I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 631: "More Savage Than Dad"

Chapter 631: “More Savage Than Dad”

This hall was a bit similar to the hall Ainsley visited a few days ago to attend the welcoming banquet. 

However, this one was obviously smaller and looked more elegant. 

Seeing such a similar hall, Ainsley couldn’t help but keep up her guard. 

She obviously got reminded of the sudden battle in the hall and thought that anything could happen in this party too. 

While Ainsley and her group were slowly roaming around the hall, many guests with their partners and children were already hanging around inside the hall, eating while standing or walking. 

The party had started without any official announcement. Anyone was free to talk and socialise. 

The host was even kind enough to prepare a playground for the kids, various bars and other entertainment spots for the youngsters, and even a swimming pool at the back! 

But the pool was usually for the youngsters around 15 years old and above. The bar and other entertainments such as darts, bilyard and so on, were usually meant for young adults above 20. 

Kids like Ainsley, who were below ten years old got to play in the playground while those below 15 but above ten or more, had another entertainment spot but was’t as childish as the playground. 

In this party, Ainsley could clearly see how many children followed their parents around. 

The parents brought all their legitimate children and also only brought their legal wife, leaving the mistresses at home or other houses. 

Ainsley, who was up to date and knew many gossips among the mafia society, quickly recognised many faces. 

There was the boss of the biggest arm dealer. There was one famous for their intelligence team. 

There was another one famous for their underground fighting ring, someone also owned several casinos, but none were as famous as the Billios. 

These bosses, either male or female, had several youths around them, busy greeting the other bosses. The youths would either be young adults, teens, or children. 

However, none was as young as Ainsley. Even if there was, the bosses never brought their young kid out of the mansion to attend this kind of party. 

Thus, the same thing happening at the welcoming banquet repeated itself. Ainsley, who was alone and surrounded by two bodyguards, became some of the bosses and their children’ attention. 

However, unlike the families at the welcoming banquet who tried to socialise with the baby, these people didn’t bother to talk to Ainsley. 

No one even took the initiative to bring their children to socialise with Ainsley, even when many of them had attended Ainsley’s potion auction before and knew her. 

They even tried hard to please her back then, but in this party, the one holding the reign was them, not Ainsley. Thus, no one bothered to look at Ainsley. 

Only the curious youths and children stealthily peeked at Ainsley a few times. 

“Caca, who is that newcomer? Her dress is pretty.” A thirteen-year-old teenager with a pink one-piece dress tugged at her friend’s hand while pointing at Ainsley with her chin. 

The two were from different families, but mafia children would already socialise with other mafia children from a young age, especially after they turned ten. 

In this high-ranking society, those who weren’t of opposing families would befriend the other party, and that usually happened through the kids. 

When the girl named Caca heard her friend call her, she stopped talking to one of the older boys around her and glanced In Ainsley’s direction. 

She stopped for a few seconds before tilting her head. 

“Purple hair. Someone from the Sloan Family. I don’t know much about that family, but my mom told me not to provoke them.” 

Caca’s mom was the family head, and even though she usually spoiled her daughter, her mom also told her about several people that she should never offend. 

The Sloan Family head was one of them. 

Caca, a year younger than Arlin, the girl who asked before, didn’t quite understand why her mom said that. But as an obedient daughter, she didn’t dare to disobey her mom’s advice. 

She was the second daughter of her family, but since her older sister had a weak body, she would be the one to inherit her mom’s seat as a female boss in the future. 

The girl was already much more mature than others and also knew how to act around others. 

On the other hand, Arlin also wasn’t the only child, but her older brother was the one who would inherit the family head’s seat. 

Her twenty-year-old brother was off playing with his friends, so even if he knew Ainsley, how could Arlin know? 

The curious girl simply ignored Caca’s words and spoke louder than before. 

“Is she the Sloan Family’s heir, or…?” 

Before Arlin could continue, one of the boys in the group, the youngest one, only 10 years old, instantly cut her off. 

“I heard from dad. The Sloan Family Head has a new boss, and it’s a female. She’s only three years old. That baby should be the family head.” 

The boy with red hair looked at Ainsley with a smile on his face. Of course, his smile looked slightly like a tiger about to tease his prey…

Another boy around the tiger boy’s age also chipped in. 

“Yes, yes. At first, I also couldn’t believe that someone as young as my youngest brother was a family head. But it’s true. She’s rather famous as well.” 

The boys were usually more interested in war and politics, so they knew about Ainsley’s war history that shocked the whole region. 

They’re not from the same region as the Sloan Family, but the video circulating on the internet was so popular that they knew. 

“Arlin, you better not talk to her even if you like her dress. Look, she’s so young, but she’s already a mass murderer.” The boy added. 

“She’s even more savage than my dad!” 

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