I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 632: "Find My Son"

Chapter 632: “Find My Son”

The boy shuddered as he recalled what his dad and his older sister told him. 

His older sister, who would inherit the family head’s seat, had never spoken so highly of someone other than the Walter Family’s Heir. 

But at that time, she talked about the Sloan Family Head in a trembling voice. 

“Dad, if we meet this baby someday, let’s not greet her. She’s simply too terrifying. The Walter Family’s heir is nothing compared to her.” 

His sister was a genius prophet, and she could glimpse at the future once in a while. For her to say that…she absolutely knew what she’s talking about. 

Thus, his dad told him to never provoke the Sloan Family Head if one day he met her. 

And now, he did meet her! 

The boy rubbed his arms as he finished his story. 

“That’s why, let’s just go out and play. Look, no one even approaches her. It’s either because her status is too low or because she’s too dangerous.” 

The high-ranking families weren’t as foolish as the mid-ranking ones. They knew about Ainsley, and had long thought of her as someone dangerous. 

Even those siding with the 7 great families had the same thoughts despite not planning to do anything to the Sloan Family. 

On the other hand, the one siding with the 7 sacred families had repeatedly clashed with Ainsley, and they always faced defeat. 

“Let’s just ignore her, okay? I heard that the Aretha Family’s youngest daughter provoked her and war broke out between the Aretha and the Sloan Family…” 

Another boy, this one was gloomier than the previous one, quickly persuaded his friends. 

“I remembered that’s the start of the event recorded in the video‚Ķ” 

And the first time that the Sloan Family Head made a name for herself. 

The gloomy boy and the boy with a prophet sister looked at each other and felt like crying. 

They didn’t think that the devil child would come to the party, ah! 

The boys already spoke, so how could the girls insist on approaching Ainsley? Arlin could only look at Ainsley’s dress with a hint of envy before turning around to leave. 

“Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s get ice cream.” 

The girl led Caca and the others to leave the hall, heading to the garden behind the mansion where they served dessert and such. 

Thus, once again, Ainsley was alone in the hall, surrounded by oldies. Still, no one took the initiative to approach her. 

Seeing this, Elliana and Jevon look down at Ainsley with eyes full of worries. 

Ah, ah, our family head is getting ignored…she must be sad, no? 

Ainsley was indeed a bit shocked that no one tried to befriend her like before, but she quickly sighed in relief. 

That’s good, that’s good. The less I interact, the less problem I might create. 

Ainsley gestured at her two people to find the four families that agreed to sell drugs to her only if she went to the party. 

The baby’s goal was only that, anyway. Thus, after Elliana and Jevon spotted the four families, Ainsley quickly approached the first target. 

The target was a handsome middle-aged uncle with brown skin, looking manly and slightly intimidating. 

He’s biting a cigar without smoking it, and was currently laughing with another man. 

Ainsley cautiously approached from the side and when she’s close enough, the baby spread her charm ability while opening her mouth. 

“Good evening, uncle. Sorry to disturb you!” 

The baby’s crisp and melodious voice hit the two people’s ears, and both of them couldn’t help but look down at the source of the voice. 

If this was another guest or other kids, they would be annoyed to hell since someone dared to disturb their conversation. 

However, when they saw Ainsley’s face, the charm ability kicked in, and the flame of anger that the two people had just lit up instantly went out. 

“Ohhh, isn’t this the Sloan Family Head?” The tanned middle-aged man was the first one to recognise Ainsley either by her face or voice. 

After all, the baby had contacted him regarding the drug business. 

“Hum! I’m glad you remember me, Uncle Charlie.” Ainsley laughed as she nodded at the middle-aged man before smiling at the other man next to Charlie. 

The middle-aged man with white beard saw Ainsley’s sweet smile and his heart couldn’t help but soften. 

“Hohoho, such a cute kid. So you’re the famous baby mafia boss, huh? I thought that it’s just a rumour. Didn’t think it’s real.” 

The white beard man laughed boorishly before patting Ainsley’s head, as if she’s his granddaughter or something. 

With Ainsley’s charm, it was easy to let down someone’s guard. Ainsley knew this and didn’t hesitate to make a good use of it. 

“Hum, hum, nice to meet you handsome uncle. Sorry I disturb the two of you…I want to talk about something with Uncle Charlie.” 

Ainsley put a pitiful and sad look on her face, immediately gave another heart attack to the middle-aged men. 

“Hahaha, don’t be so formal. Just call me Uncle Seth. Right, you want to talk to Charlie? I should leave you two then.” 

Under the charm’s influence, the middle-aged man tactfully left Uncle Charlie alone with Ainsley. 

Once Seth was gone, Ainsley immediately told Charlie the purpose of her little chit chat tonight, and when Charlie heard that it’s about the drug business, he slapped his forehead and laughed. 

“Right, right, I remember!” The man grinned, revealing his two protruding fangs. 

“I think I can agree, but as for the details, you should find my son and talk to him now. If you get his approval, you can sign the agreement tonight!” 

Ainsley was stunned for a second. 

…find your son? 

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