I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 31 - "First Encounter"

Chapter 31: "First Encounter"

Of course, all of those odd feelings were just Ainsley's over creative imagination added to her nervousness. She subconsciously convinced herself that there's something here.

And that's undoubtedly helped Finley's strategy to fool the girl. ​​

"Hwu...hwu…" Ainsley breathed carefully as she tip-toe to the two bookshelves. Even when the distance was far, she was able to reach the bookshelves in just 5 minutes.

Once again, Ainsley believed that it's because of a mysterious power around the place when, in fact, Ainsley just walked faster without her knowing.

5 minutes passed by, and the toddler finally spotted the two bookshelves. From afar, the bookshelves were already large, but looking at it closer, it looked insanely tremendous.

The bookshelves were so towering that it almost reached the curved ceiling of the library.

No wonder this place didn't get sunlight. These bookshelves are enormous! They must be extraordinary bookshelves!

Ainsley believed so. But if she knew the truth, she might want to hang herself on a tree. Those bookshelves were huge because they stored large books about mythical creatures and the world's mystery.

So far, no one touched those books because most mafia families weren't that interested in mythical creatures other than fairies that might help them.

Only explorer, adventurer or ability users not affiliated with any mafia family would like to meet those mythical creatures and explore the unknown continent out there.

Of course, Ainsley didn't know anything about other countries or other continents as the one she read was just the history book of Godlif country. Only several important countries were mentioned in that book.

Casting aside the knowledge of other continents, Ainsley's sole purpose right now was to revive the Sloan Family. Where would she have time to explore other countries or even more absurd, other continents?

The oblivious Ainsley kept approaching the bookshelves yet didn't try to touch anything. She just walked passed the first bookshelf, thinking that she might find something between the books inside the bookshelf when suddenly–

She spotted dazzling golden hair poking out of somewhere between the first and second bookshelf.


Ainsley almost shrieked while jumping back in reflex. Fortunately, the baby was quick-witted enough to cover her mouth to prevent any scream escaping her lips.

Golden...hair? Blonde?

Ainsley's heart jumped out of her chest. Her pupil enlarged as she slowly resumed her steps.

Hair...hair...is that...someone? A human? But this is a private library. Who can enter the library without me knowing?

Ainsley knew very well how hard it is for someone other than the executives and the family head to enter the library. Even the maids and the servants had to follow one of the executives if they wanted to enter the library.

It's simply because the library held such vast knowledge that might be dangerous if a spy infiltrated. Unfortunately, Ainsley didn't know that the heir of a big family could enter this measly library as he wished.

Not knowing anything about the heir, Ainsley took a deep breath and carefully walked toward the golden hair sticking out behind the bookshelf.


One step.


Two steps.


Three steps.

Ainsley had used precisely three steps, and the figure of the golden hair's owner slowly unravelled in front of her eyes.


Time seemed to stop for both figures. Somehow, the sunlight which couldn't enter the place miraculously shone upon the owner of the golden hair.

The gentle sunlight brushed off the golden hair, making it even more dazzling than before.

What...what the…

Ainsley's jaw was already cracked a long time ago. Her mouth couldn't close on its own, and her eyeballs seemed to jump out right away.

A sight of a boy younger than 10 years old entered her blue pupil. The boy's peaceful sleeping face was reflected in her eyes and the exquisite black tailcoat suit he wore glimmered with even the slightest movement.

"Fu….fu…" The boy's light breathing entered Ainsley's ears. Whenever the boy inhaled, his chest would move, and his short blonde hair would flutter like a butterfly's wings.

His long eyelashes trembled once in a while, and his eyes were shut tightly that one would never know when the boy might wake up.

"Mmm…" a slight moan escaped the boy's mouth, and his lips parted beautifully. The sight of the boy's reddish lips bored deep into Ainsley's eyes.

The heck. What is this insanely beautiful creature?

The boy's face took away Ainsley's breath. Even his faint voice, which he let out when he moaned before sounded like a silver bell somewhere around heaven.

Is this real?

Ainsley felt her heart stop beating for a second. Her eyes carefully observed the boy from head to bottom.

The boy is sleeping. It's obvious. But he curled up and hugged his knees while leaning his head to the second bookshelf, using the bookshelf as his pillow.

It's mysterious how the boy could sit between the gap, but since there's a chair there, it's quite logical. Nevertheless, for Ainsley, such a bizarre creature…

Was out of her imagination.

Not to mention that the sight of the boy curling up as if to defend himself from the world looked strangely magical for the chuuni Ain.

'Is this...a fairy?'

Ainsley couldn't help but think so after estimating the boy looked younger than 10 years old. Maybe he's around 8, but he's short for boys around his age.

He doesn't have wings, but a royal fairy can hide their wings, right? And their original form is a child around ten years old or less!

Ainsley was already ¾ convinced that the boy she saw was a fairy.

Now...which fairy would sleep in someone else's library?

...only a Library Fairy would do that.

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