I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 43 - "File! (Fire!)"

Chapter 43: "File! (Fire!)"

"Uh...the family head?" The head accountant didn't see Ainsley because of her small body, but after the absolute elder mentioned it, he found the baby. She was sitting on the seat meant for the house owner. 

The head accountant's eyes widened in shock. His body stiffened, unable to understand what's going on.  ​​

This...baby? She...is the family head? Then the rumour is right? 

The head accountant had heard that a baby now led their family. Even though she would just be a symbol of the family, it's still a big deal. 

He thought that it's just a rumour. Because if it's true, other families will laugh at their Sloan Family. But then…the family head is really just a toddler? 

No– no wonder the executives tried hard to hide this fact! Especially because of the guardian…

The head accountant looked at Elliana, who was sitting on the right side of the baby. She might look like a folding screen for a while when Ainsley and the elder chatted, but she's still undoubtedly the guardian. 

The one that held the real power of the family. 

But...but Elliana is famous for being a strong fighter without a brain! How could she be the guardian?! 

The head accountant was displeased, but somehow he was also thrilled. If such a brainless woman became the guardian, then, no one would ever find out about his evil deeds. 

The head account sighed in relief. He then apologised to the absolute elder. 

"I'm sorry, absolute elder, this old me just see the family head…" The head accountant blamed his 'old age' of thirty years old as a reason why he didn't greet the family head. 

Well, he truly didn't notice Aimsley in the beginning, but even when he saw her now, he had no intention to greet her. 

His pride wouldn't allow that.

How could the head accountant, the one holding the family's economy in the family had to bow to a toddler? 

A female toddler on top of that! 

The head accountant smiled as he apologised to the elder, but he still didn't greet Ainsley. He kept talking non-stop to flatter the elder, but he didn't even glance at the baby. 

The absolute elder noticed this, and he was instantly furious. 

This head accountant– he doesn't even see Ainsley in his eyes! 

Yofan clenched his old fists together, and he was about to reprimand the head accountant's arrogant behaviour when Ainsley suddenly shrieked. 

"Wah! Bwad gwuy! Bwad! Waahh! Gwo! Gwo! Hush! Shoo! (Wah! Bad guy! bad! waahh! go! go! hush! shoo!)" Ainsley suddenly flapped her hands and gestured to the head accountant to leave. 

The baby puffed her cheeks, and her eyes started to flicker in red flame. 

"Gwo! Bwad gwuy! Alh op ywou! Gwo! (Go! bad guy! all of you! go!)" Ainsley shouted as loud as she could, and her childish voice successfully pierced everyone's ears. 

The head accountant, the elder and even the accountant team members simultaneously looked at Ainsley in shock. 

What is this baby saying?? 

The head accountant's lips twitched in disgust. He tugged his lips, creating a dark smile as he mentioned Ainsley. 

"Great elder, this...the family head…" His tone of voice was full of confusion and a slight mockery. It's clear that he tried to show the elder just how disgraceful Ainsley was. 

Even the elder, Yofan, was flustered. 

"What's wrong, Ain? What's wrong?" Yofan broke in a cold sweat because he knew that Ainsley wasn't a baby who would suddenly create a commotion. 

She was usually obedient and kind. So for her to yell and cry like that, something must be wrong. 

"Theysh, baad peeps! Gwandpa Dale shays...shays… (they...bad peeps! Grandpa Dave says...says..)" Ainsley bit her lips as she growled at the accountant team members and the head accountant. 

"Uhm...file? Yeh, file! File! Alh op ywou, filedh! (Uhm...fire? yes, fire! fire! all of you, fired!)" Ainsley suddenly stood on the chair and pointed at the sixteen men in the room. 

"Filed! (fired!)" Ainsley repeated her words as she gestured a slice to her throat. Her head was lifted up high as one of her legs was placed on the table. She even put her left hand on her waist. 

"Ywou, ywou, ywou, filed! (you, you, you, fired!)" Ainsley pointed all the men in the room before gesturing 'a slice to her throat' for the second time. 


Silence filled the room. Everybody held their breath and their heart pounded fast. 

The sixteen people, including Grandpa Yofan, all of them had a baffled look on their face. 

The family head...just...fired them? 

The accountant team members'  faces turned dark as embarrassment washed over. 

Did this baby just say she would fire them? A three years old baby?! 

The head accountant looked at how Ainsley looked down on him as if he was a cockroach, and he felt infinite anger toward the ignorant baby. 

This! What an insult! She's so rude! 

"G-great elder, the family head...uh...this is too much." The head accountant wiped his forehead and smiled apologetically. He spoke as if the family head had gone insane. 

Everyone in the room, including the maids and the servants, also thought the same. They looked at Ainsley who still had one leg on the table and shook their head. 

The young miss is finally throwing a tantrum, right? This is why a baby can never be a family head, ah. 

How could she suddenly say that she would fire all of these gentlemen? 

Ainsley said 'file' which meant fire because she couldn't pronounce 'r'. Still, everyone knew what she wanted to say, and it's outright outrageous. 

"Absolute elder, the family head…" The head accountant once again pressed Yofan to calm Ainsley. He thought that Yofan would be embarrassed by Ainsley's action and would then revoke her position. 


Yofan had a grim expression instead. He looked at the head accountant in suspicion. 

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