I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 46 - "Fly"

Chapter 46: "Fly"

Finley felt his head spin around and the surroundings blurred for a second.

Why...why is Ain hugging me? ​​

Finley might look like a boy outside, but he's still a young man inside. Of course, he wasn't flustered when Ainsley was around, because she's still only three years old.

But the girl's expression looked strange. He couldn't help but feel nervous.

"W-what's wrong, Ain?" Finley pushed Ainsley away and kept a distance from the baby. Somehow, he felt that the baby would be dangerous for him.

"Ewm, mwish ywou, Fwin. (Em. Miss you, Fin.)" Ainsley grinned widely. Her pearl-like teeth shone under the sunlight as the baby crawled closer to Finley.

"Fwin, pway? (Fin, play?)" She innocently tried to ask Finley to play with her, but her aggressiveness scared Finley.

He had never played with kids before, and now he had to.

"Uh...uh...should we go to the garden?" Finley broke in a cold sweat as he tried to amuse Ainsley.

It's the first genuine friend he had, and he didn't want to disappoint the baby.

"Galden? Yesh! Gwo, gwo! (Garden? Yes! Go, go!)" Ainsley jumped lightly and grabbed Finley's pinky finger. The baby immediately dragged Finley with her even when the boy barely budged.

"Fwin, thel mwe a wot abwouth faily. (Fin, tell me a lot about fairy.)" Ainsley asked Finley to tell her more about fairies as the two walked to the window.

The baby just knew that somehow, Finley would bring her out of the library through the window.

"I'll tell you later. First, hang on. We are going to fly." Finley hugged Ainsley in his arms, and after making sure the baby wouldn't fall, he used his ability.

Strong gusts of wind surrounded the two right after they stepped on the window frame. In no time, the wind seemed to form wings for Finley, and when the boy stepped out of the window, his body immediately floated in the air.

"Hwaa…" Ainsley gripped Finley's clothes tighter as she looked down at the view below her feet. Finley didn't fly that high, but she could already see the entire Sloan Family's garden not far from their place.

Damn. Wind ability...that's sick!

Ainsley's eyes brightened as Finley started to move using the wind ability. The way he controlled his ability was as if the wind was part of his body.

"Fwin...amazwing!" Ainsley subconsciously praised Finley. The wind caressed her cheeks as the baby looked up at Finley.

As expected of a fairy. Not only handsome, but his ability is also superb! His control over his ability is also over the top.

"Hahaha. You flatter me. This kind of control is average for royal fairies." Finley patted Ainsley's head with a bright smile plastered on his face.

When the fairy smiled, the sunshine illuminated his face, and the blue sky became his backdrop. His golden hair fluttered from the wind wings on his back, reflecting the sunlight once in a while.

His emerald eyes stared straight to Ainsley's eyes, captivating her.

'...why is this boy so pretty?'

Ainsley couldn't help but feel bitter as she looked at Finley's sparkling eyes. Such a clear color of emerald, one would mistake his eyes for a real emerald.

It did look like jewellery. Is this also the unique trait of a royal fairy?

Ainsley believed that was the case. However, it's merely a side effect of Finley's contract with the time fairy.

He now shared the same eyes as the fairy, but since he wasn't a fairy but a human, his eyes looked more like a jewel. Whereas, the fairy's emerald eyes looked like a tranquil lake.

"Fwin swo pwetty, (Fin so pretty), " Ainsley murmured as leaned her cheek to the boy's chest. Being carried in his arm, it's quite nice to have a free transporter who was this pretty.

Ah, he also smelled nice.

Ainsley didn't realise she just turned into a pervert who might scare away boys below 10 years old.

"Hm? What did you say?" Finley, who was concentrating on avoiding the guards' eyes as he headed to the back garden, asked Ainsley for clarification.

He didn't hear what Ainsley said clearly, but his guts told him that he had to know it.

"Nwo, nwothing," Ainsley shook her head, denying anything she ever said.

Even if Fin is a pretty fairy, he's still a boy. Will he like it if I say that he's pretty? Ugh, because rather than handsome, he's really pretty!

Maybe if he grows up, he will become handsome. But for now, when he's still a child, he's pretty!

Ainsley pretended that she never said anything. Thus, Finley could only brush it off.

"Hm, alright. Anyway...the garden. It's here." Finley told Ainsley as he slowly descended to the ground full of grass. Once his feet touched the green grass, the boy sighed in relief.

The back garden. There are no guards here. I'll be safe.

Finley made sure that no one would see him before he let Ainsley down to the ground. Once the baby could walk on her own, Finley held her hand.

"Let's go to that tree, okay? I can't be seen by humans other than you. Else, I can never go out of the castle." Finley lied without batting an eyelid.

He pointed at an enormous lush tree at the back of the mansion. The tree was so massive that one might use it for a treehouse.

"Owkay." Ainsley nodded obediently. She let Finley hold her hand and guided her to the lavish tree.

If Fin can't go out to meet me because other humans discover him, that will be bad.

Let's hide his existence!

Ainsley is determined to hide Fin forever and ever. Only she should know about his existence, even among humans who contracted a few fairies.

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