I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 50 - "Kicking Ass"

Chapter 50: "Kicking Ass"

"Twen? Nwooo!" Ainsley suddenly wailed. Even when she's 20 years old inside, she still felt like crying.

Why can't I contract a spirit before I'm 10? What's with that?? ​​

Seeing Ainsley was on the brink of crying, Finley hurriedly stroked her head to calm her.

"Hey, don't cry...it's the standard to contract a spirit. Children below 10 can't see elemental spirits yet even though child shamans can see dead spirits."

Eh? So I can't contract a spirit because I can't see them when I'm not 10 yet? But fairy...I can see them now?

Ainsley didn't say anything, but her face said it all. Looking at the bewildered baby, Finley couldn't help but sigh.

"As I said, elemental spirits are weaker than fairies. For them to be seen, one needs to be 10 years old—either ability users or normies. Our eyesight will be stronger and solid once we hit 10."

Finley tried to console Ainsley, but the baby wasn't convinced.

How come our eyesight will be stronger once we hit the age of 10? Doesn't a toddler already have a good vision?

Ainsley forgot that this world wasn't Earth even though it's similar.

In this world, children below the age of 10 had something like 'layer' on their eyes, preventing them from seeing elemental spirits or weaker ghosts.

It's not that their eyesight is worse before 10. It's more of the ability to see magical creatures aside from fairies, elves and those who have 'solid' form.

As spirits are only a mass of energy, they are like ghosts that can't be seen in a normal way.

But once children reach 10 years old, the layer in their eyes will disappear, allowing them to see elemental spirits. Of course, stronger spirits like dead spirits and ghosts are still in the dark except for those with specific abilities–

Like shamans.

Ainsley didn't know this at first, but Finley told her. In the end, after Finley explained it to Ainsley, the baby accepted her fate.

'Hwaaa so I can't get any elemental spirits before I'm 10. But what about dead spirits? It would be nice if I do meet one...like the Godfather.'

Ainsley looked at Finley with teary eyes.

"Whel dho whe mweth dwead spilit andh elhementhal spilit? (Where do we meet dead spirit and elemental spirit?)" Ainsley asked Finley with utmost sincerity. She didn't care that Finley would be troubled by her question which didn't even ask about fairies.

For now, I want elemental spirits!

"Hmm, elemental spirits reside in forests. Any forests. Dead spirits only reside at the grave where the person is buried. Sometimes they travel to places with a strong connection to their life."

Finley answered without feeling burdened.

In other words, dead spirits might haunt places with a connection to their life when they're still alive.

"Hwooo…" Ainsley couldn't help but nod in excitement. Finding elemental spirits were way easier than she thought.

But for dead spirits...going to a cemetery of famous people won't be easy. Also, to find places that the spirits might haunt...it is scary.

'It's a pity I won't see elemental spirits soon. But I'll just stick with my plan…'

Ainsley clenched her fists as she recalled the first step to clean her Sloan Family.

Right, I have to fire those accountants and recruit a new one!

While Ainsley was thinking about her plan, Finley started to tell her more about elemental spirits to attract her attention.

He mentioned the elements possessed by each low-ranked elemental spirit, and Ainsley got to know that only royal elemental spirits could have more than one element.

That's why most elemental spirits only have one elemental ability: either wind, earth, water, or fire.

Some unique spirits can wield ice, lightning, wood, light, and darkness.

Not only that, but among the same rank, spirits also have level determining their strength. It's just like how beasts varied even among the same class.

Thus, to find a powerful one that suits the contractor's needs, it's quite difficult.

"Hwm hwm, I shee…" Ainsley kept nodding at Finley's words. At this point, Finley already looked like her tutor rather than her friend. They weren't playing either.

They're studying!

Still, Ainsley preferred to study like this than to play as a three-year-old toddler. It's not like she could step out of the mansion at this age…

She's still too small and weak. Maybe if she got a powerful bodyguard, she could sneak out of the mansion and do more things outside.

At the end of the day, Ainsley set her priorities right.

Clean the corrupt members (kick them out)

Recruit new people to replace the old

Solve the money problem (if needed, go out of the mansion)

Gather strength, powerful subordinate or bodyguard

Learn how to control the ability

The last one wasn't that necessary as Ain thought that her ability was a non-combat type. There's no need to learn how to control it when it's as easy as turning one's palm.

Little did she know that she would change her mind soon.

'Kay, for now...should I go back and wait for lunch?'

Ainsley had been chatting with Finley for a few hours already. She got knowledge about spirits, fairies, and even a few ability users.

It's almost 12 p.m now, and the afternoon show will begin soon.

In the end, at Ainsley's request, Finley returned her to the library while he vanished from the baby's sight just like yesterday.

"Hwu…" Ainsley dusted off her skirt and tidied up her hair. She made sure there's no leaf stuck somewhere because if someone spotted leaves on her body, they would get suspicious.

After tidying up, Ainsley finally went down the library stairs with confident steps.

A wicked smile hung on her face.

Time to kick some bastards' ass!

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