I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 35 - "Finnie, Friends"

Chapter 35: "Finnie, Friends"

Ainsley glanced at the green-eyed boy with eyes full of interest.

I should know his name first, right? ​​

"Mistel faiwy…" Ainsley immediately called out to Finley. She still had a sweet smile on her face that tickled Finley's heart.

"Hwat ish ywoul nwame, mistel?" Ainsley stretched her hand toward the bookshelf, and her hand fit the gap between the books.

Sadly, her hand was too short to touch Finley who was hiding behind it. Not to mention that she's shorter than him. She couldn't feel the boy's face. At most, she could only tug his sleeve or his clothes.

"N-name?" Finley's eyes followed Ainsley's hand, and he subconsciously avoided that. It's not like he didn't want the baby to touch him, but he wasn't familiar with others touching his body.

"M-my name…" Finley's eyes wavered as he watched Ainsley retract her paws. Only then he could sigh in relief.

"I-I am Finnie. A-a library fairy." Finley decided to distort his real name a bit and came up with a name suitable for a genie.

Finnie. Not a bad name for a fairy, right?

"F-fwinnie…" Ainsley repeated the fairy's name. Her smile grew wider each time she repeated the name, and somehow, she looked several times more adorable than before.

Even Finley felt like the baby would be a walking disaster once she grew up.

"Y-you can call me Fin," Finley suggested. Calling each other with nicknames would be the fastest way to get close to anyone.

And getting closer with this baby wouldn't be so bad.

"Owh, kay, Fwin!" Ainsley nodded in excitement and immediately used the nickname. Of course, she pretended to mispronounce it, but it sounded adorable instead of annoying.

"Twen, Fwin, yhou cawn cal mwe Ain." Ainsley stretched her hand once more and even tip-toe. She looked at Finley with sincere eyes.

Her stretched out hand was meant to have a handshake with the fairy.

Finley knew what the girl wanted, and he wouldn't be so cruel to ignore her. The boy timidly stretched out his hand and touched the tip of Ainsley's finger.

...so small.

Finley squeezed Ainsley's chubby fingers with great interest. It was as if it's his first time touching a human when it's not like that at all.

Finley squeezed Ainsley's finger for a few seconds until he finally grabbed the girl's palm and shook it.

"N-nice to meet you, Ain." Finley beamed a smile for the first time, and he didn't know that his smile was so lethal that Ainsley almost died.

Gah. Someone, take this shota away! He's poisonous! No, a calamity!

Ainsley was blinded by the light coming from Finley's smile that she had to close her eyes for a few seconds.

"Y-ywesh, nwice two mwet ywou, Fwin!" Ainsley shook Finley's hand even though her arm was trembling. She didn't know she's trembling from excitement or from worry instead.

Ah, but, Fin's hand is so warm. And he feels stronger than he looks?

Ainsley glanced at Finley's large palm wrapped around her palm. Looking at this, she felt so small like a pebble.

Or is it Fin's hand too big for me?

Finley's palm is actually smaller than most boys around his age, but because the two had a five years gap, their body looked quite different.

While Ainsley observed Finley's palm, Finley was also thrilled. It's the first time he shook hands with someone younger than him, especially a toddler.

This...her palm is so small. Isn't she too fragile? Does Sloan Family not give her enough food and nutrients? But she looks quite chubby.

Maybe it's because she's still too small.

Finley was immersed in his thoughts that he didn't realise Ainsley already let go of her hand. The baby then tilted her head as she pointed at Finley's face.

"Fwin. Ale we fliend now?"


"F-Friends?" Finley gulped. He had expected this to come true, but to think he would befriend the most unfortunate family head in the mafia family history…

It's quite strange.

"Ywesh, fwiend!" Ainsley grinned from ear to ear as she kept her head up. If she didn't lift her head, she couldn't see Finley's face.

Likewise, Finley kept looking down at the tiny creature who should be the fairy.

"...o-okay. B-but this is the first time I befriend a human. S-so…" Finley scratched his cheeks. His white, porcelain-like skin turned red for a few seconds.

The fairy looked like a shy boy, for sure.

"Nwo wollies! Ain will tweach ywou." Ainsley trotted over to Finley's place, and this time, the boy didn't stop her. The gap between the bookshelf and the wall was quite narrow anyway.

The baby couldn't come in–

But Ainsley easily slipped into the gap and tugged on Finley's sleeve.

"Fwin. Gwo outh! Pway!" Ainsley played her role as a naive little kid as she kept tugging the fairy's sleeve. She knew that it would be somewhat impolite, but…

To stay in this kind of narrow place isn't comfortable, okay?

Finley also thought the same. Now he realised that their body was too close to each other,

Even if they're still kids, Finley, who was a young man inside, felt that this isn't appropriate.

"Mmm. I-I don't want to go out of the library. L-let's play around here." Finley let Ainsley dragged him out of the gap as he spat another lie.

Well, it's not completely a lie. He didn't want to go out of the library because if he met the others, they would expose his true identity.

"Owh, kay. Lwet's pway hele." Ainsley brought Finley to the corner and sat down.

A sly smile hidden from anyone else bloomed on her face.

Heheh, time to tame a fairy!

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