I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 41 - "Dave Mailoor"

Chapter 41: "Dave Mailoor"

Because Grandpa Yofan asked for more detail, Ainsley gladly answered. 

"Hwmmm...eyesh...dawk gween. Hail...bwack? Lwong bwack hail. Ah, thele ish a bwit gowdenh….(Eyes...dark green...hair...black? Long black hair. Ah, there is a bit golden.)" Ainsley described Godfather's appearance accurately.  ​​

Long black hair like the one in ancient China, sharp dark green eyes looking like a predator, and a bit of golden colour hidden among his black hair. 

Even when Godfather is already old, he still looked handsome and menacing enough. 

"Shwkin...bwone? Bwon. (Skin...brown? brown.)" Ainsley said that the skin is brown. It's tanned, just like Elliana but maybe the color is a bit lighter than Elliana's exotic skin. 

Once Ainsley finished telling Yofan the complete appearance of the grandpa in her dream, Yofan's jaw dropped to the floor. He tried to be composed, but how could he? 

A three-year-old baby who never saw the Godfather in any picture books or such, suddenly said that she saw the guy in her dream. 

If this is Earth, people will dismiss it, saying that it's a coincidence. But in this world where people believed in a prophetic dream, one couldn't just dismiss it! 

Even if Ainsley had seen a picture of the Godfather before, for it to come to her dream...is rather unusual, especially if the content is strange. 

Thus, to confirm whether it's a prophetic dream or not, Yofan carefully asked.

"What...what did that grandpa say to you? Did he do anything? Like...maybe…" Grandpa Yofan finally stuttered for the first time. He even broke in a cold sweat. 

If Ainsley had the ability of a prophetic dream, then the Sloan Family would flourish in no time! 

"Hwm, the gwandpa cwit cwath awnd shaid hwe lwike mwe. Awso…(Hmm, the grandpa chit chat and said he like me.)" Ainsley started to explain the content of her dream in great details. 

Of course, while doing so, she sometimes paused to recall her dream and resumed. The baby just talked about all the things she experienced without a single clue to what it might be. 

She looked innocent. No one would suspect that such a baby was actually fabricating the whole story. Even if Godfather's spirit existed, he might even believe Ainsley that he visited her dream. 

10 minutes later…

"Oh, God…" Grandpa Yofan covered his mouth and sighed. His wrinkled forehead became even crumpled than before, and he seemed to age faster. 

Maybe he aged 100 years faster. 

"Ain...you…" Grandpa Yofan held his forehead as he looked at Ainsley, not knowing what to say. The grandpa just stared at the girl without saying anything else.

"Ywesh? (Yes?)" Ainsley tilted her head innocently. She acted as if she didn't know anything– 

When she knew everything. 

Deep inside, the girl was cheering and laughing because Grandpa Yofan believed her so easily. 

'It must be thanks to my age. It's hard to lie about such a great future. And the story of my dream is too detailed for a baby to lie about it.' 

Hehehe, being a baby isn't bad, right? 

"Hwat ish ith, gwandpa? (What is it, grandpa?)" Ainsley held Grandpa Yofan's hand and shook it once more when the elderly didn't say anything. 

Grandpa Yofan instantly snapped out of his thoughts. He looked at Ainsley with a wry smile. 

"Ain, the grandpa in your dream...did he tell you his name?" Grandpa Yofan was already 90% convinced that Ainsley just had a prophetic dream. 

Just one more push, and he would fall to the trap. 

"Nwame…(Name...)" Ainsley pretended to forget the name of the grandpa in her dream for a few seconds. Of course, she did it to avoid others seeing her with such detailed memory over her dream. 

The baby pretended to struggle to remember the name for a few seconds until Ainsley suddenly looked like she got enlightenment. 

"Awh! Nwame! Dape Mailhool. (Ah! Name! Dave Mailoor)" Ainsley grinned from ear to ear. 

Her pronunciation was still a mess, but the name she blurted out resembled one name that every mafia knew. 

Dave Mailoor. The real name of a legendary mafia, the Godfather. 

"D-dave...Mailoor?" Grandpa Yofan almost fainted. His face turned pale in a blink of an eye, and he might get a heart attack soon. 

Dave Mailoor! The Godfather! That grandpa in Ainsley's dream...is the father of all mafia. Then...then...did his spirit just visit Ainsley's dream? 

It was possible. After all, the people in this world believed in spirits of those named people in history, such as the Godfather. 

The prophetic dream itself could only occur if one of the spirits from the historical figure visited an ability user and gave them the power to see the future. 

The fairy of time could also give such power, but spirits did it often compared to that fairy. Still, the chance of someone having a prophet-related ability…

Is only 0.001% 

It's so rare that if someone got this ability, even the country would bring the user to their side at any cost. 

It's even rarer than those ability users that could lend their body to the spirits and use one of the spirit's powers in a specific duration. 

So...for Ainsley to have such an ability, prophetic dream….it was a big deal! 

Even though a prophetic dream was the weakest ability related to prophesy, it was still a huge deal considering the user was just a child. 

Also, the person who visited her dream would be the only spirit to grant her the ability. The degree of her ability depended on the spirit who visited her dream. 

And the baby said that the one visiting her dream was the legendary Godfather?! 

That's enough news to make the Walter Family want to send their heir to marry Ain! 

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