fix than the petrol car and has a better acceleration ability. With the exception of a troublesome charging process, all other points are to its advantage.”

Zhao Xin shook his head. “The car is a tool to harness and manage speed. Its convenience lies in its ability to start and accelerate at any time. The electric car does not possess this advantage. It has a slow charging process and is not able to travel continuously for long distances. People who really understand automobiles will not favour electric vehicles.”

Chen Jin asked, “What if the battery of the electric car has a higher efficiency than gasoline? And it’s also paired with a quick charging system that can result in a full charge within 15 minutes. What do you think about this kind of electric car?”

Holding a tool, Zhao Xin abruptly halted the movements of his hands. After a period of silence, he said, “Then it’s the future. A future where all petrol-based cars will become obsolete!”

Chen Jin also put down the socket spanner in his hands and said, “Zhao Xin, is there a mentor in this center who knows how to fix electric cars? I want to learn from him how to repair them.”

Zhao Xin was surprised and looked at him with a strange expression. “You don’t think that electric cars can immediately replace petrol-based cars right? As I’ve said, it will take at least 50 years for that to happen. Also, the number of electric cars registered within our country is less than 1,000,000. If you’re only learning how to repair electric cars, you’ll starve to death.”

“I’m not trying to make a living from this. I’m just more interested in electric cars and want to have a greater understanding of it.” All the cars in Haierfa ran on electricity. It would obviously be a mismatch of the skills required if Chen Jin learned how to fix internal combustion cars.

Glancing at him, Zhao Xin said impatiently, “Ok, Mentor Sun is an expert in fixing electric cars. Follow and learn from him.” In his heart, he thought, Repairing electric cars is a much easier process. Is Chen Jin trying to slack off?

Mentor Sun was a spry middle-aged man. Zhao Xin let him lead Chen Jin to an adjacent garage where the electric cars were repaired so that he could start learning how to repair them.

Vroom ~

Vroom vroom vroom ~

A red sports car with a scarred, deformed body including a rear bumper full of dents came rushing into the garage.

Screech ~

Just as it was about to hit someone, it suddenly braked. The red sports car drifted for half a meter and firmly stopped in front of its audience. A young man wearing hip hop style clothing and ears full of studs stepped out from the car. His expression was rebellious and flamboyant.

“Same old rules. Repair this Ferrari champion warrior. Yesterday, it won me yet another victory. Brother Xin, since you stopped racing cars, I’ve already won three races as the ‘Race King’.” As he spoke, the young man rushed towards Zhao Xin, who was attentively fixing a car.

Zhao Xin remained unmoved as he continued to be engrossed in his work. The staff of the auto center crowded around the young man. “Brother Xing, you took down another Race King?”

“The prize for taking down a Race King is $1,000,000. So, Brother Xing, you earned another $1,000,000!”

A female staff with pretty looks leaned over, “Brother Xing, when will you take me to experience it? I can be your lady when you chase the winds.”

“Brother Xing, I have a Wuling Hongguang, but I want to learn from you how to race cars.”

Such expressions came from the crowd surrounding him. The man called “Brother Xing” was really enjoying this. Sitting on the hood of his car, he began to brag. “It’s not a problem if you want to learn how to race cars from me. But if you want to be the lady to my wind chaser, you’ll have to give me a kiss first.” He leaned his face towards the female staff and enjoyed a sweet kiss. Looking over again at Zhao Xin who was still repairing his car, he raised his voice. “Actually, if you want to talk about racing skills, Brother Xin is the undisputed champion! But since he does not do street racing, S-curve speeding or drifting anymore, he hasn’t participated in our competitions for three months. Brother Xin, let’s go for a race! Everyone misses you so much! It’s impossible to hold a proper underground race competition without you. How would I even win the title as ‘Race King?'” Towards the end, Brother Xing’s tone became pleading as he eagerly beseeched.

Zhao Xin was the soul of the underground car races. With him around, numerous expert racers would be drawn to the races. Even those from abroad would come to seek out his name. Each race would be extremely exciting and got one’s adrenaline pumping.

But without Zhao Xin around, the underground races had quieted down within a mere three months to the point where there were only 10 or so participants who were racing only to amuse themselves. Even someone like “Brother Xing,” who possessed only average skills, could win the title of “Race King” three times. One could imagine how pathetic the races had become.

“Tang Xing, can you shut your mouth and stop trying to sway my husband?” An angry voice could be heard. The audience turned their heads, and Tang Xing quickly shut his mouth. The staff dispersed at once as they rapidly went back to their positions.

The lady boss was here!

That’s right. Even though Zhao Xin was only 25, he was a married man. Moreover, he married straight after graduating from university. To date, he had been married for almost four years.

