I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 39 - "Finding The Corrupt Members"

Chapter 39: "Finding The Corrupt Members"

As someone who was immersed in isekai and transmigration to another world, Ainsley had prepared a lot.

She knew that territorial management was also essential beside having a powerful skill. No matter what world she landed on, she would need such skills aside from business skill she developed for over 5 years. ​​

That's why, even when Ainsley was only 20, she had experienced and prepared a lot for one day becoming the top.

Then why didn't she do so in her original world? She could be a successful business woman if she wanted to, but Earth was too boring for her.

But this unknown 'mafia' world is different. Ainsley could feel her adrenaline rush to her vein as she analysed the list she just made.

First, the frontline battle team. Why are they shady? Because they actually requested a lot of weapons when they kept losing the war between families.

It's shady!

Next...they ask for a lot of new reinforcement. They might need more because of the war loss, but the number is just too much. From Ainsley's experience reading thousands of male read manhwa...

A backstabbing might occur between these people.

Ainsley shook her head at the thoughts. No matter where, backstabbing is common and scary.

'I also have to be careful not to get back stabbed.'

While the baby thought so, she moved to another reason why the frontline battle team might be corrupted.

The third reason– is the report of the warehouses they guarded.

It said that everything is alright, the supply for the battle team is ok, etc, but...they kept demanding more saying that a few warehouses were stolen.

It sounded logical at first, but in Ainsley's eyes, it's suspicious. It could be that the warehouse was occupied by themselves and they used it for their own circles rather than for the frontline team.

The upright members must be suffering because of a few corrupt ones at the higher up.

'Haa….and the housekeeper. To think that the report is also suspicious. At a time like this, they can still request for expensive items for the mansion? Who will use it? Me?'

Ainsley was convinced that she didn't get any benefits from those luxurious items. Is it for the executives? They didn't live at the main mansion.

They had other mansions near the main estate.

Not to mention that the housekeeper's report also looked suspicious. The housekeeper gang must make reports like this while secretly stealing some items or money for them.

Maybe they are in cahoots with the accountant, who supervises the flow of money in the family.

Lastly, the business team, the merchant. This team should be the one dealing with external business….

So they're responsible for the drugs, weapons, and other items sold to other families to earn income.

'I know the problem thanks to the executives meeting….so this department is surely troublesome.'

Ainsley checked her temporary list once more and sighed. There were a lot more tasks to do, considering how corrupt they were.

This might be the influence of the previous family head– my father.

Ainsley recalled the face of her 'father' whom she didn't really remember. It's all blurry. She could only remember his bright purple hair.

Ha. That idiot trash. He might be handling the family matter in a right way, but he turns a blind eye to corrupt members. Why? Because he might be busy flirting before finally decides to elope.

Ainsley felt her blood boil just by thinking about her father. She couldn't help but resent whoever eloped with her father.

If only my father didn't fall to a woman's scheme. He would have been a good family head.

Ainsley clicked her tongue as she erased the image of her father. Eh, no, not her father from another world. It's this body's father.

'Anyway…I think I need to kick the accountant team first.'

Ainsley wanted to meet the accountant team quickly and observe them face-to-face. She was confident that she had good eyes in discerning evil people with rotten intentions.

'How should I call the accountant to meet me, though? I think to kick them out...I need the elder's permission. Only then those people will listen.'

Ainsley knew that no one would take her command seriously. This is why she needed Elliana. But Elliana wasn't respected either. Then the last resort would be the blue-eyed elder.

'He seems to be on my side.'

It's also good timing to spread a bit of clues about the prophetic dream.

Ainsley rubbed her hands excitedly. She planned to reveal the existence of the Godfather spirit through the prophetic dream.

I can just say a few things related to the legend of the Godfather. The elder will deduce the rest.

Ainsley finally took the paper on the floor and carefully folded it into a smaller piece. She then pocketed the paper before urging Elliana to have lunch.

Ainsley already acted like a spoiled brat but a genius at the same time. This way, the elders who couldn't interfere much with the family would have no choice but to support her.

3 p.m

"Hwaa…." Ainsley crawled to her cradle and immediately laid down. The baby then closed her eyes and knew that it's time to have a sweet nap.

And also the right time to create a prophetic dream. An artificial one, though.

'Hmm, hmm, I should say that an old grandpa with a fierce look suddenly comes to visit me—he babblers this and that. In the end, he says that he likes me. Thus, he gives me a hint to help my family.'

The hint will be 'meet the accountant members.'

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