I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 40 - "A Big Issue"

Chapter 40: "A Big Issue"

Ainsley giggled to herself.

I can just deliver the message to the blue-eyed elder, and since I look smart in those elders' eyes, they will believe me. Right? ​​

Especially the blue-eyed elder. He looks like he thinks of me as a genius. He often looks at me with hopeful eyes and treats me well too.

Let's meet them at dinner.

Ainsley whistled as she slowly fell asleep for real. Of course, no spirit came to her dream, but she was already determined to make it real.

Fool those close to you and others will soon follow. A lie that is repeated several times until it becomes a habit will slowly form into the truth– at least others will feel so.

It's the power of fabricated history that is told to others from generation to generation.

Dinner time.

Ainsley made sure that the blue-eyed elder joined today's dinner. Thankfully, not only he joined, but he also sat next to Ainsley's seat at the edge of the table.

Ainsley occupied the head seat while the elder took the seat near it.

Clak. Clak.

Ainsley tried hard to scoop the soup into her mouth without anyone's help. The quiet dining room was now noisy from the baby's utensils hitting the plate.

Still, no one dared to reprimand the baby because the sight of the cute toddler trying to eat by herself was so touching and heartwarming.

The maids, the servants, the cooks, and even Elliana and the elder all turned a blind eye to Ainsley's action.

15 minutes passed by, and Ainsley's food had been reduced by half. The baby then stopped moving the spoon to her mouth.

She licked her lips instead while turning her head to the elder.

"Gwandpa, " Ainsley called out in a faint voice. The baby was still busy licking her lips, not knowing that the soup already scattered throughout her lower face.

The sight of the baby calling the elder when her face was so messy...it looked a bit laughable.

"Yes, family head?" The blue-eyed elder, Grandpa Yofan, smiled sweetly at Ainsley's call.

The baby's face instantly brightened at the response. She hurriedly lowered her head and whispered to the grandpa as if what she would say is a top-notch secret.

"Gwandpa. Ain...Ain hwad a dleam." Ainsley confessed. Since she lowered her head and brought her face closer to the elder, the elder did the same.

Now, the two looked like grandpa-granddaughter trying to scheme someone.

"A dream? What dream?" Grandpa Yofan calmly asked. He didn't look excited or agitated.

Who would? It's just a baby saying that she got a dream. Grandpa Yofan just casually responded so that the baby wouldn't feel ignored.

"Twat...Ain shaw a Gwandpa." Ainsley's eyes turned serious, but no matter how serious she tried to be, the yellow soup stain around her chin made it impossible for anyone to take her seriously.

The same went for Grandpa Yofan. Yofan chuckled as he lifted his white handkerchief and rubbed Ainsley's chin.

"What kind of grandpa? Is he like me?" Grandpa Yofan asked in a teasing manner. He seemed the calmest and wisest all the time, but this time, he looked a bit mischievous.

"Hwm hwm…" Ainsley struggled to speak because the grandpa rubbed her mouth and chin, cleaning the soup stain. Still, she allowed the grandpa to do that and only after he finished, Ainsley finally spoke.

"A twall gwandpa. Twe gwandpa weals swuith...haf bwack beald, scwaly eyesh, hwuge!" Ainsley started to explain the visual of Godfather in most legends.

A grandpa with a black beard, scary eyes, huge body, and he wears a black suit. Of course, just those clues alone aren't enough for anyone to guess that it's the Godfather.

That's why, Grandpa Yofan calmly asked.

"Then? What else? What does he look like? Any other unique appearance?"

Grandpa Yofan kept pestering Ainsley just to satisfy the baby. He felt that if he didn't do so, the baby would feel disappointed that no one was interested in her story.

Grandpa Yofan did that out of kindness, and Ainsley grabbed this kindness to be her advantage. Yes, she had predicted that the grandpa would keep asking her.

She happily answered while stretching her hands.

"Twe gwanpa bwing a wong twing...lhike twish…" Ainsley stretched her hand as wide as she could and gestured a cane.

Grandpa Yofan instantly guessed that the thing Ainsley meant was a cane.

"Cane?" Grandpa Yofan laughed softly. He started to get interested in the baby's story.

What kind of dream involved such a detailed grandpa's appearance?

"Wesh! Gween Cwane! Twe ish shnake andh twe ish biwd. Biwd– ea– eagel!" Ainsley nodded energetically as she pretended that it's hard to describe the cane's appearance.

Still, in the end, Grandpa Yofan grasped the important clues. A green cane with snake and Eagle decoration on it.

Upon deducing this fact, Grandpa's Yofan calm face slowly contorted. His initially sweet smile stiffened.

...what? A green cane with snake and Eagle decoration?

There's no way Grandpa Yofan wouldn't know about the stick. Such a stick was so famous because only one legendary figure brought it everywhere.

The Godfather.

Grandpa Yofan was finally flustered. He glanced at Ainsley's twinkling eyes in suspicion.

The grandpa in Ainsley's dream...why is it so similar to Godfather? But...Ain should have never seen his picture, right? She's still 3!

Grandpa Yofan wanted to believe that the future in Ainsley's dream is Godfather, but before that, he had to make sure it's really Godfather.

"Ain, what colour are his eyes? And his hair. Also, his skin." Grandpa Yofan patiently inquired. He still lowered his voice so that no one other than Ainsley could hear him–

Because this is a big issue!

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