I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 34 - "Talking To A Fairy"

Chapter 34: "Talking To A Fairy"

Indeed if Ainsley met the real fairy, the fairy would feel relieved at such answers.

Knowing too much about fairies when they're still a baby would be so frightening for the fairies, after all. ​​

But Finley wasn't worried about that. He was more concerned if Ainsley actually understood what she read from those thick books.

Which three-years-old baby could read complicated books?

Finley stared at Ainsley in doubt. It's not unusual for children to know about fairies as they're part of a bedtime story or a fairytale.

But Ainsley said she knew it from books? Maybe she saw the picture in the books and learned something about fairies from the picture alone?

That's more logical. That means this baby is exceptionally intelligent. Maybe, she's a genius like my past self?

Finley slowly soothed his wavering heart at the thoughts. He tried not to doubt Ainsley or think of her as an alien.

Thinking like this, the boy took a deep breath and nodded.

"Y-yes, I'm a fairy. H-human, how did you– f-find me?" Finley fidgeted. He spoke in such a weak voice that Ainsley felt something tug her heartstring.

Bah. This fairy is too adorable!

Ainsley had to suppress the beautiful smile forming on her face to turn into a perverted smile.

Ah, ah, don't be a paedophile. I'm not a shotacon. Even if I'm three years old outside, I'm 20 inside! I can't just look at a boy with a romantic interest.

Ainsley swore not to be a shotacon. What is shotacon? Oh, it's simply people who liked little boys. Shota means boys, after all.

"Ain...Ain fwound ywou afthel gwoing alound fol a bwith." Ainsley decided to lie through her teeth. The girl maintained her smile as she innocently looked at the fairy who was quite far from her.

"Mistel faiwy, hwat awe ywou dwoing hele?" Ainsley tilted her head as she asked Finley. Her question truly sounded innocent, and one would know that she had been looking for a fairy up to a few minutes ago.

Yes, even Finley didn't know that. But thanks to Ainsley's passion in fairy, his fraud was successfully formed.

"A-ah. I-I live here. I-I like it here." Finley replied bashfully, just like how a real fairy would say. The boy was still squirming and fidgeting, but this time he dared to look at Ainsley's eyes.

"Miss– l-lady human." The boy called out in a faint voice.

"Ywesh?" Ainsley instantly replied to the boy. She was so eager to talk more to this fairy that she didn't mind having to stand for such a long time.

"C-can you not tell other humans t-that I live here?" Finley bit his lower lips as his eyes turned watery. His expression instantly looked like a frightened little rabbit.

Too adorable.

Ainsley couldn't reject that wish at all. In the first place, how could she tell others that she found a fairy here?

"Ywesh, nwo wolliesh! Ain wil noth tellh anywone!" Ainsley patted her chest proudly, assuring Finley that she wouldn't reveal his existence.

After all, the book said that fairies like to be alone except for those who had a contract with humans. This Library Fairy must be a free royal family without a contract with any humans.

Then….can I be his first contractor?

The greedy Ainsley looked at Finley as if he was a delicious pie from the sky, but the boy didn't realise it yet. He just nodded at Ainsley's words and sighed in relief.

"G-good. I like this place...b-but if more humans know a-about me...I-I will have to leave." Finley added another layer to his fraud of the century.

Of course, he would have to leave in just a few hours. As for how he would stay here…

"B-but you see, I-I think you can't meet me anymore, Ainsley." Finley, the fairy who hadn't even introduced himself suddenly drew a line between him and the girl.

His sudden declaration threw Ainsley to the ocean.

What? What??

"N-nwo! Whai Ain can nwot swee ywou?" Ainsley was so anxious that she started to approach the boy.

Coincidentally, the boy had nowhere else to hide. Thus, he could only stare at Ainsley in horror.

"D-don't come closer! H-human, you can't see me! A-and can't meet me…" Finley pretended to be frightened by the girl. He threatened the girl that he would leave, but he knew he wouldn't.

In the first place, this baby who looked like she loves fairy a lot wouldn't let him leave, right? And there's no way he wouldn't contact this girl next time when he had so much thing he wanted to know about this strange baby.

Yes, Finley is planning to keep contact with Ainsley with this identity as a fairy.

Hearing that the boy would leave if she came closer, Ainsley halted her steps. She stopped exactly a meter away from the boy, and the only distance between them was the bookshelf.

The bookshelf became the wall blocking the two races.

"T-twat, o-okway, Ain will sthay. B-bwut mistel faiwy, d-don gwo…" Ainsley was half-whining half-pleading right now.

She was already so anxious that the fairy she found after so much difficulty would just fly away from her grasp.

There's no way she wanted that.

Seeing that Ainsley genuinely wanted him to stay, Finley felt that he might smile if he couldn't keep his character.

Of course, the best liar of the century wouldn't easily abandon his acting.

"O-okay. I-I won't go." Finley weakly nodded. He still stared at Ainsley with doubtful eyes, but he didn't threaten the girl anymore.

"Hwm, yesh. Twank ywou, mistel faiwy." Ainsley hurriedly thanked the fairy for not running away.

Now the most crucial problem was solved, next…

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