I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 45 - "Reunion"

Chapter 45: "Reunion"

With the head accountant leaving the dining hall, the other accountants scurried over behind the leader. All of them also clicked their tongue and silently cursed Ainsley.

What an arrogant child. ​​

She is so willful.

Isn't she spoiled?

The Sloan Family will fall in her hands.

How could she be so thoughtless to fire an entire team just because she doesn't like them?

Even the maids and the servants in the room felt disappointed with the baby's character.

We thought that the young miss was kind. It seems that it's just an illusion.

Ainsley lost the respect of the maids and the servants. The baby knew that, but she just shrugged her shoulders.

Why should I curry favour with those who never stand on my side, to begin with? These maids, when I was still the heiress, they didn't bother to take care of me.

Even if the family head, my father, didn't order them to look after me, if they still had a heart, they should do that.


Ainsley harrumphed in her heart and swore that she would one day replace all the unloyal maids and servants in the mansion. She only needed someone who wouldn't doubt her and respected her despite her young age.

If those maids and servants are trained enough, they will never question my decision and will never talk behind my back too.

Ainsley once again clicked her tongue in disgust.

It's easy to curry favour with everyone, but I won't do that. It's more important to curry favour with Yofan, Elliana, and a few important executives.

Oh, right, if I change the housekeeper, the head maid will change too. Then I can pick people according to my taste.

Ainsley drew a big smile on her face as she planned a complete cleanup to wash this 'dirty' mansion.

Until she surrounded herself with only her trusted people, she wouldn't waste her time trying to bring those corrupt maids and servants to her side.

Maybe it's better if I train newbie maids and make them utterly loyal to me? It's easy to train newbies rather than trying to win over the old maids.

Ainsley glanced at the few maids standing not far from the dining table. All those maids were the one taking care of her just after she became the family head.

Where were they when she was still a young miss?

'Heheh, maybe for my birthday, I should ask for new maids and servants.'

Ainsley wished she could do that. If only the Sloan Family had enough money. They looked wealthy outside, but actually crumbling inside.

Just like that, Ainsley gracefully finished her dinner. One wouldn't believe that the baby had just wailed and rolled on the floor to fire some people.

It's a shocking change. But no one questioned it. They just thought that the baby was now calm.

The next day, 8 a.m

"Hmm, hmm, whel ish Fwin…(where is Fin…)" Ainsley walked back and forth on the second floor of the library. Today, the baby wore a simple plain white one-piece, suitable for summer.

She tied her hair into two small buns and used glittery silver ribbon to decorate her purple hair. Because of her hairstyle, she looked like Minnie Mouse.

Today, the baby waited patiently next to the huge window on the second floor. Just like yesterday, she left Elliana to deal with documents downstairs while she waited for someone.

That someone is none other than the Library Fairy, Finnie.

At this moment, Finnie, no. Finley Walter, the heir of the Walter family, was busy dressing up in brown medieval-style clothes.

He put on a dark brown vest on top of his short-sleeved white shirt before pairing it with plaid dark brown pants. The boy then wore a cute mocha beret hat.

He didn't forget to put on old round glasses similar to the one used by Harry Potter. As the finishing touch, he tied a bow tie around his neck and slipped leather shoes on his feet.

Only then the boy looked around his bedroom before slowly escaping through the window.

The boy flew in the air and rushed to the mansion 15 minutes away from his house, the Sloan Main Estate.

Because today he didn't come as an official guest, Finley raised his guard to the max before slipping right under the guards' nose.

He was so nimble to escape the guards' eyes. Also, his excellent stealth technique enabled him to bypass the mansion without anyone seeing.

Once he spotted the white mansion building, the boy hurriedly searched for the window to the library. He found it in no time. Waiting for no more, he kicked off the ground.


The wind brought him up to the window on the second floor. Thankfully, the window was opened wide as if to welcome him.


Finley sighed in relief as he stepped on the window frame. The boy then slowly descended to the floor. But then...his feet just landed on the wooden floor when a small figure in white suddenly dashed toward him.

"Fwin!" Ainsley whispered as she ran to the boy with a wide smile. The girl was so excited that she spread her arm wide and…

Hugged the boy.


Ainsley's small body crashed to Finley's chest.

Finley was pushed to the wall behind him as he fell on his butt.


"Gah!" Finley shrieked a bit when his butt hit the floor. Simultaneously, his back also hit the wall, but this wasn't enough to make him flustered.

It's the girl in his arm that blew away his mind.

"A-ain?!" Finley called out nervously. The boy cautiously looked down and saw the baby girl grinning from ear to ear.


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