I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 42 - "The Head Accountant"

Chapter 42: "The Head Accountant"

Uncle Yofan was so flustered beyond imagination. He kept sweating non-stop, thinking of the danger Ainsley might face if others knew of her ability. 

Especially when she's still powerless like now, evil people or shady organisations might kidnap her and use her.  ​​

That can't do. I have to hide this fact. Ainsley can't reveal her power to others until she's 7 at least. 

Grandpa Yofan took this decision because others would know that she already awakened her ability at such a young age. 

Also...for me to talk with this baby...it is already suspicious for others, right? Because kids die when they interact with me, it's strange that Ainsley is fine. 

'I should spread rumours to stop others' suspicion. That way, I can be with this kid and assist her.' 

Grandpa Yofan decided to say that he wore special contact lenses to interact with Ainsley. But that would be a separate matter from this one. 

For now, he needed to respond to Ainsley's story. 

"Hm, Ain, you said that the grandpa in your dream gave you advice?" Grandpa Yofan easily believed it. There's no way a baby would lie, after all. 

"Hwm!" Ainsley nodded cheerfully. Yes, there's no way a baby would lie...but a baby with the soul of an adult would lie. 

"The grandpa gave you advice because he favoured you, right?" Yofan asked once more. He knew that getting favoured by the legendary mafia means that the person had the potential to be the best. 

Still, it's weird how Dave Mailoor, the Godfather favoured Ainsley instead of the famous genius heir from the Walter Family. 

"Yewsh! Twat gwandpa wikes mwe! (Yes! That grandpa likes me!)" Ainsley patted her chest, boasting what she just said. She looked so confident that Grandpa Yofan couldn't help but chuckle. 

Maybe this is why the Godfather chose Ainsley instead of the Walter Family's heir. Ainsley is just...unique. 

"Alright. Then the advice he gave is...to call the accountant team?" Grandpa Yofan carefully dug out more information from the baby. 

He already believed that Ainsley had a prophetic dream ability, but...what's the connection with meeting the accountant team? 

There was no relation with those people, right? 

Or so he thought. 

Yofan, as one of the great 7 elders, was just great in name and position. In fact, he didn't even know the corruption was happening inside the family. 

If Finley were here, he would say that the 7 elders were just a trophy of the Sloan Family. They were indeed strong, but they lacked things to manage the family. 

Now they were old, many things passed their keen eyes and resulted in the Sloan Family's decline. 

That's why Yofan couldn't understand why Dave Mailoor, the Godfather, advised Ainsley to meet the accountant team. Still, if it was Dave who advised so, then it should be beneficial for the family. 

That's why, Yofan confirmed this advice once more. 

"Hwm. Dale Gwandpa shaid swo. (Hm. Dave Grandpa said so.)" Ainsley nodded in confidence. She even looked eager to meet the accountant team. 

Because tonight...she is going to create trouble.

"Do we call them right away?" Yofan subconsciously used a polite language even when he was talking to someone much younger than him. 

It's simply because of the backing of Dave Mailoor who visited Ainsley's dream. 

Ainsley's choice to pick the Godfather name was the best. 

"Hwm. Lighth nowh (right now)!" Ainsley nodded once more. She had nodded her head a few times until she felt like a chicken pecking seeds or something. 

Seeing that Ainsley looked severe and didn't bother to lie, Yofan let out a long sigh. 

If it's like this...I'll have to call the accountant team. 

"Alright. I'll summon all the members of the accountant team." Grandpa Yofan immediately waved his hand and one of his personal butlers popped out of thin air. 

His sudden appearance started Ainsley, almost making the baby choke on her soup. 

What– who is this butler? Is he a butler or an assassin, ah? 

Ainsley peeked at the man dressed in formal butler clothes. The man looked like he's in his fifty, but his appearance was still handsome. 

Short black hair and sharp black eyes, a few wrinkles visible on his forehead and under his eyes…

He looks scary…

Ainsley didn't look at the butler anymore and let Grandpa Yofan command his butler. Even though Yofan was just a trophy of the family, he still had real power thanks to his position. 

Thus, when the elder asked the accountant team to assemble at the dining hall of the Sloan Family's main mansion, no one could refuse his order. 

Even when he fired people or took in a few members to the family, no one could protest. Even the executives would think twice to go against the strongest elder among the 7 great elders. 

In just 10 minutes, about 15 people plus one main accountant assembled in the dining hall. All of them wore a wrinkled white shirt without a black suit, unlike other mafia members. 

These accountants didn't have combat power, but their non-combat ability was a fit for their position. 

"Greetings, absolute elder." One man came forward, representing the team. 

The navy-haired man then immediately bowed politely. He  looked mannered and kind, but in Ainsley's eyes, he looked annoying. 

The baby clicked her tongue, feeling irritated. 

Why? Because the head accountant didn't greet her, the family head! 

Even Grandpa Yofan noticed this. 

"Why didn't you greet the family head too? Are you blind?" Grandpa Yofan suddenly scowled at the head accountant, throwing the warm atmosphere to the ice-cold lake. 

Hearing the unpleasant response, the head accountant's brown eyes shook for a second.  

He suddenly had a bad feeling. 

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