I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 32 - "Emerald Eyes"

Chapter 32: "Emerald Eyes"

This boy….is the Library Fairy I'm searching for, right?

Ainsley couldn't help but gulp loudly. ​​

A fairy. So this is a fairy. On top of that, a royal fairy that likes to occupy an ancient library. That fairy...now sleeps in her family's library.

How could Ainsley not be excited?

The girl wanted to squeal so much that her lips already started to tremble. Her plump cheeks flushed red as her eyes twinkled with enthusiasm.

A fairy! A royal fairy! This is a Library Fairy. Oh my, oh my, I finally met a fairy!

Ainsley clenched her small fists as she looked up at the boy sitting on a chair much taller than her. Because of this, she could only helplessly stare at the chair seat, which was taller than her head.

If I want to touch this fairy or talk to him, shouldn't I climb the chair? But then will he wake up? Uh, if he doesn't, I can sit on his lap and touch him…

Ainsley didn't know she already became a pervert just by thinking of touching a sleeping boy just like that.

Still, since the girl didn't have any conscience, to begin with, she didn't care about manners.

What manner? What moral? Can it be eaten?

Ainsley rubbed her palms excitedly as she grabbed one of the chair legs. To climb the chair, she needed to use the chair leg as a reassurance while climbing through it.

If only the fairy stretched his legs, she could climb his legs instead.

Ainsley lamented the fairy for sleeping in such a weird position. Still, she didn't think much and immediately started to climb the wooden chair using her tiny body.

Creak. Creak.

Every time Ainsley went up, the wooden chair creaked. Ainsley would then pause out of fear that the fairy would wake up. Of course, the fairy slept soundlessly.

Ainsley sighed in relief as she kept climbing the chair, and after a few seconds, she finally arrived on the boy's lap.

"Hwa. Twat wash hawd." Ainsley grumbled as she wiped her forehead and sighed in relief. The chair was seriously too tall for a toddler like her.

But in the end, she managed to occupy the seat! Of course, the baby shamelessly sat on the boy's lap, but she didn't mind it.

"Hwmmmm…" Ainsley cocked her head while lifting her head. From this position, she could comfortably sit on the chair with a small gap from the boy's body occupying it.

When she sat down, her head could touch the boy's chin at most.

Then if they stood side by side, she might only reach his shoulder? Or maybe his stomach?

Gah. How come a toddler is so tiny. Is this body an exception? It shouldn't be this tiny though…

Ainsley hated the fact that her limbs were short as well as her height. Because of that, whenever she walked, it was a torture for her. It felt as if she lived in a gigantic world.

'Anyway, the priority is to touch the fairy!'

Ainsley still remembered the content of the book she read before. It said that if someone touched a fairy for the first time, they might receive enlightenment.

Some might awaken their abilities. Others might strengthen their existing power. The rest would be so unlucky to receive nothing.

For sure, Ainsley aimed to awaken her ability in case she got a lot more sealed in this body. But even if she didn't get anything, it's already enough.

Who could boast about touching a royal fairy at the age of 3? Even the heir of the Walter family, the best one in the mafia world couldn't do so, right?

Though the heir she recalled was exactly the fairy that she found right now.

Not knowing anything, Ainsley stood up. Since the space was so narrow thanks to the fairy occupying more than half of the chair, Ainsley had to be careful.

She patiently pressed her body against the boy's knee and grabbed one of his knees to make sure she would fall. Next, the baby reached out her hand toward the boy's face.

"Hwm, hwm." Ainsley hummed as her fingers slowly approached the boy's head which was still leaned against the bookshelf.

Just one more movement and she could touch the boy's cheek or hair.

'Ngggh, just a bit more!'

Ainsley even tip-toe as she stretched her right hand as far as she could. It couldn't be helped that her tiny body was seriously a nuisance.

Still, after her plausible effort, the tip of Ainsley's finger was finally about to touch the boy's cheek.

But unfortunately, before Ainsley could do so, the boy suddenly opened his eyes.


He blinked once.

And Ainsley froze on the spot.

Her face was right a few inches in front of the boy that she could see clearly how he opened his eyes.


Ainsley's hand hung mid-air awkwardly. Her heart skipped a beat. No, she might even feel electrocuted at the moment.

F– how– how did he–

But Ainsley's shock didn't end there. Her blue pupil widened as she stared face-to-face with the boy. Now that the boy opened his eyes, she could finally see his whole appearance.

The passage of the book she read about fairies instantly flashed through her mind.

'Royal fairies have two distinct characteristics. One, they have blonde hair.'

And lastly–

Ainsley sucked in the cold air as her eyes met the boy's eyes.

Emerald eyes.

That's the unique characteristic of a royal fairy.

Ainsley felt like all her doubts about the boy disappeared in an instant.

No, she now believed it from the bottom of her heart.

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