I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 633: "First Pick"

Chapter 633: “First Pick”

Charlie handed over the matter to his son, and told Ainsley that the drug business was now managed by his son, the family’s heir. 

He’s not in charge of the business anymore and anything related to selling drugs to other buyers that weren’t his loyal customers had to go through his son’s permission. 

“I assume you bring your printed contract, right? If you can convince my son, then you can get what you want.” 

The middle-aged man chuckled for a while. 

“Good luck! You can do this!” He encouraged but then suddenly bidding goodbye and went to find his friends. 

Everything happened so fast that Ainsley was still in a daze before she snapped out of it. 

…hm? Did that old fox just throw me to his son to handle? Fck. Isn’t this running around in circles?? 

And where is his son, ah? How do I get him to sign the agreement?? 

In the end, Ainsley couldn’t just buy the drugs from the family’s store because every drug business couldn’t be a normal business. 

The buyer had to be cautious, and even more so the seller. 

Thus, if Ainsley couldn’t get the other party to sign the contract, she might not be able to get the drug that Jake needed. 

…fck!! So complicated!! 

Only now did Ainsley realise how hard the tournament’s first round was. 

To sell drugs to outsiders, it was not as hard as buying drugs from a fellow mafia! And not many non-mafia forces sold drugsā€¦

This is undoubtedly challenging for families who never started a drug business or never tried a high-level one. 

Right now, Ainsley has already found a customer that would buy tons of drugs from her and the points accumulated would be enough to enter top 30 or even top 10 in the tournament ranking. 

However, it would only happen if she could buy the drugs from the four high-ranking families siding with the 7 great familiesā€¦

One of the methods to achieve this is to convince a certain boss’ son, but she didn’t even know how the son looked and where he was. 

Having no other choices, Ainsley asked Martin to find the information regarding Charlie’s son and soon found a 20-year-old young adult’s photo on her phone. 

The young adult had a similar appearance with Boss Charlie, having healthy tanned skin akin to brown sugar. 

However, the young adult obviously didn’t look as lively and cheerful as his father. 

This one looked serious and cold, almost like Raphael, that 18-year-old teenager from the Aretha Family. 

The information also said that the youth actually had little sisters and brothers from the same mother, and the youngest was a little brother not far from Ainsley’s age. 

Maybe around 8-10 years old, still a child. 

When Ainsley saw the youngest child’s photo, she almost threw her phone away. 

Isn’t this the boy who gossiped with his group of friends not too far from me a few minutes ago? The one who looked like a smiling tiger…yes, that one, ah! 

His eldest brother is the one in charge of selling drugs? Fck! If I knew, I would have befriended that brat and immediately found his eldest brother. 

Ainsley touched her forehead and contemplated whether to find the boy first or find the other three families to do business. 

In the end, she chose the second option and immediately approached the other three family heads. 

But as if they had come into an agreement, all of them looked at Ainsley with a sly smile and told her to look for their sons or daughters since they’re the one in charge of the drug business. 

Coincidentally, since the four families were actually close friends, their children were also close friends…and so were the youngest children. 

And the youngest children were the group of brats that were talking about Ainsley not too long ago. 

The five children…ah, one of them wasn’t the child of the four families that Ainsley wanted to do business with. 

However, his family was still an old high-ranking family with powerful influence in research and the academic field. 

Ainsley quickly dug out their information and found out that the five children were already close since they were toddlers. 

They were practically bosom buddies! 

The girls were older than the three boys, so the girls were more like the older sister of the group, while the boys could do anything with their elder sisters’ protection. 

The unofficial gang’s leader was actually Arlin, that 13-year-old girl who first took notice of Ainsley’s dress and the vice leader was the calm, mature-looking girl, Caca. 

Caca was a year younger than Arlin, but she obviously looked way more mature than Arlin, the oldest in the group. 

Caca’s mom was one of the four families’ big bosses famous for the drugs and weaponry business. 

The one Ainsley needed to meet was Caca’s eldest sister, who had weak health and wouldn’t be the future heir but got her hands on the drugs business and potion business. 

If Ainsley wanted to meet this sister who attended the party only for a short time, she really needed Caca’s connection as the official heir of the family. 

As for Arlin…her eldest brother was the one Ainsley wanted to meet, and coincidentally, her eldest brother was bosom buddies with the tiger-like boy’s eldest brother, Charlie’s son. 

There you go, three people to befriend. 

And the last one from the four families was the one wearing Harry Potter-like glasses, rumoured to be a newbie shaman with a superb talent to form a contract with a powerful spirit. 

In other words, the boy was the most likely to fall onto Ainsley’s hand with the mausoleum business as the bait. 

He would be Ainsley’s first pick! 

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