I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 36 - "Handsome & Pretty"

Chapter 36: "Handsome & Pretty"

"S-so, what are we going to do?" Finley carefully asked Ainsley as he sat with his back against the wall. The boy still hugged his knees, looking uncomfortable to meet a human.

"Hwm, ywou can twell me a wot abwout faiwy?" Ainsley wished Finley to tell her more about fairies even though it's just an excuse to be with him. ​​

If she could, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, she would come to this library and find Finnie!

"H-hmm, about a fairy, huh…" Finley rubbed his cheek as he looked troubled by Ainsley's wish. It's not that he didn't want to tell her, but…

He didn't know much about fairy either. It might be enough for Ainsley, but...he is afraid he might expose a hole.

Well, it's not like this baby will know, right? She is simply curious.

"A-alright. Ain, do you know that fairies like us are divided into 4 classes?" Finley folded his fingers and left only four of them.

Chit chatting about fairy might be a good way to talk about personal life later on.

"Fwoul? Nwo, Ain dun nuw." Ainsley shook her head. She didn't know the exact hierarchy of fairy races, after all.

"Hm, okay. There are four classes of fairies. The lowest is commoners, then next is knight, merchant and guards. The second highest is a nobility, heroes or fairies with high achievement."

Finley didn't stutter once he explained things. He looked more energetic than before, and in Ainsley's eyes, he looked like a genuine Library Fairy who liked knowledge more than anything.

"Owh, the bwest is loyal faiwy, wight?" Ainsley wanted to say royal, but since she's pretending to be a toddler, she shouldn't pronounce 'r' perfectly.

Fortunately, Finley understood Ainsley's choppy speech. He nodded gently.

"Yes, you're right. Ain is smart…" Finley chuckled as he slowly stretched his legs. The fairy looked a bit more comfortable around Ainsley, and the girl couldn't feel happier.

Yes! If this continues, I might be his friend for real. Then, I can make a contract with Fin! Knowledge is power. Fin will be helpful in many ways.

Ainsley also giggled, following Finley's chuckle. The two looked at each other and laughed.

"Hehe, I like smart humans." Finley grinned, showing his sparkly white teeth. At this moment, he didn't look shy and timid anymore, but he still looked a bit cowardice.

Not that Ainsley cared.

"Hwehehe, Fin ish de smwat wone!" Ainsley directed the praise back to Finley. Even though she knew that the knowledge about a fairy hierarchy was common, she just wanted to flatter the boy.

Finley pretended to blush. He waved his hand and coughed.

"O-okay, Ain. Let's see, next thing about fairy…"

Then, Finley started to explain a lot of things to Ainsley. Of course, he did it in an easy way so that even a toddler could understand. The way he simplified his explanation was truly wonderful.

15 minutes passed by, and the two already became so much closer than before. Now, Finley would let Ainsley touch his face or hair.

"Waaa...Fin, ywouh hail ish swo softh!" Ainsley stroked Finley's golden hair with great interest. She didn't lie when she complimented the boy's hair.

This fairy's hair is so soft, fluffy and smooth! He's indeed a fairy, okay? Even his hair is so wonderful.

"Em...that's just our fairy's gene…" Finley lied without batting an eyelid. Even when one wasn't a fairy, if they stayed around a fairy for long, they would get the fairy's blessing too.

His face becomes similar to the royal fairy, and his body's characteristic is also identical.

Of course, his golden hair and emerald eyes are unique even among his Walter Family. Walter Family only has distinct blonde hair, but no one knows how Finley has emerald eyes.

Rumours said that his mother is a fairy or maybe he's an illegitimate child between a human and a royal fairy.

Finley himself knew that his emerald eyes came from his innate abilities. Because he held such a lot of power, his irises turned emerald after awakening his first power.

When he said first, it's because, in his previous life, Finley was a Penta ability user. He had five abilities, both passive and active.

Not knowing any of this, Ainsley started to touch Finley's face and was once again amazed.

Damn, this boy is too pretty! He's even prettier than me. When he grows up, he will be a typical handsome, pretty boy. He might even tackle a kingdom using his face alone.

Ainsley felt a bit jealous of Fin, who had such a good appearance thanks to his royal fairy lineage.

"Fwin ish swo hwandshome, " Ainsley murmured while retracting her hand. She then sat obediently in front of the boy who was suddenly flustered.

"W-what? I-I am handsome? W-well, it's also lineage." Finley laughed awkwardly. He knew that he's handsome. In his previous life, many women fell head over heels for him because of his face alone.

He lived a perfect life if not for that betrayal.

Still, to have a toddler complimented his beauty...it felt weird.

"Ain is also pretty." Finley decided to return the praise to hide his embarrassment. Well this time, he wasn't giving lip service.

Ainsley is really pretty. Even in his last life, the baby grew to be a beautiful girl. If only she's not gloomy and looks confident. Many would chase after her.

Finley expected Ainsley to blush or feel embarrassed by his praise, as most girls would react like that, but contrary to his belief…

Ainsley just laughed it off.

No, she didn't just laugh it off, but she started to boast her appearance.

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