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Chapter 49 - "Age Restriction"

Chapter 49: "Age Restriction"

Ainsley was interested in what Finley just said.

The spirits can help one in a battle even when they don't have that ability? Isn't this a fraudulent cheat? ​​

An ability user can have more than three elemental abilities if they borrow a spirit's help!

Ainsley was eager to see an elemental spirit now, but Finley's explanation hadn't ended.

"Well, think of getting spirits like having a pet. The higher the rank of the spirit, the greater the power they can use to help the contractor."

Finley swirled the wind on his palm and grinned.

Ain should understand this much, right? It's actually bizarre for a three-year-old baby to understand what I said, but she's a genius. She should understand.

Finley looked at Ainsley with high expectation. Who wouldn't like to befriend a genius, especially when he himself is a genius?

"So, Ain, do you understand?" Finley asked carefully.

"Hwum, yewsh!" Ainsley instantly answered, and her answer didn't disappoint Finley. Looking at Ainsley who seemed to understand things for real, Finley curled his lips.

Good! If Ain can learn a lot of things, then she can escape her fate in the future. Maybe she can even help me to escape mine?

Finley was thrilled. He didn't expect Ainsley to be a reincarnator or a transmigrator, but the girl looked different from the one he saw in his past life.

It's a sign that he might have a better life this time.

"Good, good, Ain is smart! My friend is a genius." Finley chuckled as he patted Ainsley's head. The boy showed a rather mature look without him realising.

He didn't look like a boy for a moment.

Ainsley was a bit taken aback, but the girl dismissed it fast. She just took it as Fin being wise.

Fin must be shy and timid when he is first meeting a stranger, but when he's already close, he is not timid at all. That must be it.

Ainsley convinced herself.

"Oh, right. One more thing. Elemental spirits are similar to fairies. But spirits can't talk and are less intelligent than fairies. That's why, having a fairy is more beneficial." Finley gave shocking news to Ainsley.

"Ewh? Whai?" Ainsley couldn't help but ask. Elemental spirits can't talk, that's for sure, but why would it be less intelligent than fairies?


The elemental spirits have such power to help the ability users. Compared to fairies who rarely help ability users, shouldn't a spirit be more advantageous?

If one can just collect as many spirits as possible, it's better than having only one fairy!

"Well, elemental spirits are like an animal or the beast version of the fairy society. At the same time, fairies are like us, humans." Finley scratched his cheek as he tried to raise his value as a 'fairy'.

"Because of their low intelligence, even the elemental spirit king can't compare to a low-ranked fairy. Spirits need the contractor to give them orders and such."

Finley smiled bitterly at Ainsley, who was looking at him with blatant disappointment.

"So, to use a lot of spirits, it's like trying to move several hands. It would help if you had a great concentration. Usually, contractors only use spirits as a supporter."

"Ah!" Ainsley gasped at the enlightenment. The baby then put on a bitter look.

Damn, that's why it's better to have one elemental spirit with a high rank? If this is the dead spirit, because they were once a human, it's better to have as many as possible.

It's the opposite for the elemental spirits.

"That's why many people can own spirits, but not a lot can even see fairies. It's because of the difference in their value."

Finley added the last piece to elevate the status of fairies. He wished Ain would look at him differently from now on, even when he's not a fairy.

"Ahhh, I shee, I shee." Ainsley nodded weakly, even though Finley's eyes were shining. He looked proud of his face.

Ha…so...a fairy is still better. And elemental spirits are like pets even for the fairies.

Hmm, still, because any ability users can contract one if they found it, can I also get a good elemental spirit?

Ainsley knew that currently, her abilities were all non-combat abilities. If she could have one or two elemental spirits, she could control wind like Finley with the spirit's help.

Or maybe she could spew water, fire and other elements like Elliana who used the power of fire.

'Fin said that it's hard to control a lot of spirits, but I think I can control two with most efficiency.'

Despite the spirits being a lower grade compared to fairies, Ainsley was still motivated to own one or two.

It's not like she could meet a fairy as she wished, right? And the fairy in front of her…

Ainsley looked at Finley, who was staring at her with hopeful eyes. The baby instantly knew that Fin wanted to boast his power in front of Ain.

But this guy is just a library fairy, ah. He might only have the wind ability as the standard ability of every royal fairy. His knowledge and future insight are good, but I doubt Fin will help me with that.

He can share his knowledge, but future insight seems important enough and shouldn't be disclosed to anyone.

"Hwm, Fwin. Ain sthil wan a spilit. (Ain still wants a spirit.)" Ainsley grumbled as she told Finley her real thoughts.

She didn't know that Finley felt a bit shocked to hear that.

"Uh...uh...you can only contract a spirit after you are 10 years old," Finley spoke bitterly, and his words crushed Ainsley's dream.

What? What's with the age restriction?!

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