I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 47 - "Secret Base"

Chapter 47: "Secret Base"

Ainsley was even ready to spread a rumour about the giant tree behind the mansion. Of course, it would be a nasty rumour where people would get cursed by a spirit if they come near it.

That way, she could use the tree as a secret base whenever she met Fin. ​​

While Ainsley was planning on a nasty trick, the two finally arrived in front of the old tree.

"Here." Finley halted his steps. The boy then casually picked Ainsley and let her sit on his left arm.

"See this tree? The branch is strong enough for the two of us." Finley looked up at the tree, which was three times– no. Several times taller than him.

The tree's height even rivalled the mansion's height.

"Hwum. Bwig. (Big)." Ainsley also looked up at the tree with lush leaves. The leaves were as green as Fin's eyes. Well, it's darker, but it's still as pretty as the fairy's jewel-like eyes.

And strangely, even though the tree' leaves were thick, sunlight could still pass through it, creating a beautiful heaven-like scenery whenever the golden light flashed straight to the grass field.

Is this a fairy tree? Looks so magical.

Ainsley, who liked anything magical, felt a strong affinity toward the tree. She couldn't help but want to explore it right away, even forgetting her afternoon mission to fire some incompetent bastards.

As if sensing Ainsley's eagerness, Finley chuckled before kicking off the ground.

"Let's go up." Finley's body was surrounded by the wind once more, and he easily leapt to the highest branch. The branch was so high that one couldn't see it from the ground. It's perfectly hidden behind the lush leaves.

Srak. Srak. Soak.

Finley brushed off the leaves that blocked his way with just a wave of his finger. Dozens of wind bullets helped him to push aside those leaves without touching it.

Once the leaves were pushed apart like a curtain, Finley and Ainsley found a sturdy-looking branch. The branch was thick, and the diameter was also enormous.

It's the size of an elephant's trunk. Maybe bigger.

"Let's sit here." Finley stepped on the tough branch and slowly let Ainsley down. He then hurriedly sat down before helping Ainsley to sit down.

"Uwh…" Ainsley held onto Finley's arm tightly as she slowly placed her butt on the thick branch. Since her body was small, the branch helped her to be her perfect chair.

At this moment, her legs should be dangling on the branch, but she could stretch her legs instead, and her legs would still be within the branch's area.

"Waaa…" Ainsley gasped in awe at the branch's size. With this, she didn't have to worry about losing balance and fell.

Why? Because somehow, there were some leaves stacked behind her, acting as a backrest. She didn't know how those leaves on the smaller branches formed such a backrest for her, but…

Maybe it's Fin's doing?

"Twank ywou." Ainsley thanked Finley even when she didn't know what he did for her. The baby slowly released her grip on Finley's arm and smiled sweetly.

Hehehe, to think that I'll sit on a tall tree together with a fairy. That sounds so magical!

"Don't mind it." Finley patted Ainsley's head, as usual, and slowly used his wind to clear the path blocking their view. Once the wind held back the curtain of leaves, the two could finally see the scenery behind the leaves…

Which are the Sloan mansion and the garden.

"Hwaaa...secleth bashe…(secret base…), " Ainsley muttered in excitement.

A secret base. From this height, she could see the entire back garden and the back of the mansion. Since there's a back door there, she could watch some people entering the door back and forth.

This might be a useful discovery for the future. And it's thanks to Fin that she could find it.

"Hwehehehe. Pwetty." Ainsley shook her legs as she praised the beauty of the back garden.

Everywhere she landed her gaze, greeneries filled her eyes–the smell of soil and plants spoiled her nose. Moreover, the distant noise of birds chirping and insects 'chatting' filled her ears.

It felt like heaven.

Ainsley couldn't stop grinning. She hummed happily while thinking of various plans to use the tree whenever she was with Fin.

Maybe I can ask Fin to trim the tree and shape a secret base here? Since Fin's wind control is good, he can use it to cut the leaves and branches, right?

Ainsley was about to ask when Finley poked her left cheek, sinking his finger to her chubby cheek.

"Hwm?" Ainsley frowned and quickly looked to the left. Confusion filled her eyes, but it didn't last long.

"How is it? Do you like it? If you want, I can trim the tree and make a hideout." Finley grinned like a cheeky brat. Unlike his bashful and shy appearance a day before, the boy looked much more relaxed and energetic.

It's as if he became a completely different person. Not like Ainsley hated it anyway. This kind of Fin is more interesting for her.

"Hwide– outh? Gwood! Bwut nwot nowh. (Hide– out? Good! But not now), " Ainsley agreed to Finley's suggestion, but she asked him not to do it now.

The reason? Because there are only a few hours to meet Fin. She shouldn't waste it waiting for the boy to trim the tree.

"Ah, okay. I'll trim the tree after you leave." Finley turned around and sat in a lotus position.

The boy then leaned his back to the main trunk of the tree leisurely.

"For now, what do you want to know?" he casually asked.

Ainsley gulped at the question. She wanted to ask right away, but…

Uh, Fin...what's with the wind around your fingertips?

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