I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 33 - "A Fraud"

Chapter 33: "A Fraud"

Blonde hair– emerald eyes.

This boy– is really a royal fairy! ​​

Ainsley was so excited that she didn't realise how close her face was to the boy. The fact that she even snorted out of excitement and squealed in a suppressed tone was also neglected.

F– for real! A fairy! Mama Mia! He's a genuine fairy! His emerald eye is proof!

Ainsley's eyes brightened like a lantern in the dark, and she unknowingly squeezed the boy's knee even harder than before. Now, her other hand also moved to catch the boy's chin.

"F-faiwy! Ywou– " Ainsley grabbed the boy's chin tightly that the boy, who looked at Ainsley with blank eyes, suddenly flinched.

His tranquil eyes turned teary out of the blue and following his pale face–

"U-uwaah! Human!!"

The fairy, no, the boy acting to be a fairy suddenly shrieked out loud. Still, this 'out loud' here was just a faint whisper since he looked so scared that he couldn't even yell properly.

"H-human!" The boy repeated his words and suddenly jumped out of the chair, leaving Ainsley up there. His movement was so swift that he managed to escape from Ainsley's mischievous paw.

Even when the girl had locked her paws on the boy's knee and chin, the boy, no, the fairy could swiftly escape her evil clutch.


Ainsley was so shocked that her eyes formed double 0. Her mouth was once again opened wide until an egg could fit in.

W-what? Eh? Did he escape? Eh?

Ainsley was still in a great shock, whereas the fairy hurriedly hid behind the second bookshelf. He then glared at Ainsley with reddened eyes.

"W-who are you? H-how did you find me?" Finley asked in a trembling voice. He looked like a quivering little squirrel that one couldn't help but want to protect him.

Yes, his fraud ability is top-notch. He might even rival Ainsley's future acting as a spirit of the Godfather.

Ainsley was taken aback by the fairy's sudden animosity toward her. Not to mention that he looked so offended and scared of her that he might just spread his wings and run away.

No...I can't let him go!

The flustered Ainsley instantly calmed her mind. She tried to control her expression as harmless as possible before slowly showing the fairy the brightest smile she had ever made.

"Gweethingsh. Me ish Ainsley. Ain. A hwuman." Ainsley greeted the fairy with a small wave of her hand.

It looked seriously cute.

Even her mispronunciation and her bright smile only added more charm to her look. Even when she didn't use her ability, the baby was already charming enough to captivate a certain fairy.

No, what is this?

Finley was momentarily stunned beyond relief. Once he saw that bright smile, he suddenly thought that the baby was the real fairy.

Are you sure this baby isn't the Library Fairy?

Finley swallowed softly. The boy's large eyes didn't move away from Ainsley's sweet smile.

This...is this really Ainsley Sloan?

Finley truly doubted the baby's identity despite knowing that Ainsley's purple hair was undeniable proof.

Yes, how could he not suspect the girl? Since the Ainsley that he knew was such a gloomy kid that no one wanted to play with her.

He had also seen this baby in his past life. Until the age of 15, the girl was so quiet and gloomy that others didn't really have a good impression of her. That's also why she became a puppet family head who couldn't do anything.

But now? What is this? Why is the baby so energetic, cute, bright, and she even looks clever?

The way she greets me, a fairy, truly looks mannered. Other three-years-old toddlers can't do such a good greeting, okay?

"Ain...sley?" Finley finally opened his mouth despite his suspicion. The small voice slipping out of his lips were truly tender and gentle to the point of intoxicating.

Ainsley felt her ears just burn whenever she heard this 'fairy' speaking.

Oh, God. Even his voice is so pleasant to the ear. As expected of a fairy!

Ainsley was fired up. She instantly nodded her head and opened her mouth.

"Ywesh, Me is Ain! Emm, awe ywou a faiwy?" Ainsley pretended to be oblivious of a fairy's existence. If she said that she knew about fairies, the clever fairy might be scared of her.

The book said some fairies are shy and timid. This one should be the same. I can't scare him away!

Seeing Ainsley asked his identity as if she didn't know anything, Finley wanted to frown. He just caught the baby reading books about fairy and such so how could she not know anything?

But then she now asks if I'm a fairy or not. She just knew a bit about fairies.

"Mmm...y-yes. H-how do you know I-I am a fairy?" Finley purposely stammered. The boy peeked at Ainsley from the gap of the books to hide his face.

He truly looked like a shy fairy.

Sadly, if someone that knew Finley well saw him like this, they would shoot their head to death.

As if the mischievous, cunning, and ruthless young master could be so shy and timid.

What a fraud.

Thankfully, Ainsley didn't know anything about Finley Walter. She innocently thought that the boy is a fairy. Thus, she answered as carefully as possible.

"Ain wead shome bwooks abwouth faiwy," Ainsley confessed that she read books about fairies. "Bwut jwust a bwit. Ain dun nuw a loth." Ainsley shook her head, expressing her limited knowledge about fairies.

As such, she created a situation where she knew fairies exist but might be ignorant about the hierarchy or the type of fairies.

Ainsley naturally thought that she did great.

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