I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 37 - "Starting Her Journey"

Chapter 37: "Starting Her Journey"

"Wight (right)? Ain ish pwethy." Ainsley lifted her chin high, and her nose grew long. The baby put her hands on her waist and proudly declared.

I am pretty. ​​

...that's quite a lot of narcissism.

"A-ahaha, yes." Finley was so taken aback that he almost bit his tongue when he responded to the baby.

Uh. This baby is really not an ordinary baby. She already has such confidence at a young age. How can she be gloomy later? No way. This Ainsley...is going to be different from the one I saw in my last life.

Finley subconsciously smiled at the thoughts of the future changed bit by bit. This means that his future might turn out to be better too.

Just like that, the two started to chat about each other, and in a few hours, they already became best friends.

Unfortunately, Finley knew that it's time to go before Uncle Roger came to the library and exposed his identity in front of Ainsley.

"Ain, I think it's time for me to hide." Finley looked at the window not far from their place with a bitter smile on his face.

"I need to go. I come here only to play in the morning. My parents...still need me to leave." Finley once again lied through his teeth.

"Eehhh? Fwin, ywou sthil cwan't gwo alon?" Ainsley squinted her eyes and sighed in disappointment. She thought that Finley's real age should be a teen already, even when he looked like a boy.

That's why she thought that Finley could roam the world freely as a royal fairy. But if he's still underage...he couldn't do that, right?

"I am not yet an adult, Ain….I-I have to come home before the sun stops above our head." Finley pointed at the clock somewhere, and it's already 11 a.m

They talked to each other for 2 hours already.

"Ah, ah, twen, wen...wen cwan Ain mwet ywou?" Ainsley grabbed Finley's finger as she cast her eyes low.

Time passed by too fast. She didn't want to let her only fairy leave without coming back.

"Hmm, I'll come to the library every day at 8. After that, we can go to your garden or something…" Finley pointed at the whole second floor of the library and shifted his finger to the trees outside.

"I'll come stealthily. Ain, you too, don't let anyone follow you." Finley let out a thin smile. The boy wasn't shy around Ainsley anymore, but he's still cautious.

As expected of a fairy. No, a fraud.

"O-okah. Thomowow? Mm! Ain wil cwome hele. Alon!" Ainsley nodded energetically. She promised Finley that she would come alone.

"Okay, good. Then...I'll leave now." Finley walked to the huge window and slowly climbed it. When Ainsley saw this, her heart beat so fast that it might burst out.

'Will Finnie show me his wings?'

As if knowing Ainsley's thoughts, Finley looked back and smiled bitterly.

"If you want to see my wings, I'm afraid I can't show you."


"W-wai??" Ainsley almost shouted, but she suppressed her voice. It would be bad if Elliana and the maids heard her.

"You see...we, the royal fairies, only show our wings to our fated partner…" Finley scratched his red cheeks.

"That's why we rarely show our wings to others, even to a fellow fairy." Finley created such a high-quality lie that Ainsley was instantly fooled.

"Mmhh...ish twat sho…" Ainsley shook her head, regretting the fact that she couldn't see Finley's wings.

"Ah, but you see, we can still fly even without wings. Wings are like a sacred item for the royal fairies. So, we usually fly using wind magic." Finley winked as he stood at the edge of the window.

Just one step forward and he would fall.

"Whin m-maghic?" Ainsley gaped in shock.

The book never said anything about magic. It only said that even mythical creatures used special ability.

"I mean special ability. See this." Finley opened his palm, and suddenly, a strong gust of wind gathered on his palm.

Each second, the whirlwind on the boy's palm became larger and stronger. In no time, the wind enveloped Finley's body and started to bring him up.

The boy's body floated in the air, and the strong wind blew his golden hair. Yet the boy didn't care. He just looked back at Ainsley with the sunlight as his background.

"See you tomorrow, Ain!" Finley laughed wholeheartedly before the wind brought him away from the window. In just a blink of an eye, Finley flew away with the wind and vanished from Ainsley's sight.


Only a bit of wind was left around the window. The gentle breeze caressed Ainsley's cheek, as if giving her a goodbye kiss.

"Ah...hwe ish gwone…" Ainsley looked up at the blue sky where she last saw Finley. Her chest felt a bit stuffy now that the fairy was gone.

'Haish. It was so fun, and now I'm all alone.'

Ainsley turned around with her head hung low. Disappointment washed her face, but the girl didn't keep her gloomy face for long.

'Fin said he would come back tomorrow at 8 a.m. I should trust him. For now, there's another urgent matter to solve.'

Ainsley glanced down at Elliana, who was still buried within stacks of papers.

I should help El to solve the family problem. But first, I think I should start telling the elder that I have a prophetic dream.

Ainsley walked around the second floor, and after she found the stairs, she slowly went down.

One could see the girl's eyes were full of determination as she approached Elliana.

'I have work to do!'

Ainsley finally started her journey to the top.

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