I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 44 - "Tyranny"

Chapter 44: "Tyranny"

'Just now, Ain mentioned the Godfather. Then is it the Godfather who asks Ain to fire these people? There's no way Ain can say those words if not for the Godfather' advice.'

Yofan's intuition told him that he should follow Ainsley's words, but since it was so sudden, he couldn't immediately decide. ​​

"This…" Yofan smiled bitterly at the head accountant without taking any action against Ainsley. He looked like he's embarrassed by Ainsley's action, but he had no intentions to rebuke her.

Even Ainsley noticed this and smiled triumphantly.

"Gwandpa Dale shaid file, file! Fileeee! Mweh! (Grandpa Dave said fire, fire! Fireeee! Meh!)"

Ainsley spat to the head accountant and even stuck out her tongue. The baby then jumped off the chair and collapsed on the floor.

"File, file, file! Waaahhh! Gwandpa, file!! (Fire, fire, fire, waaah! grandpa, fire!)" Ainsley started to kick her legs and rolled on the floor while wailing out loud.

The baby didn't care for the maids' horrid eyes on her. She kept shouting to Grandpa Yofan.

"Gwandpa, Gwandpa, theyh, bwad! File! Hwaaaaa...bwaaad. Dhemon! (grandpa, grandpa, they bad! Fire! Hwaaaa...bad. Demon!)"

Ainsley cried and her tears soaked the floor right away. The baby's deafening shout echoed in the hall, bringing everyone to block their ears.

Damn it. What is this?!

The head accountant and the other accountants looked at Ainsley as if she was the demon, not them.

Why does this baby suddenly act like this?! Demon, us? Bah! You are the demon, bastard!

The head accountant could still remember how Ainsley spat at him. Even though she didn't really spat any of her saliva, her action was already crossing the line.

"Great elder! The family head– this is absurd! She wants to fire us?" The head accountant could no longer hold back his anger. He pointed his finger at Ainsley, who was still wailing on the floor.

"This is tyranny!" He protested.

The other accountants weren't brave enough to say the same thing, but they nodded eagerly. They supported the head accountant's statement that the family head–

Is crazy.

Once the head accountant said this, he expected the elder to agree with him. However, Grandpa Yofan made a shocking decision.

"I can't go against the family head. The power to decide things is in her hand, and the one utilising the power will be the guardian."

Grandpa Yofan surprisingly said that he didn't have any power to refuse Ainsley even when he actually could do that.

"This!" The head accountant's face turned bright red. He could feel the elder's intention to leave everything to the irresponsible family head, the baby.

How? How could this be? I won't get fired just because of a baby's whimsical wish!

The head accountant was about to retort when the elder looked at Elliana with a smile on his face.

"Guardian, you have the seal of the family head, right?"

"Yes." Elliana answered shortly. That answer was enough to frighten everyone, though.

Why? Because if she used the seal, then these people could be fired anytime.

"Let's see your decision tomorrow afternoon, shall we? Until then, you should discuss with the family head." Yofan looked at Ainsley and winked.

"Ain, tomorrow afternoon before lunch, you will announce the last decision. How is it?" Yofan gave the others a chance to stop Ainsley's sudden demand.

It looked like that. The truth? He just wanted to see if Dave Mailoor would say anything else to Ainsley after the implementation of his advice was postponed.

"Hm, tomowow? Kay." Ainsley finally stopped crying. She calmly stood up and dusted off her rabbit pyjama before climbing the seat leisurely.

She then resumed eating her food without looking at those accountants. What's the use of looking at them? She already collected enough proof that the entire team was guilty of embezzlement.

Elliana already collected the data for her, and her decision was firm.

She needed to reform the accountant team.

Ainsley, Elliana and Yofan, the three of them walked in the same direction, but the head accountant and the other accountants were shocked to the bone.

What? How could this be? The elder just leaves everything to Elliana and the baby? Only one word from this snotty brat and…

We will get fired?!

The men's face turned blue. If only they had combat-related abilities, they would already wreck the dining hall and attack Ainsley.

Sadly, they didn't have such abilities. Not to mention that going against the baby when the absolute elder was here…

Is suicide.

Yofan, the absolute elder, his power was not a joke. His ultimate ability, the black hole, could crush anyone with just a flick of his finger!

Knowing this fact, the head accountant shut his mouth. He wanted to protest and yell, but he knew he couldn't.

Thus, the man could only grit his teeth and clenched his fists. He glared at Ainsley.

"Family head, I expect a wise decision from a genius like you." The head accountant deliberately praised Ainsley just to warn her.

Be wise. Don't show that you're an idiot.

If this case blew up, even other families out of the Sloan Family would laugh at the family head! The executives wouldn't stay still either, right?

The head accountant still believed that Ainsley just acted selfishly for today. Behind the scene, Yofan would be the one dealing with things.

Even if Ainsley one-sidedly fired the entire accountant team, the executives wouldn't just let her be, right?

He believed so.

"I will excuse myself then. I am looking forward to the boss' wise decision. Good night." The head accountant didn't hide his anger toward Ainsley and arrogantly flung his head.

Anyone in his position would do the same. Who would take a baby seriously? She's just a puppet!

At least that's what others thought.

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