Actually, there was a twist in the middle of this story. Zhao Xin got a girlfriend while he was attending university, and they had very good relationship going on. His girlfriend was very pretty too and was publicly acknowledged as the top beauty within campus. In addition, she had a good personality and character. They were a match made in heaven and was a couple envied by all in the university. Immediately after graduation, both decided to register their marriage as the relationship was going very well. They wanted to live their lives together in the sweetness of love and be each other’s forever after.

There was a bit of a cock-up in the end. Zhao Xin did not marry his girlfriend; the bride became someone else. It was because after knowing that he was from a very rich family, Zhao Xin’s future-in-laws increased the bride price at the last minute. They made voracious demands. The original betrothal gifts were $500,000 and a car. Now they wanted $5,000,000 and a house.

The $5,000,000 was for the parents as a show of filial piety and the house was for her younger brother to use as his marital home after he got married. Met with such ridiculous demands, it was thought that she would refuse on Zhao Xin’s behalf. Unexpectedly, she did not speak one word in protest. On the contrary, she even tried to persuade Zhao Xin to acquiesce to her parents’ demands. She was firmly on her parents’ side.

At this moment, the wedding ceremony was about to begin. Zhao Xin’s family was facing a full turnout of guests without the bride present. It was undoubtedly a huge blow to his family. It seemed as if they were about to lose face in a big and public way. Seconds turned into minutes and the bride’s family still refused to budge in their demands. Zhao Xin was extremely displeased. It was not that he could not bear to part with $5,000,000 and a house, but that he he could not stand their greed for riches. The way they tried to take advantage of him was too ugly and disgusting!

He even had the impulse to just leave and call off the wedding. At this time, Chen Jin, who was acting as his groomsman made a suggestion which made Zhao Xin’s eyes light up. “Zhang Nan lives near here. She’s been secretly in love with you for 6 years. Why don’t you propose to her and let her be your bride to complete this wedding ceremony?”

Chen Jin was acquainted with Zhang Nan and knew that she always had feelings for Zhao Xin. Otherwise, why would she apply to an inferior vocational university when her grades were in the top 3 in school?

“Fine, I don’t want this woman anymore. I want to marry Zhang Nan!” That afternoon, just before the start of the wedding ceremony. Zhao Xin and Chen Jin took the bridal car and sped to Zhang Nan’s home. There, they saw Zhang Nan, who had been crying in misery for a long time.

Opening the door, Zhao Xin, who was decked out in his bridegroom’s clothing, got down on one knee and presented a diamond ring. He proposed to her and asked, “Zhang Nan, will you marry me?”

Zhang Nan was in great shock. After understanding the situation, she started crying tears of joy, and shouted, “Yes, I will!”

The wedding proceeded smoothly. After the wedding ended, the girlfriend and her family got wind of the fact that the bride was another woman. At that point, they started screaming to the high heavens as they lost their minds collectively. The entire family acted as if they were mentally ill. Thus they became the well-known laughing stock in their locale and were the butt of many jokes.

And Zhang Nan was now married to Zhao Xin as husband and wife. She married the love who she most wanted. Undoubtedly, Zhang Nan was very grateful to Chen Jin who had made great efforts in this entire process. Privately, she gave him a $50,000 red packet, which was the biggest one of all. When she normally met Chen Jin, she was also very well-mannered and affectionate towards him. Spotting Chen Jin in the car repair garage, Zhang Nan came over to greet him. “Hey, Chen Jin, what are you doing here?”

Holding a spanner with hands full of engine oil, Chen Jin wiped the sweat on his head and replied, “Oh, hey sister, I became more interested in fixing cars recently so I came over to understand more about it.”

Zhang Nan said with a smile, “All right, stay here for lunch and have a taste of my cooking skills.”

She was not a girl with outstanding features, her looks could only be average. However, her smile was very appealing and made her feel extremely amiable. According to Zhao Xin, her dishes were very delicious; on par with the national top chefs.

“Hmm ~” Chen Jin nodded his head. After chatting for a bit, he could not help but voice his question, “Sis, I heard from the person out there that Zhao Xin had not been racing for three months. Didn’t he become so skilled in modifying cars just for the purpose of racing? Why doesn’t he race now?” Zhao Xin was addicted to cars, why would his nature suddenly change?

“Um…” Zhang Nan blushed. As she was about to speak, a surge of acid rose up her throat. Abruptly, she clutched her stomach and dry retched.

Chen Jin seemed to have understood something. “Sis, you…”

She nodded, replying, “It’s been three months. Zhao Xin…. is about to become a father.” Pursing her lips in a smile, she flushed red in happiness.

“So it’s like that.” All at once, Chen Jin understood.

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