I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 48 - "Spirits"

Chapter 48: "Spirits"

Even when Finley spoke, his fingers didn't stop to control the wind. He cut and trimmed several leaves around Ainsley's place. By now, he had created another backseat on the baby's right side.

This way, she could also turn around to face him. ​​

Ainsley was astonished at Finley's bizarre action, but it didn't stop her from asking.

First, she changed her plan.

"Hwm….twel mwe abouth spilit? (Tell me about spirit?)" Ainsley didn't ask about fairy when she intended to do that.

'I need more information about spirits as I'm about to pretend to be possessed by one.'

The girl then shifted her position and let her back sunk to the fluffy leaves behind her.

Since her left side also had a backrest, she could snuggle as much as she wanted, not fearing that would fall.

"Spirit, huh? I thought you wanted to know more about fairies." Finley was a bit surprised. The boy raised an eyebrow at Ainsley's request, but he didn't think much.

I thought this baby was only interested in fairies. But she is interested in anything magical, yes?

Hmm, and I think she's smart enough to understand a lot of things.

Finley mumbled to himself as he created a pillow made out of leaves. He used his wind power to collect the leaves, and his nimble fingers tied the leaves stack using small branches or vines.

"Spirit. Okay, first, you should know that spirits are divided into two." Finley had a serious expression as he tossed several mini pillows he made to Ainsley's lap.

The boy looked casual in his action, but every time he made something, he tossed it to Ainsley.

In just a few minutes as he talked, Ainsley already got one neck pillow, one pillow to hug, and one pillow to use as a cushion for her butt.

The next thing she knew, Finley even made a blanket out of leaves.

Since the leaves were fresh and smooth, one wouldn't need to worry about getting itchy or finding ants and other insects.

It's definitely a magical tree.

"The first type of spirit is the spirit of the dead." Finley started his story as he covered Ainsley with the leaf blanket.

"Spirit of the dead is like the soul of those who die. But only famous people can be spirit after they die. And such, we can only find a few spirits of famous people."

Finley used a slightly difficult explanation, but Ainsley understood it right away.

Hooo, so maybe only those who carve their name to the wall of history can be a spirit after they die.

"Hum, hum!" Ainsley nodded, signalling Finley that she understood. Finley wasn't surprised anymore that a three-year-old baby understood this.

Ain is a genius, after all. Just like me.

Finley had a satisfied smile as he continued speaking in a gentle voice.

"Those spirits of famous deceased people will wander around the world for eternity. These spirits can't harm living beings, but they can lend their strength."

"Hwo...helpwing…(hoo...helping…)" Ainsley was enlightened.

Then my decision to pretend having the spirit of the Godfather to help me...that is already a correct decision!

"Yes, the spirits can help. Some can lend one of their power to living beings, and those who can use the power of the dead spirit are called a shaman."

Finley opened his palm, and the wind gathered on top of it. Surprisingly, the wind formed a figure of someone wearing wizard robes and a huge staff.

"That is a shaman. The power to borrow the power of spirits is unique only to shamans. They can even talk and see the spirits, unlike others."


"Traditional mafia families call them shaman, but normies with no special ability call them indigo."

Indigo! I see I see. And some people don't have special abilities? Hmmm, they're called normies. Get it.

Ainsley nodded without speaking. The baby then tugged Finley's sleeve, urging him to continue.

"Haha, alright, alright. Next. A powerful shaman can use multiple abilities from various spirits only if they contract them. If one spirit has more than one ability, then they only need to contract one."

Finley changed the shape of the wind, and this time, he added several ghost-like figures next to the shaman projectile made of wind.

"Talented shamans are rare. Most shamans you see can only contract a spirit that has a single ability. A middle-level shaman can contract a spirit with double ability."

"Owh…" Ainsley's eyes shone at the explanation.

It means...getting more than one spirit to help an ability user 'shaman' was extremely difficult.


I should only pretend to have the Godfather spirit to help me, and the power he lends me– it will be his advice and knowledge.

As for the prophetic dream, I can say that the Godfather visits my dream and tells me stuff. It may be something related to the future or not.

Ainsley finished arranging her plausible reasonings if one day people knew about her 'ability' to contact a dead spirit.

"Hm, I think you already understand about dead spirits. Now the second type of spirit is elemental."

Finley clenched his fists, and when he opened his palm, the wind created a normal-looking young boy. He modelled the boy after himself.

"Unlike dead spirits, any ability users can contract an elemental spirit, similar to fairies." Finley had a smile on his face as he continued.

"Elemental spirits will help the contractor to recharge their ability faster. Well, if their element is the same."

Finley added a flame spirit, a floating flame figure next to his figure. Of course, it's all made of wind.

"If the contractor has a different element from the spirit, they can use the spirit to help them in combat."


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