I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 38 - "A List"

Chapter 38: "A List"

After Ainsley reunited with Elliana, the baby immediately picked random documents and pretended to play with it when in fact, she's reading the report.

Each document stated the urgent matters in the Sloan Family, and after skimming through some, Ainsley picked the most critical matter she had to solve. ​​

It's embezzlement.

'Even if I revive the family business and win several territories, corrupt members will only create a hole and suck all my hard work.'

Not to mention corrupt members might side with other family members and throw me from the family head seat. Uncle Roger and those other executives…

They might not be corrupt people, but their desire to be the family head can be toxic. They might allow unscrupulous people to exist if it means getting their hand on the family head position.

Those sly foxes believe that the Sloan Family will regain its fame and power once they take over, which is ridiculous.

Ainsley herself wasn't sure how many years she needed to solve the family problem and brought their family to the top 7 of the mafia family.

Maybe I would need 5 years...10 years...15 years...who knows?

Anyway, it's not something that can be done in an instant. That's why the first thing needed to do…

Is to fire all the corrupt members. But the problem is, no one knows which members are the corrupt one. Even if they know, because the family head is powerless, they can't just give the reports.

A useless family head will be the most dangerous. Not only the corrupt members might secretly kill the one who reported them, but the executives might also take those corrupt members to shift the money to their account.

And so...I have to be careful in driving out the corrupt members. I have to make it seem like I did it because I just want it, not because I suspect them to be corrupted.

Ainsley had a smile on her face as she thought of this. She might be powerless now, but being a toddler had its own advantage.

If she could rule the family using the prestige of 'willful and tyranny' of a baby, those members would only resent the family head for being irresponsible.

Even those who were kicked out would feel that way. They might hate me, the family head, but thinking I did it out of my willfulness, there's nothing they can do.

They can't even go to the executives since that will just expose their evil deeds. No one will want to expose their evil deeds if no one knows.

That's stupid. The members who were kicked out for treason and embezzlement couldn't join other families. That's the same as ending their career the moment they're labelled as a traitor or dirty members.

'Then...before I kick people as I please, I need to find the corrupt one and make a stage where I can act willfully.'

Ainsley skimmed through the document to see the loophole. From several reports, the most eye-catching was the income balance.

It's not because the balance was a mess. But it's because the balance was so perfect that Ainsley was sceptical.

'How can the report be this good when the family's condition is at the rock bottom? The administrator might want to look good by doing this, but…'

In Ainsley's eyes, such a report looked like a lie. It's clearly a manipulation. Even though the manipulation might be for the greater good, the documents sent here were meant for the family head.

If they sent such a fabricated report to the family head, which person did they try to fool? Isn't it the family head?

'Ha….the first corrupt person...is the one making the income report and anything related to money. Then that must be…'

Ainsley's blue eyes sharpened.

It must be– the accountant.

'Let's see. The accountant of the Sloan Family is only one. That's why it has such a great position. Hm, hm, this person should have a few subordinates to help…'

Then let's think of all members of the accountant team to be corrupt.

Ainsley took a piece of blank paper and started to scribble using a fountain pen. The mansion might adopt the medieval era style, but the world is a modern one.

The maids even used a vacuum cleaner, okay?

Not minding the world's setting, Ainsley slowly drew a few words using the language she secretly developed as a chuuni.

Since this world had the same language as countries all around Earth, she had to use a completely different language…

Which she stole from a few anime and developed it into her own secret code.

Ainsley leisurely wrote the list of the corrupt members using 'Ain Language'. In other people's eyes, the language looked like a child's meaningless scribble.

Only Ainsley knew the content.

"List of corrupt members."

The accountant team

Ainsley then resumed looking through the documents, and this time, she found several departments that looked shady too. In the end, she revised the list, and this was what she came up with.

"List of corrupt members"

The accountant team (embezzlement)

The frontline battle team (gambling, backstabbing, raiding some of the warehouses and change the report)

The housekeeper gang (stealing items from the mansion, manipulating the flow of money used for the estate)

The merchant/business team (selling items to enemies at a low price and pocket the tips. Stealing the income and changing the report.)

Ainsley found out about these people's evil deeds just from the report sent from each department.

Is it possible? Well, what can't Ainsley do other than growing up fast?

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